I need some help...this situation has been going on for 2+ years :

  • Basically Im a pisces girl with some aquarius tendencies (02/21) and I have been dealing with this libra/virgo guy (9/23) for almost 2 and half years. We had a relationship and then we broke up and ever since the break up we've been back and forth ( more him than me) about our feelings and what we want from each other. I really dont know what to do. Im trying so hard to find the answer and I cant. Can anyone please help me and provide some insight? Thanks so much everyone out there.

  • According to your astrological profiles, this matchup is a highly unusual but not necessarily a very stable one. In fact, you both may have to consciously work very hard towards being more grounded and practical in your outlook and actions if you are to preserve your relationship. There is a tendency towards instability to increase in proportion to idiosyncrasy. You two share visionary ideas with each other; it is a relationship more dreamlike than either of you is accustomed to, and can be a loving and caring one. You DrJovi have the sensitivity and the drive that your partner needs, and he is able to share his aesthetic interests with you. You two may surround yourselves with beautiful objects and spend as much time as possible in unspoiled nature. It will be very important for the two of you to be engaged in projects that will allow you to share fully the relationship's singular vision. And you will both have to work hard to keep yourselves on an even keel emotionally.

    Marriage or a working relationship here can be especially rewarding, since many opportunities emerge here to implement a world view or lifestyle that is to both your liking. Travel may also be important for you two, as it will provide new sources of inspiration for your principal endeavours. But to reach the marital stage, you have to survive a fiery love affair first. Care must be taken to manage your tendencies towards impulsive behaviour and risk-taking. In any type of relationship between you, but especially intimate ones, you must work to ground yourselves in daily responsibilities, which can keep your relationship afloat and evenly balanced. Problems can arise when conflicting desires clash. Your twin need for companionship can be satisfied here, yet your individual desires - notably those of your friend for material goods and you for more philosophical pursuits - may be at odds. Learn to accept your differences.

    ADVICE: Value traditions - they've survived for a reason. Pay attention to your finances and other practical matters. Take on a greater share of responsibility.

  • thanks so much! as of now, im just leaving him alone and giving him his space and myself.

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