A reading and insight please I am so confused....

  • I met someone over a period of three months and suddenly just as things have gotten very close he has vanished and it feels like he is shutting me out. I am very hurt by this because I can't understand what he is feeling. I am trying to see things from his point of view and not try to upset him because he is a friend. I am not sure how to treat this? Please help to get my thoughts into perspective because i feel like asking him what is the matter all the time.

    I am very confused and hurt.

  • forevervirgo,

    Have you told him how you are feeling? So often we want to know what 'he' is feeling when 'we' aren't really sharing how 'we' are feeling. If he is a friend you should be able to schedule some time to sit and share how you feel about all of this and ask for clarity in return. You might not like what you hear but at least you will no longer be confused.

  • i've tried but i don't want to push him not sure how to handle this. thats why asking for insight. really confused.

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