• 11:11 Key Date Activation Channelling

    a message from Mary Magdalene channeled by Michelle Eloff

    I am Mary Magdalene and I greet you and I welcome you into the divine presence of truth, light and love. Welcome precious ones.

    This is a time of great celebration, especially the time of this particular key date activation for it opens the portals of self-mastery on a new level. This level embodies systems of energy and rays of light which communicate a sacred language to the chakras of your body; this language aligns the chakras of your body with the deeper inner core resonance of the galactic centre revealing to you a new dimension of your personal pathway to freedom, and offering you the opportunity to integrate deeper wisdom, understanding, and self-awareness.

    Much has unfolded for humanity over the recent while. This unfoldment is unraveling the systems of illusion and revealing to all of you how the dismantling of the Money Matrix has been so important, and is still vitally important. This is part of the journey of awakening to the many dimensions of illusion which governs your world, therefore, the more of you who awaken to the truths of life, the more freedom you experience. This extends out to the rest of humanity affording more the opportunity to truly understand what it means to break free and embark upon a new journey.

    The journey of freedom is one which calls to each of you to understand the sacred dynamics of life, therefore, the sacred dynamics of self. These dynamics are not complex, they are in fact very simple, however, the laws of your physical world have complicated the entire system, therefore you will understand better what we have said in the past when we have told you that the lower ego complicates and the soul simplifies. When things become too complicated there are distorted destructive energies influencing the process, the more simple the energy or the approach, the more clarity you are able to tap into, however, one must bear in mind that the process of dismantling and releasing humanity from the constraints of illusion does in itself bring challenges. This is not a complication as such, it is part of the journey of breaking free.

    It brings great joy to our hearts to see how many of you have taken up your mantle of truth, your sword of truth, and have chosen to step onto the pathway of authenticity and stand as warriors and warrioresses of the light embracing the light of your truth and extending those flames of divine illumination out into the world by integrating it within yourself. This has enabled many of the new projects of light to come into being, thus we are greatly excited to open these portals, these gateways of opportunity to each and every one of you. These may also be considered initiations; one must understand that an initiation is the process of choosing to change, then taking the next vital step, actually taking action in order to implement the change, then to utilize the tools you have mastered throughout your life to take action and ensure that change is implemented, and to learn and to grow within that same process.

    Initiation is the process of starting something new, initiating different energies, initiating new plans, therefore, when you are initiated into anything new you are simply beginning a new journey. This new journey embodies powerful frequencies which your body is ready to receive and welcome. These initiations pave the way for you to come closer to attaining the goal of self-mastery. Each initiation is part of the complete mission which is to ascend, in other words to return home so to speak and become one with Mother/Father God.

    Ascension is not a far off destination, every healing you experience, every challenge overcome and every aspect of self mastered is a mini ascension within itself. Now the company of the Cosmos extends its heart to each of you reminding you that the time has come for you to step forward, to acknowledge that the time has come for you to meet a far more advanced and expanded version of yourself. This supports you in realigning with the fragmented aspects of yourself which have become lost in the outer world, or twilight zone if you like, as a result of the trauma, the pain, the suffering and the shock you have experienced at the hands of a world dishing out debilitating systems of control.

    Now the time is upon all of you to stop, to pay attention and acknowledge that you are the ones who were born to make a difference. We have said before that you are the light bearers, the light bringers, you are the ones who are breaking new ground, you are the chosen ones so to speak, by this we mean you are the souls who incarnated with a purpose, with a destiny, with a plan, and all of that involves playing an important role in setting humanity free.

    The Christ Consciousness is not an individual being, it is a collection of powerful empowered souls aligned with Christ Consciousness. The Christ energy is the collective body of higher intelligence and higher wisdom extending its energy to souls who continue to choose self-awareness, self-empowerment and freedom, the freedom to live the promise of new life, the freedom to be authentic and stand up in the face of those authorities who have deprived you of your freedom on many levels and in many ways.

    For many years we have spoken of how your physical world will change and that your economy, education, the medical system and many other systems within your physical world will change. All of that is happening right now, therefore, you are hearing my words for a very important reason, your higher self has brought you to this point in time to remind you of the journey you chose, to reassure you that you are on the right path.

    The divine essence and presence of Source flows through you, and you are a divine messenger of the Gods and the Goddesses leading the way for others to follow. It is your duty to create a new life for yourself by setting yourself free, this in turn creates the pathway, as I have said, for others to follow. You are the ones who shall lead by example.

    Many believe that the great earth changes are going to take place in December 2012, this is not true, these changes which are spoken of will occur in 2020. Upon the date of the 19th of December 2020 the energies shift and this is when the Aquarian Age is truly born. The two great Spirits of your Cosmos – Saturn and Jupiter – will be both be at 0 degrees of Aquarius signaling the true birth of the Age of Aquarius. This does not mean to say that you now have time to be complacent, to procrastinate or delay your journey of empowerment, in fact it is quite the contrary. In December 2012 there is a shift in the consciousness in the energy which influences humanity, it is the end of an important cycle.

    Our projects of light have been extended to us through the creative force of Father/Mother God. We have been assigned the role to ensure that one’s such as yourselves meet your destiny by us extending these energies to you. There is going to be many levels of change leading up to 2020, especially in the fall of the economy of your world and this is no longer a secret, it is no longer new news, you are seeing it everywhere.

    What all of this means is that you now need to accept more than ever before that your role in life is vitally important. Your role is part of a grander scheme linked into these almighty projects of light. There is no place for people to vacillate, to put their healing off until tomorrow, there is no more room for judgment and criticism and rejection of one’s life, one’s light, and one’s true nature, therefore, we ask you to open your heart now and to imagine yourself being held firmly within the collective heart of Mother/Father God’s energy. This powerful heart energy offers you a healing, a healing which helps you to make peace with the fact that you are a human being, to make peace with the journey you have experienced up until this point and right now in this moment, to surrender to your destiny and call to this part of your blueprint to reveal itself to you in a whole new way.

    The Elohim of Peace extends its energy to you and Master Kuthumi-Agrippa and the Solar League of Archangels come to join you creating a band of light around you, and if it is your wish and your will the energies which initiate you into this next level of your truth will be activated within your chakras. All you need do is say “yes”.

    Kuthumi-Agrippa activates the golden thread of Golden Consciousness within your chakras; this is the activation of this initiation for you if you have chosen to be a part of it. By you choosing to say yes, you have said yes to joining forces with the higher intelligence of the sacred Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. Each of you are being aligned with the sacred presence, a divine being of light who shall guide you through this time of change. The presence offers you a healing presence and supports you in understanding the deeper meaning of your Authentic Self, this being joins forces with your Guardian Angel and the combination of their light adds a powerful new dimension of healing, recognition, and liberation to your life path.

    Take a deep breath in, exhaling, relaxing your body, relaxing your mind, giving permission to the almighty body of light, body of truth, and sacred essence of all of that which embodies truth, which embodies light, to become one with the inner essence activating your inner authority in a whole new way. Your inner authority is a sacred key unlocking the doors to the hidden dimensions of who you are on a more expanded level. These parts of yourself are calling to you, beckoning to you to step forward, to stand up, to rise in love and trust that this next step upon your journey is taking you closer to the core of your Authentic Self enabling you to expand your awareness of self and to project the power of your inner essence to the rest of Mother Nature.

    This weaves your energy into the sacred grids of energy held within the etheric template of Mother Earth’s body, which affords her a powerful healing, as much as it affords this healing to you. Open all your chakras to receive this powerful force of healing, surrender to its light and welcome the divine presence of Mother Mary. She steps into your energy field bringing a beautiful serene and peaceful opportunity of healing to your inner child. If you are comfortable with it, accept this energy.

    Feel the soothing presence of Mother Mary penetrating the depths of your being. This energy enfolds your inner child in the comforting warmth of Mother Mary’s presence. This reminds your inner child of the creativity it embodies, the magnificence of its imagination, its vision, its ability to laugh, to play and to interact with all kingdoms of life from a point of joy and innocence. Imagine your inner child feeling lighter, becoming lighter, as this light continues to shed light on the aspects of itself which became lost, lost as a result of everything challenging its truth, most specifically the external world.

    If there is anything specifically you would like Mother Mary to support you with in healing in relation to your inner child then ask her to do this now.

    Allow this energy to penetrate the depths of your subconscious, to move beyond the fears and filters of your lower ego. Simply welcome it, breathing it in, allowing the energy to penetrate whichever part of you it needs to in order to help you.

    Extend this healing energy to Mother Earth, extend it to the animal kingdom, extend it to every other kingdom of life inhabiting Mother Earth’s body. The sacred energies of the grids of light consciousness respond to this healing energy, strengthening the collective grids of light. Imagine all of your energies pooling together, becoming one great massive pool of light consciousness and as your energies meet, merge, and create this pool of light consciousness, it ignites a magnificent flame of diamond consciousness in the very centre of Mother Earth’s body.

    You are a divine key. You are a sacred flame and this divine flame, this diamond light ignites inside of you creating a beautiful grid of light consciousness flowing between all your chakras. Just allow it to be and surrender.

    Take a deep breath in, exhaling and surrendering.

    Now welcome the energy of St Germain. He comes forward, he extends to you (with your permission) the presence of a magnificent violet flame, an indigo flame, a sapphire and an emerald flame. These flames bring healing to your adolescent self, clearing the pathway of liberation for this part of yourself to release any suppressed anger, shame, guilt and frustration. These energies would have become stored inside of your cells as a result of your feeling misunderstood as an adolescent.

    The flames St Germain offer you create four pathways of healing for your adolescent self, establishing processes which shall enable you to understand the system into which you were born and how to set yourself free from it, to learn how to communicate your truth from a point of inner authority, to weave the energy of spiritual intelligence and merge it with your creativity, your intellect, your ability to create, and the power to motivate self and others. And it opens a pathway for you to ground yourself in a more conscious and confident way in your physical body and therefore, within your physical life.

    These four rays now extend their energy to the deepest realms of your subconscious, bypassing your lower ego and all the human filters you have been programmed with which prevent you from seeing, truly seeing, the truth. This truth has been shrouded in all sorts of false concepts which you were taught as a little one to accept as truth. Your parents, their parents and many of your ancestors were programmed within the same system and were bound and imprisoned by the same human filters you are now standing up to and have chosen to be free of.

    St Germain asks you to extend these energies to every inner adolescent of every adult human on your planet, to every adolescent upon your planet and to allow the rays of these flames to be extended to Mother Earth, Mother Nature, and every kingdom of life inhabiting her body.

    Now imagine these energies weaving their way through the collective grids already activated strengthening the power of light consciousness, securing this plan of light within your body.

    The Galactic Core extends a golden ray of super consciousness to you through your crown chakra. This ray of super consciousness adds yet another layer to the depth of your understanding to come with regards to completely accepting and acknowledging yourself as an Authentic One who has chosen to be free and lead by example.

    St Germain now ignites a magnificent golden flame alongside the diamond flame. This flame of Golden Consciousness holds the light of the masculine consciousness, and the Golden Beings of the dimensions in which Shamballa lies, extend their energy to you and this secures the energy of this supreme being who has come forth to support you, the sacred energy which merges with your Guardian Angel guiding you on the pathway. Surrender to this and allow the healing to take place in which ever form is required.

    If there is any further healing you require for your adolescent self by St Germain then please ask him now.

    Take a deep breath in, exhaling fully and welcoming the projects of light which you are a part of into your blueprint and imagine millions of flames igniting within your blueprint, these flames aligning with the collective grids of the sacred projects of light which you have been assigned to, which shall be revealed to you in the not too distant future.

    Kuthumi-Agrippa now comes to stand before you as King of the Solar League of Archangels. He comes to present you with a golden feather; this feather represents the symbol of Ma’at. This is the symbol of the feather of your heart and aligns with the story that if your heart is as light as a feather you may pass into the other worlds of truth, therefore this feather represents not only the lightness of your heart, but it also becomes the sacred golden quill you are to utilize to write the new story of your life.

    If you are willing to continue upon the pathway you have begun then accept the feather from Kuthumi-Agrippa. Your acceptance of this feather aligns the sacred language of your flames of your blueprint with the collective blueprint of the Galactic Centre. These flames are part of the powerful portals of transformation which we have activated already.

    Your Authentic Self is asking you now to allow any part of yourself which you feel is currently sabotaging you or holding you back to be handed over to Kuthumi-Agrippa for healing and to do this now.

    Kuthumi-Agrippa will take these parts of you into the Golden Temples of Shamballa for healing. It will unfold over a period of seven days during which time your four lower bodies, in other words your physical body, your emotional body, your mental body and the body of your soul which merges with your spirit self will also undergo an in-depth clearing of energy which is extended to your ancestral line.

    Give thanks for this opportunity of such deep healing.

    If you are still comfortable with serving as a Lightworker amongst the weavers of light and you feel within your heart that you are destined to be a part of the community of light and the projects of light which we oversee (we being myself Mary Magdalene, Lord Kuthumi-Agrippa, St Germain, Archangel Michael, Goddess Jezebel and Lady Guinevierre), we are supported by the Solar Archangelic League of the Light, the Spirits of the sacred energies of the Cosmos, the energies of Lord Maitreya and of course Mother/Father God/Goddess. So once more we repeat: if you feel within your heart you are destined to be a part of these projects of light then open your third eye and your heart to Kuthumi-Agrippa now.

    He takes the thumb of his right hand and presses this against your third eye igniting the golden flame of the Golden Temple Teachings. He places the palm now of his left hand upon your heart chakra activating the emerald flame. These are the signatures of the body of work we have been assigned to deliver to humanity, and your conscious personal choice to be a part of these projects of light will speak to you and you will feel the inspiration, the motivation, the need and the desire to be a part of that which we present in the future. This will be your signal, this will reveal to you which project or projects you would like to be a part of.

    Kuthumi-Agrippa now places his golden wings around you holding you close to his heart and you hear his heartbeat and this brings comfort and peace to your body and to your mind.

    Mother Mary extends another ray of beautiful healing to you and St Germain now draws an energy from the diamond flame and the golden flame which he places upon your crown chakra, and this is a signal to all the beings of light in existence that you have chosen to meet your destiny, that you have chosen to acknowledge that you are an important part of the transformation of humanity’s consciousness.

    Just be at peace now. Surrender to the next level of healing energy coming to you. While this energy filters into your body I will explain a little of the projects of light to come.

    We are already actively working with the Pods of Light which is a collective grid of energy weaving the golden honey thread of Golden Consciousness, creating communities of light representing specific energies, carrying specific tools of light also known as codes which support and facilitate the development of a specific energy, which shall develop the foundation for the greater communities of light to build upon.

    There are some of you who desire to create physical communities, these communities sustain themselves utilizing bartering systems not to survive, but to live abundantly in alignment with Mother Earth and Mother Nature and with each other. Those of you who have been feeling the call in your heart to establish such projects this is your confirmation that that inner desire is a true voice, one which has been calling to you.

    Some of you have been required to remain within the corporate world or have been called to return to the corporate world. You are the portals of light within the dense energies contained within many of the institutions within society governing society. As difficult and challenging as your role is we thank you for your courage to stand in this difficult position, to be a light within a very large dark room as such. You will be rewarded for your courage, for your strength and for that which you are anchoring within that realm of society.

    There are some of you who have been called to make changes within the world of medicine, others of you within the system of education. All of you know in your heart that you are connected to an aspect within society’s grid which is now ready to change. You are the catalysts of change, the transformers, the destroyers of the old so that the new may come to life.

    We are also opening the platform for the Golden Temple Teachers to now come into their light as part of the Emerald Mystery School, and your energy will receive a conscious alignment with this inner knowing and every other project of light to be established now and in the future will speak to your heart through your truth.

    Take a deep breath in and relax, knowing that you know that deep inside of yourself you know, and have always known that there is so much more to life, that much has been hidden from you, and although the majority of you have not been able to put your finger on it, now it shall be revealed to you. You are required to trust, to surrender and to have faith in the power of your higher self and the forces of light to support you, to guide you and protect you along this pathway.

    Take another deep breath in and as you exhale take one step back as Master Kuthumi-Agrippa spreads his wings. The flames still dancing on your crown chakra.

    The energy and presence of God and Goddess extend a rod of light to you. This rod of light is a beam of energy which you are being offered; this beam is a communication, or rather a transmission rod, a transmission beam, which enables you to align your energy with Source at a more rapid rate and in a clearer and more focused fashion. Allow your imagination to show to you what this rod looks like. If it is easier for you to see it as a beam then allow it to be so and give thanks.

    Take another deep breath in, exhaling fully, giving thanks to all of the beings of the light who have been present with you. Give thanks to yourself for responding to this call to receive this light, to receive this opportunity to merge with these more expanded aspects of yourself, to feel the power and presence of your inner authority, to allow the light which you embody to show you the way ahead, and we wish to thank you for your courage, for joining with us, for saying yes to joining the projects of light, saying yes to the inner knowing that you are a part of the collective consciousness of light which was created to ensure humanity will remember the truth. This is a crucial time, precious ones, and we need you as much as you feel you need us for it is ones such as yourselves who are required to ground Heaven and Earth in one system of energy, in other words to be human beings grounded on Earth living the principles of Heaven on Earth, merging these energies into the earthly realms transforming the laws of society into the true laws, the ethics and values of light, integrity, honesty and truth.

    When the Aquarian Age comes into being there is going to be great challenges, precious ones, because this is when the modern technology of your world will reveal to you just how much it has achieved in its development. On some levels this will be very positive, however on other levels it will be very dangerous.

    The reason why we say dangerous is because there will be people, many people on your Earth who will choose to merge their bodies with synthetic parts, in other words they will literally be half human half robot. We assure you this has nothing to do with science fiction or a ridiculous construction of a futuristic movie, this is fact, this is another reason why it is so important for you to reconnect with Mother Earth, with her nature, to become reborn into the systems of nature.

    Your world has been severely distracted by modern technology as much as it has brought many benefits. The Aquarian Age is the age of science and technology, it is ruled by Lord Saturn and can be very dark. This is where many of you will understand why we are calling to you to connect with your spiritual self, your creative self, to connect with who you are in order to understand your feelings and your emotions and to allow them to be healed. It is vital that you empower yourself and come together as Lightworkers in order to empower others by educating self and others in the systems of breaking free, of becoming truly liberated, by seeing the worlds governing structures for what they are because the more desperate people become the more prone they will be to relying on the ridiculous concepts of manipulation and governance and control that the dark side of the Aquarian Age will present, however, the light side of the Aquarian Age is very powerful too and this represents the powerful presence of the Angels and the Archangels, the messengers of Mother/Father God, of the Lords and Ladies, the Gods and Goddesses of the light.

    You cannot afford to wait until 2020 to settle this battle so to speak, it must begin now, those energies must be secure by that time and you are the ones who shall do it for you are the ones in physical form, you are the ones who come from all walks of life and who have access to those worlds, and we shall work through you, with you, and alongside you and guide you, but you must trust yourself, your wisdom, your intuition and trust us to help you.

    So, precious ones, this key date is a powerful turning point for each of you. You have walked through a doorway into a new level of your authenticity and much will unravel for you now, many truths will be revealed to you. We suggest you take a few moments each morning to ask your Guardian Angel and all those beings who work with you to hold you in a powerful coning of protection and to advise you, guide you, motivate and inspire you and show you through these avenues of communication what is required of you, how you are to do it, and then to surrender and let go and trust that all opportunities will come to you or you will find them.

    Thank you precious Lightworkers. We are committed to serving you, serving alongside you and through you. We thank you for your commitment and we thank you for seeing who you are and for continuing to grow with the flow of life. May each of you be blessed beyond your wildest dream and may all that you need right now to set you free come to you gracefully, in peaceful, harmonious and miraculous ways. We celebrate you and know that our love is with you always.

    I am Mary Magdalene, and my love is with you. Au revoir.

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