Hi The Captain, wondering if you can help a complicated Libra Woman

  • Hi Captain, I was wondering if you could give me a reading, my birthdate is 20.10.62 and I've spent the entire 2010 at a cross roads and hopefully, reading from your past advice to others, you come across as pretty wise and good at what you do, I'm crossing my fingers that you'll be spot on with me. Thanks in advance

  • Magicwand, you are here to choose a field of endeavour or a craft and, through years of disciplined and determined effort, to become an authority in your field. Blessed with brilliance and a passion for learning, you grasp things so quickly that you often may move from one topic to the next, avoiding the painstaking groundwork of thorough preparation. You must rely less on your own cleverness and set about gaining the perspective that only serious study of all facets of a subject can give you. Only then can you hope to bring a unique point of view to the world. Moreover, you are called to find principles or points of view in which you believe. Through identifying with principles or connecting to something greater than yourself, you not only fulfill your individuality but come to understand it. Your many years of solitary study or work on your craft will also provide the forum for many deep insights into your own nature. Your core lesson is to choose and identify with a principle or viewpoint, and amend your tendency towards restlessness and boredom. Your goal is to understand who you are by dedicating yourself to a chosen field of endeavour, using your gifts of an unusual personality, a love of truth, and your passion.

    Magicwand, your fulfillment in life will come from knowing that you are the mistress of your own 'domain' or area of expertise. Your challenge is to wean yourself away from your penchant for preaching, especially before your knowledge base is in order. You are blessed with both far-reaching vision and a sense of standards, but your tendency to espouse your views or grandstand your opinions can get in the way of the kind of painstaking effort and focus that is necessary to your success. Ego issues may be a life long problem and you can be less than modest at times. You also must deal with your tendency to distract yourself with irrelevant or superficial relationships and interests. If you can focus your energies so that your studies serve to illuminate the larger truths of self and its place in the universe, all will go brilliantly for you.

    What you dearly want is to receive love and adoration. However, part of you may always feel like that geeky friend who wasn't taken seriously as a lover back in your youth. Release any tendency towards possessiveness and jealousy, and learn detachment from old set patterns of thinking that may not be yours but are handed down from family, religion, or society. Your overriding need to feel the acceptance of your peers and fear of being rejected emotionally can lead you into a neverending search for support that will allow you to break out as an individual and take advantage of the exciting opportunities that life brings. But you must become your own best friend and encourage yourself to go after the things that will make you happy. You must also avoid an unending search for enough knowledge to take creative action. You must stop the search at some point and take a risk to start creating your own happiness. The irony is that once you take action and begin creating happiness, the knowledge you need to succeed will come to you effortlessly. You will receive the love you crave from others by first giving love to people by cheering them up and making them happy. By exercising your creativity to contribute to the happiness of others, you create a peer group or 'audience' who will support you, accept you, and love you. You need courage to overcome the insecurity and self-doubt that may hinder you in facing life's challenges and must learn to channel your creative and emotional energies in positive ways. Otherwise, you may tend to discharge that energy in self-destructive ways through food, sex, or alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. You may get trapped in patterns of loneliness and self-pity. If you suppress your emotional expression, you may experience it in your body as physical tension or a variety of other symptoms. With persistent expression of your talents, you will earn positive feedback and support from others, and your confidence will grow.

    You belong in a profession that rewards individual creative effort. Entertaining (singing, dancing, acting etc.), entrepreneurship, or some other way of letting the inner child in you out or being at centre stage releases your tremendous creative energy in constructive ways that bring joy to all. It is important for you tyo have fun in what you do. Other good options include activities dealing with children, teaching, speculation, games, and sports. Writing, designing, speaking, debating, advising, promoting, and anything in the creative arts are ways you can express your inventiveness.

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