Moved away to soon? Cancer Man issue

  • So I met a cancer man 3 years ago right before I got a job on the other side of the country, We totaly hit it off during the last three weeks I was near him. Then when I moved he stopped talking to me/wouldnt initiate conversation and claimed he was always busy. When I visit the area he lives in(twice a year), hes very sweet to me and we sometimes get together.(He also says he hasnt been with anyone else in the past year) But then he wont talk to me, or at least very often after I go home. Is he using me or does he like me and he crabs up after I leave?

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  • There... is always more to the story... I got angry cause he didn't ever call me first and wrote him off. I wasn't going to talk to him again. Then a mutual friend butted in and said they hopped we could become friends again. They have also said things that really make me wondering what is going on. Like he said the cancer had stopped talking to me cause it was hard for him, and that he had a hard time figuring out how to be friends with girls. Anyways, I was "the bigger person" and said hi eventually on one of my trips. When we're in person and talking seems like we get along just fine. Ha ha... I think I fall prey the the Cancer man's gaze. The expression in his eyes, is just sooo amazing, like your the only person he can see. But then I wonder if he looks at all girls that way. True to being a cancer he has plenty of females hanging around. So I'm totally surprised that he hasn't closed the deal with one or more of them. Hence why I'm wondering if I'm getting played?

    To answer more on the Sincere conversation. So he told me that he tried the long distance thing, so I already know he doesn't want that, and I'm fine with non-commitment, and just talking and sharing ideas. Anyways his ex cheated on him. that was his first girlfriend. He's not forth coming on any other experiences, but a lot of things are new to him. Basically because of this I don't bring up any defining the relationship, since I already "know" the answer. The only time he seamed to want to bring it up was when I had a boyfriend. And it took a while before he confessed that he liked me and he thought that I didn't like him. And I told him I did like him. I don't know, maybe he still thinks that i'm not really into him. I wonder if he think that I'm the player and he need to guard himself. I'd have no problem telling him, but I can't talk to him if he won't talk to me. Most dating columns would say not to come on to strong, so if he doesn't reply I'll wait 2 to 3 weeks, even more to try and talk to him. On rare occasions He'll send me a note first, but I'll reply and then I get nothing back then too. And I know he was busy finishing up school, and now he's working. But I don't want to come on to strong and scare him off from even being my friend. I mean yeah it would be assume if we did work this out, but I wouldn't mind just getting to know him better and having a good friend. A lot fo the point is just to get to know him better, cause under these conditions I can't consider a serious long term relationship. That take communication, and either he doesn't care to talk to me or he's scared. And the only reason I feel like I am questioning his behavior is since he's a cancer and I know he's shy. How many times do you have to tell a guy you like him? Sigh....

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