A general reading please?

  • If anyone might have time, I would like a general reading. I have been having a difficult time at my job lately and was wondering if there are any changes for the better coming my way. My birthdate is 06/01/1971.

    Much appreciated.



  • Hi, I did a general Tarot reading for you. As the current situation, center, you are hanging in and persevering. Your efforts are out of the ordinary. You may be feeling that this is a battle w/o surrender.

    You have work ahead but benefits will be worth it. All blessings are within you. You'll find your dreams by hard work, I feel, away from this situation.

    You are creative and may feel like speaking-out. You are also independent. You have faith in yourself.

    You have suffered loss in your near past. Don't carry these personal hurts with you. Grieving over loss or something that was said (probably something that was said.) May effect your self-esteem--don't carry this with you (will be hard.)

    In your near future there will be an end to things the way they've been--possibly end of job. I drew the Death card.

    Future, Things are in your favor. I drew The Sun. Less effort on journey. Rebirth, starting over. Good choices. Enlightenment!

    The cards are speaking about what a bad environment for you. A long period of criticism. This has caused you to shut down. Lack of stimulation that's causing stagnation. Also, the cards are saying not to do anything against your true self, meaning, step aside from confrontations. Don't conspire against a co-worker, even if enemy. Take the narrow path. Don't provoke responses.

    In your hopes and fears, your seeking wisdom beyond the present. Seek spiritual help.

    In your Outcome positon, watch your emotions. This situation calls for maturity. Stay out of drama. Shows a better time of more calming life's experiences.

    For such a bad situation, things are actually in your favor. Take it easy, as there may be a turbulent time to be followed by a benevolent time.

  • Hi Daliolite,

    Thank you for the reading. It seems to be accurate. I was having some personal problems that interferred with my work. Recently, they asked me to step down from my current postition and into a less demanding position. I thank you for the hope that this was a good change.



  • This reading could be intertwined w/issues from your partner (ex?) Your environment wasn't favorable at all. As a card reader, it helps me to know a little to see if I'm hitting the mark. Not necessarily before but after. The cards said that you were very capable, so it was strange to me about the issues at work.

  • Daliolite,

    Funny you should ask for months we had extreme problems and I thought they had passed. He has been suffering from depression and started medication. I saw an immediate change. Lately though, he has been staying out and not coming home which has caused me to miss alot of work to take care of our kids or because he has the car and I can't get to work. I found out today that he was arrested on a domestic violence charge with another woman about 2 weeks ago. We have been talking about him moving out but he keeps telling me that he loves me and wants to go to counseling, and try to make it work. I am afraid that I am going to lose my job because I missed again today. Actually,I feel like my life is falling apart. The domestic concerns me because all though we argue violence has never been a concern for me.

    Any hope? Can you tell me anything about this other woman?


  • I will do a reading concerning your partner, you and what lies ahead. I'll focus on this plus the previous reading in responding. Give me a day or so----

  • luvslife

    I am sorry to hear there is more to your situation than you mentioned to me in our last post--I was so ready to hear good news when you said he was on medication and better--- even though II did get the feeling the medication thing is not right but you said it was working--you said your mate did get a bipolar diagnose but something is not right here. I don't retain past readings but I do remember giving you one in the past regarding this man----has anything really changed from my reading then? Bipolars when manic do get agressive--violent and this can escalate depending on many things--they often go on drinking and drug binges to counter act the racing thoughts---once they go manic they are no longer capable of sound thinking---they can become paranoid. They do tend to take off during these wild times and can not sleep. At some point the body has to crash then they are drained and usually go into depression. Also, bipolars can be made worse if they are not treated properly and take antidepresents alone. Are you giving him his meds? Bipolars can not be trusted to monitor their own meds. Sounds like your man went manic---went on a binge--got drunk or went into psychosis and got out of control and violent. Manic depression is a serious mental illness--it has no cure--it has fluctuating times of severity depending on triggers. Mental illness can not be talked out of--it is an illness, chemical--like diabetes--a physical illness of the brain chemistry--no talk therapy can control it---you must be realistic about being up for this responsability. It is doable but you must not let wishful thinking cloud your judgement because this illness can turn your life upside down---there will be times he needs to be cared for--either in a hospital or by you--and you can't hold down a full time job and care for him alone. I do remember telling you all this--what it would take to maintain a life with him. A good psychiatrist--not a counselour but a psychiatrist--one that has your mates written permission to share info--he's the one who you call when your bipolar is in crises. He must have his blood work done regularly to test for medication levels and again the doctor needs your input to know if he's ok because when a bipolar is sick he does not know it--they are not the one to call the doctor--they love the manic high at first and then it goes into that feeling invincible stage and they decide there is nothing wrong with them. If you had called his doctor and said look my mate is manic and is off on a binge--he can have him picked up and hospitalized and medicated untill he is well---this would have kep him out of danger to himself and others and it would send the message that his illness is real and if he is going manic there will be a phone call. I can not tell how many times I just plain got lucky in our younger days--how close to deadly situations my bipolar came close to before he was in proper treatment. Don't take that chance knowing what you know. I wished someone had enlightened me then--- I remember telling you to educate yourself--read books--everyone is different but there are some aspects that are true in all cases. A bipolar out of control will bankrupt you--go on spending sprees. When they are manic they also can be promiscuise even though when they are well they would never do such a thing. Luvslife---I feel very personal about this even though as a psychic I prefer to remain detached but I connect with you this moment as a woman who has cared for a bipolar for 40 years and he makes a good living and has never had to be hospitalized but let me tell you no way could I have worked full time and flourished before he was stable as it takes a lot of energy to keep a bipolar well. Even now--my job is very flexable and my boss is very understanding because they have bipolar in there own family. It is an unpredictable illness that has days of crises that must be dealt with immediatly before it escalates. I know where you are at and untill he gets a good doctor and you know this disease your life will be chaos. Legal problems--money problems and lots of chaos---the illness will take over your life and if you are not careful it will make you sick just dealing with it. I believe in committment--in sickness and in health till death do you part BUT there is a reality to this illness you must be prepared for as you will be a caretaker and if you have children you have a responsability to keep them safe. If he does love you ---you use that to get his cooporation when he is coming down from a manic binge and even then this illness is always to be monitered--there will be surprises and it is no easy life. If you truely love this man that much--be realistic with what life with mental illness requires. This man did not ask to be born with this illness. It takes a strong woman to deal with juggling her own life and needs and help her ill partner stay well enough to maintain a family life. It can be painful and lonely on a bad day. When they are not well it means being able to ignore their illness and knowing who your loved one really is. It means being strong and balanced enough to maintain your own energy fireld when they are in high anxiety. Otherwise you will suffer with them and it will destroy your health. Bipolars do not cope well with stress. Be prepared to be the one to keep life running smooth and be prepared to handle all the money. Please go online or to a bookstore--read all you can. You need to prepare yourself and protect yourself. Do not let this illness destroy your life. It is treatable but he is not in control--you must lead the way on this.Do not be a victim. This illness is treatable but not without a strong support system. Take control of this now or his illness will eat up your life. If after you read all the scary stuff you are still sure you need to stay with him then accept the bad with the good. Many great people have battled this illness and made the best of it---bipolars are often very gifted and intelligent--mine has a genious IQ. When he is well he is the man of my dreams but bipolar means TWO so there will always be another man who comes with this illness. You are in my prayers!

  • Blmoon,

    Sometimes on the surface I feel like things are going well. But things were going well. My mate is seeing both a psychiatrist and a counselor and I have been seeing a counselor as well to try learn the best way to deal with this situation. The psychiatrist said that he believes he just has anxiety and depression and started him on the medication Celexa. As I said, the improvement was immediate. But he has drinking episodes. I have asked him to speak with his psychiatrist in more detail about his unstable episodes because I feel like he is not being straight forward but he refused to allow me to speak with his dr. or therapist unless we are married. I sometimes feel like as soon as I think things are going well, life changes. In the past 3 weeks, I have missed so much work that they have placed me in a different position. I think my job is trying to be understanding but I don't know for how much longer. When he is drinking he does not take his medication and he will not come home for me to ask him to take it. But you are right when he takes the meds he is okay. I think though that the medication may spur some of the episodes because his dose is not right.

    He admitted to me that he was having an affair for a while now and that they had an argument that resulted in someone calling the police. He says the affair has ended and he says that he will move into an apartment and continue with counseling until we can work things out. I am beginning to believe this is the best thing that could happen. I'm sorry I probably should have waited to respond when I can actually compose my thoughts. I know that you are right and your advise has been so helpful to me in the past. I am trying to follow your advise closely as it makes so much sense but he has free will and I cannot control that.


  • I just knew your hands were tied! No he can not be trusted to tell the doctor the truth and it will never be in your power to protect yourself---he has to aign that paper. Bottom line. Be firm--if he truelly says he wants to be living with you he has to sign it. This resistance is normal. My loved one did not give in to that easily. For years he went through many different meds for anxiety and depression. For many years he would have some better days with the meds but then bam out of control. At first he just saw a regular MD and not a psychiatrist. Finally I called his MD several times during my lovedones binge times. I was terrified of the backlash but did it anyway. His doctor realising there was more going on recommended the psychiatrist--he was diagnosed immediatly as bipolar and did not sign the agreement so I had no idea of his med schedual---at first he was so much better but then again went manic but I had no idea what was wrong. Of course he was not taking his meds properly. I called his psychiatrist and the wonderful nurse said that he had not signed it (he lied and said he had) and no legally she could not discuss him BUT it didn't mean she couldn't listen to me! So I told her what was happening with my loved one AND just before his apointment I sent the psychiatrist a fax telling him in a very loving but honest way what was happening with my bipolar--I was factually--tried to leave out any drama or emotion. The doctor read it to him and he signed the paper and the next week we visited together and that is when life changed! wHAT A WEIGHT LIFTED. I have a support system now--I have choices--I can make a phone call and stop the trainwreck before it gets out of control. There was a committment and partnership made that day. I'm lucky--his doctor is an award winning doctor in our city--not everyone gets a winner the first pick. Your man must sign that paper--he must committ to truelly acepting the reality of his illness--and trust enough to give up control to you and his doctor when he is ill and not capable of making a sound choice. No you cannot control him---but you can control not giving him the wheel--do you see the difference? I had to threaten divorce and mean it to get my loved one to committ to treatment!

  • Hi, I did another reading re your situation, especially with your partner. You have free will. Maybe you have been thinking about it more or just thinking about getting away. Maybe someone needs to save you from yourself. The cards spoke more than once of a move, possibly moving. Cards spoke more than once of red hair or blonde hair blue eyes. I drew mostly rods and swords. Fire and Air Signs dominate.

    Your near future shows departure from a situation. 5 of Swords in near future. Get control of situation or situation will be controlling you. Also, 8 of Cups (emotion)--It's time to go. Consider yourself forewarned. Departure of something or somebody.

    You have a lot on your plate. You are an active person. Avoid illusion, lack of direction and purpose. Ask yourself the question, What motivates you. . .

    This situation is calling you to think with your head. Again, the cards show you as being very capable. Your environment is pretty much controlled by you.

    In your hopes and fears it shows a struggle being overcome. Victory, public recognition. I drew the 6 of rods in your hopes and fears.

    In the Outcome of this I drew the Tower which is a major arcana card. The foundation is built on imprisonment and illusion. This needs to be rebuilt. Sometimes things happen in this way to allow us to rebuild our lives. The cards are telling you to start over. Develop qualities that you didn't even know existed. True strength and security lies within ourselves.

    Cards speak more than once of a possible move.

  • Blmoon and Daliolite,

    I have so much to tell you. So much has happened in the past 2 weeks, I am having a hard time comprehending it all. He's having an affair, in legal trouble, a big mess.


    Is the blond hair, blue eyes with him, a female? Or me. I have had more than one psychic tell me I would marry blond haired, blue eyed man but my mate is dark, dark hair, dark eyes. I

  • Certain cards point to different physical characteristics. It's not really a psychic impression--it's the cards. Sounds like this guy is going to be in and out of trouble a lot. I have experienced the same thing before, it gets predictable.

  • luvslife

    you have nothing to tell me I didn't already see. I predicted the worst and Spirit only suggests that when a big reality check is in order--to empower you not to scare you in a bad way--- you need to be prepared and realistic to make your choice. Don't let your heart blind you--this man has a mental illness. Untreated expect the unexpected yet predictable possibilities -- you must choose to be realistic. Bi-polar--manic depression--look it up again--the list of symptons are in black and white---promiscuiouse behaviour--legal messes--financial ruin---drug and alcohol abuse--violence and a high risk of suicide when they come crashing down from their manic binge and feel the depressing weight of their mess. If you do not love him enough to take care of him and do not see yourself capable of such a big task you need to get off that fence now. Cut your ties--move with no forwarding address--protect yourself and your family. Bad things can and will happen. Either be part of his treatment or get out of the way of that train wreck--and whatever happens--remember it is not your fault or his--it just IS. Mental illness can be tragic. Let it go--move on. BLESSINGS. PS--no inbetweens--if you cut ties--make it final and move somewhere safe---he will go away within 6 months--but it must be final in your mind. Pray to Saint Michael for guidance and protection.. You have much protection on the otherside---you can get past this--but you must not be wishy washy. Truth will set you free. Arm yourself with truth and don't expect the heart to solve this. Can you move in with family? it won't be for long--then you can move again.

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