Request for Reading Captain, please

  • Hello Captain~

    I thought I would on this forum, if you don't mind~ I would appreciate some insight~ I have been asking for guidance~ opening to signs, my intuition, prayers and I feel honestly at a crossroads about a couple of things surrounding my graduate education. Time is of importance as decisions need to be made (the semester has started and I have not made any definitive answers). My financial standing is in question, I am questioning my number of credits to commit to and two days ago I was looking at another school for women's spirituality studies!! because I thought that I might be on the wrong path at my current school. All of this has come up in the past week~ part of me feels the anxiety of this (and I really want to keep it simple) and part of me feels inactive, almost avoiding the situation which is really going to get me into a stressful situation~ Can you please see what comes up for you~

    again, I would appreciate the intuition and advice

    thank you,


  • This is all about knowing yourself and what you really want. Only you can decide that. You need to be honest with yourself about what you really want to achieve. Don't do things becasue you think you SHOULD but because you really love the thought of doing it. If you feel you are on the wrong path, then you must take steps to change it. All you have to do is ask yourself if you are really happy doing what you are doing - and all else will follow.

  • Thank you once again Captain~ I have so many voices around me giving wonderful advice and suggestions, along with an already busy life as it is~ sometimes I find it challenging to find my voice in the midst of everything. And sometimes fear can sneak in even though I am trying to keep it out of my life as much as possible. I will try and really hone in on those things that I am passionate about~ and follow my bliss.

    with gratitude,


  • Good for you - to follow one's bliss is indeed the only way to be happy in your work.

  • Hello Captain~

    I hope you are enjoying your February~ I have been feeling some amazing energy swirling around me the last few days ~planetarily I know there are some interesting things going on~ some internal as well as external shifts are developing as you had mentioned in my reading. We have been talking about my personal life and things have started developing. I will be meeting a friend in a couple of weeks that I am looking forward to seeing~ He has a Sept. 10th birthday~ I would love to get an idea from you about this person and/or relationship~ I am fascinated by this as well as the sudden interest in friendships through facebook~ very magnetic feelings around me~

    with gratitude,


  • This matchup is best as a friendship. A love affair can be highly physical and sexually fulfilling but worry and a fear of rejection can plague this combination. If you want the relationship to be balanced, it must become more aware and self-confident (but not arrogant) and above all, lighter. Learning to have fun and to take the relationship less seriously may become a requirement for its health and ultimately its survival, which is why friendship is the best option here.

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  • batrak--abrama

    Dear Michael--protector and God's own right hand please hear my prayer--guard the energy of this sight so it may reflect the highest intention of the Angels--to offer healing and comfort. Not only for the meek and pure of heart but also raise your wise sword and help heal those who are most lost and in their pain hurt others. Thank You--Amen.

  • Hi Captain

    If I may, I would really appreciate some insight... I'm a single mum doing a job that I feel is sucking the very life out of me, mainly to pay the bills. I know I need to make a change - it's time to start doing the things I'm meant to be doing. Of course this going to mean adjusting my priorities, for which I think I'm ready. In terms of what I'd like to do, I have some ideas but they're unfamiliar terrritory so naturally scary, on top of which I have a tendency to doubt myself. They're all in their own way a social service (I've felt for a long time that I have a contribution to make) but I also have to be realistic in that I will need an income. Do you perhaps get any sense as to which aspect I should concentrate - the writing or the community projects etc.? And do I take a leap of faith by resigning, or do I work at getting things going while I'm employed? I don't want to fall flat and need the support of others - I'm trying to be self-sufficient in my life - but at the same time, as long as I'm where I am, I'm not sure it affords me sufficient energy or strength to get the new things off the ground. Hopefully there are some new players approaching the scene to help. But I suppose I'm feeling alone and at times somewhat under pressure to make things happen. My DoB is 1972/11/18.


  • Raindeerdoe, this is CapCat's personal thread. Please start your own thread by clicking on the "Create a new topic" at the top right of this page and I will answer you there.

  • Hello Captain~

    I hope you are well~ and takng good care of yourself~

    I can really use some of your perspective on a relationship that I started. I have some ideas already of what it is but would love to hear from you~ please!!!

    he is born Jan 25 but I don't have a year~ he is considerably older than me, at least 20 years is my guess

    with gratitude always


  • This is best as a working or friendly relationship. It is most difficult for love. The focus of this relationship is often an insatiable curiosity about almost everything that goes on around it. You two generally play out a desire to investigate and to explore in a search for technical, scientific, artistic, or historical truth. You may become extremely close while engaged in this search, but you will also suffer some instability in the area of emotions. United by your need to uncover the truth, you two are temperamentally very different. You are slow, steady and unswerving while your friend is a marked contrast with his quick, fitful and easily distracted nature. There is a certain fieriness here that makes outbursts and spats pretty likely. This is reflected in a love relationship between you which can be extremely stormy. Temperamental incompatibilities are not helped by the fact that your friend has a roving eye and will find it difficult, if not impossible, to meet your fidelity demands.

  • Thank you once again Captain for your time and energy in responding~

    May you have a beautiful weekend

    with much appreciation always,


  • Hello Captain~

    I hope you are well~ it has been some time since I have reached out.... I have been following the planets and realize there is quite a bit of activity surrounding relationships of all kinds... it has brought much self-reflection and insight into most of my relationships.

    I hope you can share any insight that you might have of your own... as you know I have been wanting for quite sometime to meet someone, a companion, friend, lover. I feel that I am ready for this (Spirit might be saying no 🙂 The gentleman that have come into my life... they are special wonderful men and I am grateful, but they are friends, not lovers. I desire to be physically, emotionally, and spiritually attracted to someone~ my past has not brought this to me... and now my present, my future? can you give some indicaiton? My desire for this has not stopped and yet I have not been in relationship in a long time and have yet to have this person in my life~ what is going on? I feel as though I am in a place, I am open, I am ready~

    with gratitude,


  • In order to attract what you want, you have to be of the same energy as the thing or person you want. Can you honestly say that you are physically, emotionally, and spiritually happy with yourself? Are you your own best friend and supporter? I do feel there are issues like fear, guilt or shame in you that must be resolved before you can feel free to find love.

  • Thank you Captain~

    I appreciate this...I want to cry though because I have come so far...all of my heart based efforts~ I work very hard~ I don't always have the most beautiful of vibrations or energy but I feel confident that I bring more light and love into the world than I ever have~ I am human, I have my moments aren't I allowed? what more can I do, I ask you~ how much further do I need to go? and what do I do with my fear, guilt and shame? Isn't my heart enough to attract a love?

    okay~ having a cry


  • On a side note Captain, almost a year ago, I attracted an amazing man, I believe I had given you the birthdate and you kindly did a reading for me. He is a dear friend of mine...amazing in every way, everything that I can want in a partner: loving, deeply spiritual, incredibly brilliant, creative, emotionally expressive, completely knowing of himself and self-realized and actualized. He is compassionate, generous, nurturing and I can go on. I love him dearly and he loves me but I do not desire him as a lover/life companion... I realized that he had entered my life possibly to help me with my growth...he is always eager to help. It wasn't what I wanted...

    So finding more of me within me... go deeper~ this is what comes to mind in this moment... however I am still stumped on the fear, guilt and shame that you mentioned. If I explore these within myself (they are hiding very well) , how do I heal myself? How do I release these feelings within myself?

    thank you for your time as always,

    with love and light,


  • Just tell me how you honestly feel about yourself on every level - physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual. I know you work hard, but what are your real feelings towards yourself? Do you think negatively about yourself very much?

    Also, ask yourself if you are looking for an impossibly idealistic perfection in a partner - we are all human and the amazing lover you say you want might only exist in your dreams and fantasies. There may be no one person who can give you everything you need - nor should they have to - you have to provide what you need for yourself. Other people are there as our guides and companions but they are not there to resolve our issues or do the self-work for us. Are you prepared to compromise your ideals in order to be with someone?

  • Happy New Year Captain 🙂 I wish you a year of beautiful blessings and love. Thank you for your amazing dedication and generosity in providing guidance for all who value your gifts of insight.

    The welcoming of a New Year has also brought the celebration of my 40th year. I am very excited to enter this year knowing all the love and blessings that I am showered with everyday.

    I would greatly appreciate a reading from you for my coming year... I already sense lots of change but would love to know what you see, particularly as it relates to my creativity, schooling, possible job, move and of course my love life.

    thank you for taking this time,

    with gratitude,


  • Oops!

    and my birthday is January 3, 1972 🙂

    Happy New Year!!!!

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