Ive been with this guy for 5 years and i dont know what to do anymore HELP??????

  • My name is Deshae and Ive been in a relationship with John for 5 years now and when we first got together all we did was fight and i always wanted us to work and i cared for him so much and always tried to please him but all he did was hurt me in so many ways and push me away well about a year ago i have almost lost all my love for him and this relationship and now he knows it and we aint together right now and he wants me back and he says he loves and he says he sorry for the things he has done and he has tryed to show me but i have gotten hurt so much that i cant even kiss him and feel right about it, i cant even have sex with him and feel pleased, but i dont know what to do, i do still care for him but im so lost can someone please help me ????????????

  • This post is deleted!

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