Hanswolfgang....after long

  • Will they ever be together "n and c"?

    Will he live with her?

    Will I ever be happy?

    Will my daughter have the father figure I want her to have?

    Within 3 months would I be able to get a job?

    Will I be able to find someone who will truly value me?

    Would I have more kids? Since I don't want to have anymore

    Will his job relocate him?

    This ate my last questions for you Hans and am not going to ask you any more 🙂

  • SagittariusGurl,

    Will they ever be together "n and c"? Yes.

    Will he live with her? No.

    Will I ever be happy? Yes.

    Will my daughter have the father figure I want her to have? Yes.

    Within 3 months would I be able to get a job? No.

    Will I be able to find someone who will truly value me? No.

    Would I have more kids? No.

    Will his job relocate him? No.

    You should evolve totally different qualities from those of the soldier. The soldier has to be rocklike, and you have to be waterlike.

  • Blmoon, you cracked me up! I can't believe how hormonally driven I am at the moment, but at the same time while I've spent those hours with this guy, I am more enjoying the cerebral content of the friendship than anything. The attraction lurks underneath, but I mentally tamp it down. HOWEVER, I distracted myself from it last night and manicured my poor chewed up nails and hands. Tonight I'll get on my treadmill (after manicuring again) and stomp the frustration out of me. It will be a temporary reprieve only, however temporary is better than nothing. I know I need to focus on the inner me, while attending to the outer as well. I've even started wearing makeup when I go out which is something I haven't done for years! And I enjoy those smokey blue eyes looking back at me once I've dolled myself hahaha

    Anyway, there's nothing like a sexually starved 50 year old woman is there? Nothing like it at all ... except a 50 year old scorned woman, but that's another story. Rodney is lucky he wasn't here when I was venting my rage 🙂

    We'll see what comes, won't we? Said that before ... I think my poetry is going to take a different form at the moment too, which will be VERY interesting!!

    Cheers and blessings to you!


  • I hear you--my treadmill mocks me. That 5k almost kicked my but--almost. Poetry? You write poetry? THAT explains a lot!! I just sent off a 72 page manuscript. NOW I get the image for you. You were very busy and walked up to a man to hand him some receipt he asked for and when you opened your hand your drivers liscence (ID) flew out of your hand into this big pool--with a rocky bottom--and you were very upset looking all over for it--pacing around the edges you could see clearly as the water was very clear--then you noticed a pile of rocks that had a drain under them and you got more upset saying oh c rap what if it went down the drain. But suddenly you calmed and said no its ok then I saw the water start disapearing but you were still irritated at the man who asked for receipts and you kept thinking it was no accident the way your driver's liscense flew out of your hand like that. If you are a poet--you'll figure this one out. Happy writing! BLESSINGS!

  • Oh you cryptic person, you! You're just like Hans 🙂 A poet or no, it'll still take me a while to "get" this one hahahaha.

    I will report back immediately I come up with something!

    Jeezus H, MORE thinking ... BAH!!!

    Cheers and blessings to you!

    PS: I'd like you to also know that things have calmed down with my resident spirit. We are getting on like a house on fire. She tells me she likes this other man who's moving into my life, however sloowly, but we won't go there hahaha, and she will accept him. She was partly instrumental in getting Rodney out of my life as she never liked him because she knew he was eventually going to hurt me. Truth be told, I think I knew that myself ... I have thanked her for doing that, because it's been the best thing for me. She also wasn't aware that her true love was waiting for her beyond the light. She is now, and I think she may move towards it once she knows I'm okay. It's funny, but I know I'm talking to her (even though I ask for her) because I get a funny, warm feeling in my heart centre as the pendulum swings ... 🙂

  • PPS: Good luck with your manuscript!!

  • Blmoon! Moon 50! thanks for the advice:)

    Hey Blmoon, I know long time no see lol! Ive been kind of secluding myself a little but Im doing ok. I am not on medication as of yet because I am exploring different realms of myself for now. I record my moods and what triggers them and what is my subconscious feeling. For example if I get irritated with someone and get down-I ask questions such as-What does that person or situation remind me of? Why did the past situation or so hurt me? How can I make this better and what is really going on? It is a struggle. Trust me, it is but I know its the best way I can deal with things for now. I am still in the same enviroment with little money to spare for support groups but I talk to some old friends now and then but I know not to use them to fill me. I just try to be HAPPIER. I will look into more professional help and support when I can but for now I have few people I trust to help me for now including you and others on here. To be honest, you are a great teacher/mother figure of sorts-you have always given me the honest truth and that I respect and love 🙂 Im glad that you dropped in to talk to miss. Ive really missed talking to you but didn't know if you wanted to talk to me or not lol. Im glad to see that you are doing good. Hope to chat some more soon......

    Thank you for everything Blmoon 🙂

  • Hi Hanswolfgang, Wondering if you can pick-up anything regarding my mom and her situation. I'm leaning toward an idea on how she should proceed. I think it's the right thing for her situation. I feel at peace, moreso than I have for awhile.

  • Daliolite,

    I have been thinking of all the pros and cons. I don't see the point of picking up anything. Your mom is deaf, your mom is blind. She can hear but she cannot listen. She sees and yet she sees only the non-essential. So why get into unnecessary trouble?

  • Thank-you. Last year at this time she was feeding my dogs, fell and broke her arm. I've asked her not to but still does. Had a bad fall the other day. So, I'm thinking assisted living. She'll have to stay in a nursing home until she can get on it. She wants to come here. I'm beginning to think not a good idea. I'm afraid she'll break her hip.

  • Daliolite,

    she will break her hip. So why get into unnecessary trouble?

  • Asia

    I have not wanted to not to respond but I think deep in your healthy self you KNEW what I'd have to say. Your illness is lying to you, there are NO magic cures for your disease. NONE. Yes you can make choices that will make it better or worse but first you must be on medication to be able to make those choices. I know excepting this is reality is hard to swallow--we as a society do not support mental illness much. There is a very sad misconseption that people are either sane or crazy. And mental illness is a choice of desicions that one can be talked in and out of. Your illness is like diabetes--physical. But it resides in the brain. You cannot will brain chemicals any more than a diabetic can will blood sugar to regulate. Your brain has a problem regulating brain chemicals ---it overloads on seratonum and misfires causing elation and sleeplessness that is good feeling but esculates to delusions, irrittability, paranoid thinking and can escalate to aggression and anger. The crash comes and serotonim is depleted and there is great great depression--suicidal thoughts. Asia, do the right thing and go the doctor and start finding the medication that works for you. The medications usually prescribed are the same as for epileptics---it is a brain disease. Someone has already explained this all to you I am sure--please listen! BLESSINGS!

  • Hans sorry I said I wasn't going to ask you any more questions but this is just driving me a little nuts.

    Will I be able to get the money for the paperwork?

    Will I need a lawyer to fill them out?

    Will they get approve if I fill them out myself?

  • SagittariusGurl,

    Will I be able to get the money for the paperwork? Yes.

    Will I need a lawyer to fill them out? No.

    Will they get approve if I fill them out myself? Yes.

  • Thanks Blmoon for the advice. I do think it would be best to go to a doctor and get started on medication immediately to help myself. It would be an interesting journey-I kind of what to make a short film on it-a very abstract film for myself to really document this. I am very thankful for you watching over me and being concerned some people don't think I have it at all and think Im fooling but in my opinion thats because they dont understand or are in denial. I won't be-I at least adknowledge it and see what i can do from there. Thank you so much Blmoon-God bless you 🙂

  • Should I get someone to check them?

  • SagittariusGurl,

    Should I get someone to check them? Yes.

    The next time you go to the restaurant you say very plainly, "Check it, please."

  • Did you mean that a a joke? It made me laugh. I meant as an expert to review them to make sure they are correctly filled out.

  • SagittariusGurl,

    Did you mean that a a joke? No, not really, but if it has made you laugh it has fulfilled its purpose.

  • Yes it did just thinking about it is still making me laugh. Will I get that money this week? Will a send those papers this month? Will me and him live in the same house again?

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