Need Help with Aqurius man, can it change from casual to serious?????

  • I have been dating an Aquarius man off and on for over 2 1/2 years now. When we first met, I had just got out of a very very long relationship, and he was the first guy that I went on a real date with. I was going through a lot with my ex and it was really nice to get away from all of the drama in my life and go out with him. At the time I was not looking for anything serious and I was just living in the moment and happy to have an outlet from my ex, the kids, and daily responsibilities. I slept with him a lot sooner that I would have normally, but it was so nice to kind of forget about all the things that I was going through, and just escape. We started going on more dates, like every other weekend, and here and there, then we got comfortable with each other, then he would call me while he was out and I was out and we may meet up after the party or club was out. It was very casual, and some times long periods would pass without us seeing each other. This was OK with me, because i was having fun for the first time in a long time and I wasn't really looking for anything serious. As time passed, I realized that I really, really like this guy, and I have never met anyone like him. We have fun together, I can talk to him about everything, he is the only person that I met so far that I could see myself being with forever. I am at a different place in life than I was when I first separated from my ex, and want a little more than what we have been doing. He is an Aquarius, and in my dealings with Aquarius', they do not express their emotions. When I ask him how he feels about me he verbalizes that I should go by his actions. This interaction is now like an emotional roller coaster for me. We have bonded so much in this long period of time, but he does not talk about his feelings, and when I keep bringing it up I feel like a nag. He has said stuff like that he is not ready for a relationship, but told me how much he likes me. I could tell that he does have feelings (which occasionally he verbalized when he was drunk, but that doesn't count). The last time that I saw him, I told him that I wasn't going to see him, because I feel like a booty call, and haven't seen him since and it's been like 2 months. He called me a couple of times, but I ignored it, and eventually I cleared the air and sent a text to say hi. Yes I know that I should continue with this, but it is hard because I really have feelings for him, and it's easier said than done. My question is, since I set this interaction up as a "booty call" is it too late to ask for more than that and try to change our interaction up? Honestly when I first started, that's all I wanted, but now I have developed feelings and want more. Again talking to him about any emotions are impossible. I am an emotional Virgo, and I don't want to be too naggy. I don't know what to do because I like him soooo much.

  • Howdy! Just a bit of advice from an aqua gal. people claim we aquariuses are 'detached' from our emotions... in a word, no. We have them we internalize and hide them a lot. We can detach from them when need be and other times. But we do have them! Ok so i won't be mushy gushy all over you however when i care for someone, come hell or high water they are the person who can make me the most happy and also hurt me the worst. This could just be me but i am trying to point out we are not robots lol!

    We do like to talk however. If he's not up to talking to you about this. (assuming you've made it clear you want more). The one of two things i think, either he's not interested in long term and this is his way of gently brushing you off Or he is uncomfortable with what he does feel and can't figure out how to express it.

    Just my friendly girl on the street advice/opinion as an aquarius.

    Side note i can talk about anythign to anybody almost but trying to explain how i feel is actually a lot harder then it sounds. I wonder if this is a shared trait?

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