• i need a reading on getting some clarity on a relationship i am in at this time we spend a lot of time together and we go places together and we love eachother but he stay with someone and it is hurting me everyday am i being a fool? he says give him time until he sort some things out its not a physical relationship or emotional one with her but just wondering what should i do.

  • Deep down you must feel what is right for you?

    What everyone deserves is to be able to spend time with someone they care about without feeling insecure about the standing in their life.

    Why is is still staying with this person if he loves you? Do they have children? There is something keeping him tied there.

  • yeah deep down inside i feel he is the one for me. Also the answer is no they do not have children together, and yes i understand everything that you are saying, i guess i have to see what happens because at this point all i can do is be patient.

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