If anyone is able to give me some insight on a subject please reply

  • Greetings,

    I feel lost and confused in my life, and the direction I feel I need to go in, I feel like my current relationship is going no where, I feel like I'm the only one making the effort and sometimes I give up trying to make an effort because it seems that I'm on a one way road and not getting anywhere.

    I don't know what to do, should I end it or try harder to make it work?

    My life feels like it's in a stand-still...

    can anyone help me with my relationship problem, as well as my life situation to get me out of this rut..

    Many thanks,


    My birthday is September 28th, 1984.

  • Sounds like you have tried hard enough with your relationship. You need someone with whom you have a real mental and psychological rapport. If you don't have that with your current partner, find someone with whom you do.

    2011 for you is all about endings and getting rid of everything in your life that doesn't serve you or make you happy. But to do that, you have to know yourself well enough to recognise what and who doesn't serve their purpose in your life. When you hang onto old stuff, there is no room for anything new to come in. Stop changing your mind so much and make a decision.

  • Wow - and how exactly do I "recognise" what and who doesn't serve me purpose?

  • Basically if something makes you feel genuinely happy, it is still serving you. If it makes you unhappy or insecure or afraid, junk it.

  • This was my started topic can i please get an insight? 30/06/79

  • Anna13, this is Truetoyourheart's personal thread. Please start your own thread if you want answers. And you'll have to give more details into what this 'insight' is in regards to. People can have many issues in their lives so you need to be specific.

  • Captain -

    I feel the need to say I value your opinion and insights very much. I see you as my own Life coach, or Guru, like a form of buddha, there's a zen about you that makes things appear so much more clearer in my mind then say, if someone else had said the exact same thing. I am however, on a journey of self discovery, a self growth, and self empowerment journey. I read up on different ways to grow as a person, both spiritually and as well as other parts of my life. A way to stay positive and stronger in spirit.

    If you can send some insight on other things you feel I should do, I am currently putting the "getting rid of things that no longer serve purpose into action" and it's feeling pretty good. 🙂 so if you feel the need at any time to inform me of anything else I should be working on or what I should be doing, Do no hesitate to let me know.

    Many thanks.

    Bright Blessings to you,


  • I think your biggest issue that holds you back from doing what you want is your fear of being misunderstood. I think this especially gets in the way of your writing and your relationships with others.

  • I was in a very bad past relationship & a good friend asked me. A very good question that I find myself thinking about alot. I don't know if you have children or not, but I have two little girls. I was asked what I would tell them if they where in a relationship like I was in. The answer that you would give your child. Is the answer to your question about your own relationship. because no matter what your child feels. You have their best in mind. So go with what you would tell your child.

  • No, I don't have children, but that is a very good point. 🙂

  • Captain -

    I feel a sudden "urge" to ask you if there's something you see that I'm not seeing?

  • You are not seeing how much love there is around you.

  • I feel so alone, like I'm completely by myself. And things aren't what I thought they would be, I know my family loves me but I crave a love outside of my family.

  • You don't need a partner to make you feel lovable or valuable. That sort of love, approval and validation can only come from inside. Don't underestimate your family and your friend's love for you.

  • Hi, I second what DougDoug said. What helps me to get over something like that is a good cry. Seems to have a cleansing effect. Then start doing things that make you the happiest. Also, know your not alone. I have been thru what your experiencing a few times. Looking and comparing to other people is a false reality, also. We are all unique so don't let what other people are doing be your gauge.

  • TTYH, you seem to feel that love from a partner is better or more worthy than the love of family and friends but you take their love too much for granted. It is not your right but what they give you freely. What we don't appreciate can easily be taken away. Never underestimate or underappreciate any sort of love. If you are feeling lonely, it is because you have chosen to cut yourself off from the love around you. And obviously what you are getting from your partner is not the sort of return that you want or that makes you happy.

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