Love & Light, Friends!

  • It's been an age since I've shared my pixels here and I hope everyone is doing extremely well and is enjoying the New Year!

    Lots of changes going on -- both personal and professional. One of these includes an invitation to you to join me at my fun new blog, THE SKINNY: straight talk about global ascension and enlightenment.

    Over the last several months I've been looking for a good way to stay in touch with all of you while providing something valuable and simple that is also in alignment with who i am. So, The Skinny was born. Whew!

    I hope you'll join me there soon, and perhaps even sign our guestbook!

    You can enjoy The Skinny at:

    Be sure to use the http and not www -- otherwise you'll get an error message.

    Love light and blessings,

    Shira xxoo

  • Hi Poetic! good to hear from you!

    We're doing well over here, getting ready for my hubby to go overseas for 6 months (blech). The little man is 12 and doing really well despite the hormones, acne, and busting tail to get his grades up. We enjoyed a low key christmas and new year's, simply spending time together as a family, a real blessing in light of how we experienced 2010 in general.

    How are you doing? I think about you often and am sending you hugs and love!

    _Shira xxoo

  • I'm glad all is well yeah last year was a year to remember. Expecting better things for this year, just trying to stay on path. 🙂

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