Aquarian woman in love with Scorpio man

  • I'm an Aquarian woman with my rising sign in Scorpio and my guy who's 15 years younger than me is a Scorpio with a rising sign in Libra. We have a lot in common but we both are flirts. For me, it doesn't go any further than a harmless flirt but he has sometimes really put his foot in his mouth and nearly got in trouble with his flirting.

    I love him very much and I haven't loved any other man before like I love him. Do I have a chance to make it work with him. Other than his big flirting, we have a lot in common: sense of humor, passion. Neither one of us really want to get married and have children as we're happy the way the relationship is except of course for his flirting too seriously with other women.

  • I wanted to respond to you because first of all, I am a Scorpio woman who was married to my late husband, an Aquarian, for 11 years. He was older than me, and died quite suddenly. Our pairing was quite interesting to say the least! I loved his creativity, talent and intellect, and I guess he loved my passion, intellect and devotion to him. It was a very volatile match though, with arguments quite easily instigated between us...

    Also, after he died I had a short pairing with a Scorpio man, who was an admitted flirt. Unfortunately, his flirting went a bit too far with me so soon after my husband's death. So, as long as your Scorpio man doesn't go too far with his flirting with others it should at least be an interesting match! What matters is, does his flirting truly bother and worry you?

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