The battle within

  • An old Indian is sitting at the fire place with his grand-son. It had become dark and the only sound you could hear was the crackling of the fire. After a while of silence the old man says: "Do you know how I feel sometimes? It's like there are two wolfes in my heart, fighting against each other. The one is revengeful, agressive and evil. The other one is loving, soft and caring." "Which one will win the fight?" the boy asks. And the old man says: "The one that I feed."

    😉 Tooter

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  • To be at peace and harmony with nature you must be at peace with ones self first then all other will come into being. If inner turmoil exist it will throw your balance off with all that is around you. Sometimes this is hard to do because we all have our demons/inner turmoil when you learn to be happy and appreciative with the little things what is left?


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