Blmoon, Can I get a reading please

  • I want to know if there's a future with this gal.

    Can we be friends, lovers or another thing else.

    I need some sort of direction with her, I'm so lost when it comes to her.

    Thanks a bunch

  • If Blmoon is busy, can some of you expert give me a reading, I'm really lost with the girl and hoping for a guiding light.

    If possible, can you give me a general reading on 2011, if not on love only is okay.

    Thanks in advance.

  • What I get formost is contradiction. You have a large blind spot where matters of the heart are concerned and you project one thing and desire another. You get advice but you are stubborn one. All your life--when arguments come you here it again and again--you have been told something--but you do not listen. At first a woman may find that trait interesting because it can also mean a man is determined and interested and a woman can get seduced by that attention--BUT if it is just his character flaw to be so stubborn and not listening--then a woman wants to run and even poke back. Feels trapped. When there are no boundries it invites abuse and hurt and two people poking back and forth. So in that respect you are blind to this thing you do--it is self destructive. It's as if you invite a good beating--set up a situation were the relationship is toxic on both ends--no one is respecting no one. The lion is the king of the jungle----and in that respect you do have a large apitite for ownership---but something is contradicting your true nature--who you were born to be--you are not living that. You are very self destructive and the Lion is not Lost. Unless he chooses to be. Your issue is not with this "girl" but with yourself--loving yourself--having healthy boundries and keeping them--on both sides--the lines you won't let others cross because you respect yourself and protect yourself--and lines you do not cross that belong to others---you can not indulge your insecurities to the point of ownership of anothers mind and space and have anything good come from it. Give this girl space and wait and LISTEN--really listen to her words. I think if you spent less time on thoughts of her you would have to deal with yourself--your spiritual goal and growth and hear your own pain calling out to you--I'm not lost--I'm right here! Deal with your loss of power--insecurity and not feeling worthy enough to love and be loved--you are loved! BLESSINGS

  • BlMoon can u please check my thread out aswell? I need help

  • Hi Blmoon,

    Tks for getting my reading. I guess I'll need more time to understand this.

    I know I'm a stubborn person, when I set my mind to something, I'll accomplish it regardless how hard it is, but that only comes to things, when it comes to a person, I can't push onward at full speed as I wished, I do care about her feelings.

    I rarely ask for advise cos I know eventually I still go with my own decision, and experience had proved that I know myself the best.

    I usually am in control in other aspects of my life, I'm good at my job, my boss and my colleagues respect me. I know my parents, family and friends love me.

    For the past 3-4 yrs, I felt like everything in my life are above average, I'm content with the position that I'm in with the exception of my love life. It feels like if I just factor out the love part (from a lover), my life thus far, would be closed to perfect, I know I'm lucky and blessed.

    I haven't dated anyone for 7 yrs before her. I just haven't found anyone that I feel right, plus I don't want to hook up with someone just because I don't want to be alone.

    I would rather be alone than to go thru the emotion rollercoaster, cos I know myself too well, when I'm in love with a girl, I will go in wholeheartedly.

    The first night I met her in Aug, after chatting for a few hours, I'm already feeling that she's the one I want to be with.

    I do listen to her, but seems to me the messages are always mixed, I just don't know if it's me trying to give myself an excuse or else.

    I am giving her time and space. Work had been crazily busy which helps to keep me from thinking about her, and when I think of her at night, I just start jogging with my ipod, but I can't help dreaming about her, she's in my dream the last three nights in a row. My dilemma, or should I say my fear, is that if I stay too far away, eventually she'll really moved on. But I guess that would not be in my control. I can only control my own actions and thoughts.

  • Your last lines say it all! The Lion is indeed not lost and I was right about the contradiction as you said the rest of your life you feel in control but you cannot control this girl--in fact it is asking for pain--the self destructive part--that would choose to be helplessly attracted to a woman who refuses to be "figured out". And the more you grab tighter the farther she will run or if she feels you are too easy--too much there no matter what it invites disrespect and abuse--in a resentful way----she has her own contradiction in herself--she wants to be free yet she wants some strong man to take control and sweep her off her feet---does that sound like your mixed messages? You have to be brave--and you are capable to let go and let it be what it is--either she wants you in her life in a intimate way or not. Surely that answer is better than this crazy back and forth with emotions you have going now---that's the self destructive part--wanting her so bad you'll take anything. Don't be afraid to attach boundries to your relationship with her. Sometimes letting go is the only way to truely receive! I sense there is an aspect of your personality that finds love in general hard to figure in the same way you do the rest of your life---you have a good head for success but your heart needs to practice "feeling safe".

  • Blmoon, I get what you mean, majority of the time in my life, my logic control over my emotions.

    But in some way, I think it is me being so logical which gets in the way of my love life.

    I know it is what it is, if it's my destiny, then I just can't fight it.

    She doesn't have to be my gal in order for me to love her, as long as she's happy, that's what I've been wanting for her since day 1.

    I just don't want to give up on her so easily when I bump into an obstacle or if it's just her being a cancer. (She's a Cancer/ Dragon, I'm a Leo/ Dragon)

    But on the other hand, if she is really not into me anymore, I don't want to keep chasing after her till she hates me.

    This is the part I'm lost in, but I guess only time can give me an answer.

    I will give myself a last chance with her in a few months, so will see.

    Do you believe some people are just doom to be on their own?

    Do you see a girl next to me in my future?

    Thanks for everything 😃

  • I definetly do not see you doomed. That's all or nothing thinking. You will be as loved as you decide you deserve. I believe your choices will always be more selective. A king needs a queen and a Queen needs a King. I do not believe people are doomed to be alone but I do believe we all have alone times in our lives when it is best for us to heal issues that otherwise get distracted by relationships. I sense you still have a young mans heart. Spirit shows me an important woman---her hair is dark--full like a lion. Dark eyes---very beautiful and big hearted. She's the one who understands you as that is your true partner--not the one you figure out but the one who really understands you! This woman has a May connection and the number 13 is shown. She is a dancer and loves childlike fun--the difference with her is this one is less ego and fear and more secure--this woman feels safe--knows herself has self confidence in a humble way and she knows you and knows how to make you see her point in a way that is gentle on your ego. Her sense of humour is very sharp. I also get the number 3 as important in time frame for connecting with her. Spirit is clear on this one and you will know her as THE one immediatly. Despite this gift you will not be so comfortable at first and will start seeing parts of yourself you never had tested before---being vulnerable--she will show you how to heal, she has been were you are and is very smart. There will be a bit of fear as you will feel very vulnerable---but this iwill be the one. There's a part of you at the moment that chases a loosing battle because it is easier than getting what you want and not being in control. But you will be ready and there definetly is a Queen for you. BLESSINGS

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