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  • I'm in a very difficult situation. I've been with my highschool sweetheart for six years (the Aries) and our relationship has been very hard. Back then I also had feelings for a Cancer guy I knew, but I let him get away because I was so in love with my boyfriend. Not too long ago, I managed to get in touch with the Cancer and we really hit it off--a little too well, we ended up starting an affair. Whenever I'm with him, I feel warm and safe and I say things like "I could fall in love with you". I didn't mean to say it to him, but it's true...I feel like my relationship with my boyfriend is over and I want out, but at the same time, I don't want to rush things or make a stupid decision, I don't want to make a mistake.

    I need to know who to choose, or if I should choose. I would also like to know how the Cancer really feels about me. He says he missed me and that he wants to be with me, but I've never been able to trust what men say especially when **** is involved. I'm totally lost and horoscopes aren't helping. Please help. My bday is 12-28-1988 if it helps. Thanks.

  • I'm not a psychic, probably not an empath, but I am a mom with a long history of good and bad relationships. My suggestions are: (1) center yourself, by meditation, introspection, and good old fashioned soul searching - meaning focus on you, not any one else. Feeling "lost" comes from feeling out of control. Letting opinions and expressions of others effect and affect your choices means you are letting "them" control you, you are not in control of your own actions, reactions, and responses because you are wildly swinging every which way the wind blows when one of these boys speak. (2) Practice and repeat: Self Respect. Do not settle for or accept any behaviors from any human being that does not include respect for you. Respect yourself first, and others will follow. If they do not, it means they will never show you the respect you deserve. In order to find "the right person" for us, we must first know "us" better than anything else, and we must be confident enough to receive the treatment we deserve. Only by surrounding ourselves with like-minded beings can we truly find a mate that will have similar core values. You are still young with lots of life to learn and personalities to discover. If after practicing the first 2 suggestions you are still torn between these two immature boys who challenge your weakest insecurity of trusting men - walk in the opposite direction of both, and keep walking. Focus on repairing the damage that caused your fear of trusting men, and only give your valuable assets -- attention and time -- to men who will respect and appreciate your weakness, not make them worse. These two boys may be in your life for you to learn how to trust yourself first. If we don't trust ourselves first, we will find it next to impossible to trust anyone else. Love is the same...if we don't truly love ourselves first, we cannot expect anyone else to love us either. Hope this helps, even a little. My daughter almost shares your bday (12-29-88) and i felt compelled to reply.

  • Thank you, you've given me a lot to think about. 🙂

  • flowerinthemeadow

    time to stop the craziness. is there any reason why you can't go solo for awhile? neither of these men are permanent. find yourself first, and then figure out who you want to spend the rest of your life with. for pity sakes, you are only 23. are you afraid to be on your own? have fun with yourself, hang with some girlfriends or something. life is what you make it.

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