Mama2461 - tell us about any other signs you have had

  • Hi mama 2461: I am very interested in you story about seeing the cloud shaped like the number 7.I have not had much luck with seeing numbers as signs but sometimes I think I get other signs.

    But I don't know how to interpret them. One of my favorite "signs" concerns the owls in my area.

    I have 2 "horned owls" (ie hoot owls) and one "barn owl" (i.e. screech owl) I haven't heard from the screech owl in a while. However, I do hear the hoot owls often. Sometimes they talk to each other. Sometimes I will go out and "talk" to them - who whowhooo. If one answers, I take it as a positive sign - but I don't know what it is a sign of - until something good happens of course. Another reason I do not want to move. I feel like the owls are "wactching me."


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