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  • nency,

    what im supposed to do? Look at the clouds floating with no effort. Just bring your witnessing in like a floating cloud. In the beginning it is going to be an effort, but remember only that it is going to become effortless. You will be forcing it and allowing it more and more.

    This is difficult because language creates the difficulty. If I tell you to relax, what will you do? You will make a sort of effort. But then I tell you don't make any effort, because if you make any effort that will create tension and you will not be able to relax. I tell you to simply relax. Then you are at a loss, and you are bound to ask, "Then what do you mean? If I am not going to make any effort then what am I supposed to do?"

    You are not supposed to do anything, but in the beginning that non-doing will look like a doing. So I say, "Okay! Make a little effort, but remember that the effort is to be left behind. Use it as a starter just in the beginning. You cannot understand non-doing; you can only understand doing. So use the language of doing and action. Start, but use effort only as a starter. And remember, the sooner you leave it behind, the better."

    when i wil decide what to do? WHEN YOU DO NO MORE DISCUSS DEFECTS.

    will i pause this year too: no.

  • Thanks Hans. I suppose I'm to take all this to mean I'm a lot closer to what I am looking for than I thought?

    And tell me - I asked this of another wise "giver" on this Site - who counsels the counsellor?

    Cheers and blessings


  • so im supposed to relax, and the answer will come?

    i mean im trying not to think about it so much, i cant really do anything, maybe send some request, but my sister is doing that, so im afraid if i do that, that then she cant do it.

    so basically, i dont know

    im gonna try to relax. 🙂

  • nency,

    so im supposed to relax, and the answer will come? no.

    It means many things. It can mean to create, it can mean to accomplish, it can mean to ripen, it can mean to mature it can simply mean to trigger into existence. That's exactly the meaning.

  • Hi Hanswolfgang... can you tell me if the guy I'm really interested in, are we going to be more than friends in the future? Will he divorce his wife?

    (mine dob 6680, his 4883) We click and are very much in synch with each other, very deep connection since we met a couple of months ago.

  • SluBear,

    can you tell me if the guy I'm really interested in, are we going to be more than friends in the future? No.

    Will he divorce his wife? No.

  • Thank You Hans!

    You said he don't think of me any longer. Did he ever loved me ?

    is he angry with me ? what should I do when I see him next ? should I talk to him or pretend I don't see him ?

    Best, B

  • brick1,

    Did he ever loved me ? No.

    is he angry with me ? no.

    what should I do when I see him next ? You should attain bliss but it is not a new attainment -- it is learning a forgotten language again; it is a recollection. So when you really attain it, you simply feel like laughing, because it was already there, it has always been there. It was just by the corner and you cannot even understand how you went on missing it for lives together! You was missing for eternity -- how?

    should I talk to him or pretend I don't see him ? neither nor.

    A near-smothered joy should again to stir within you. You should look longingly upon this man, and then lean over and embrace him with a deep love. Then you should continue on your way singing the glory of life, dancing the joy of life.

  • Hans,

    I feel something very relative to me in your last reading for brick1. I know I can look lovingly at my ex-partner, still feel sad that he's not here with me, but I can sense a "capability" of being able to do exactly what you suggested brick1 do with her love interest.

    Yes, the glory of life and love. It lives within all of us, with or without another to validate it or us.

    I myself, feel the odd stirring of joy/bliss amongst all the tears and know that is what is coming. Acceptance of loss, however that loss presents itself, is the last stage of letting go I suppose. I am in a state of depression about everything, but acceptance is also there. Along with those stirrings of joy.

    I see so much good in my partner, that I can't close the door on him irrespective of how hurt I've been the last few weeks. I don't know how he feels, but I guess I can't worry about that or feel I need to know. I take no responsibility for how he feels either. I'm responsible for my own feelings; end of story.

    But I know I still love him deeply, and hope that we both find our happy place; whether that's together or apart.

    Bless you; you have the heart of a lion and the sight of the prophets of old



  • Moon50,

    thank you Moon50, you have reminded me of Van Gogh. I call him a saint, because life mistreated him as badly as you can conceive. Yet in his last letter he has no complaint, no grudge; and he's dying utterly fulfilled, because whatever he wanted to do he has done. He contributed some beauty to the world. He has contributed it whether people understand it or not. "That is not my business; that is their problem." After one hundred years, now his paintings are being searched out, because each painting has become so valuable, that even the greatest painters are left far behind. This is the record: no painting has been sold up to now for forty million dollars. And it is a painting only of roses. You will not give forty million dollars for real roses.

  • I call Van Gogh a saint as well. I don't know a lot about his life, but know he suffered a great deal at the hands of judgemental people, and those who loved his art, but refused to love the artist for fear of being tainted by his "disease".

    No, no person in their right mind would give forty million dollars for real roses!!! But his paintings deserve to be immortalised and valued. It's such a sad, sad pity that his work was not considered as valuable when he still lived.

    But then, that's the case with a lot of artists isn't it? I write poetry myself and feel that I may never have them published (have done very little about that side of it either truth be told), and they'll be found one day and possibly used in English classes teaching students after I'm long dead 🙂 I love the work of Sylvia Plath, and find her life to be as sad as Van Gogh's really.

    This is where the world is currently wrong. Well, there's two aspects where it's wrong (I believe):

    Smile and the world smiles with you. Cry and you cry alone. Why are we so afraid of the tears of another, or more importantly, of shedding them in front of another? That is one thing I learned with my beautiful partner: to cry in front of another. He cried in front of me, and taught me that tears were not something to be shamed about. Or maybe I taught him! Not sure which ... 🙂

    Why is art - in most cases - only ever properly appreciated when the artist is no longer of this earth?

    And I wonder ... and this is an incredibly random question - would the world have been better place if JFK were not assassinated?

    These and other questions may remain unanswered for eternity. But then, I suppose the "answers" are those which the individual decides sit right. I believe we call that: "opinion".



  • Moon50,

    that's the case with a lot of artists isn't it? No, not a lot, but some certainly.

    would the world have been better place if JFK were not assassinated? yes.

    So don't throw the responsibility on growth. Our mind is very tricky and cunning: it always throws the responsibility on somebody, on something; it never takes the responsibility on itself. YOU are the cause of suffering.

  • Hmmm, I can accept that 🙂

  • And, of course, we are the cause of our own joy 🙂

  • If you can sit silently doing nothing, what else is needed...

  • Yes. Most of us have lost the art of doing that. Me included.

  • Thank You Hans !

    So why did tried meeting with me so hard while he didn't love me. I mean love is a big word here, what I mean is attracted to me, more than love.

    because he revenged at times I believed he was attracted to me, is that true ?

    or was he just for an adventure ?

    I am seeing premonition dreams for about 3 weeks. They are so detailed and so important for me to know the truth, that they are shaping my thinking. I wonder how does our spirit world know in advance what is going to happened next ?

    This morning I woke up crying. I saw a dream that could be called the 'terrifying end' ! I cried so much, as I was barely breathing when I woke up.

    Now I am expecting to see happen in the reality all what the dream prepared me for. It is a weird feeling because the back wishful thought is 'what if it is not going to happen?' and still I am prepared for that to happen and its scary. I felt the emotional release from the dream.

    I feel so empty inside and don't know how life will turn out to be without him in the background.

    Part of my soul feels like dying.

    what do you see for me in the future ?

    Thanks again Hans!

  • brick1,

    So why did tried meeting with me so hard while he didn't love me: because of moments of joy while making love.

    because he revenged at times I believed he was attracted to me, is that true ? no.

    or was he just for an adventure ? no.

    I wonder how does our spirit world know in advance what is going to happened next ? The individual is enmeshed. So, too, is society. The problem of the world is the same as the problem of the individual. How is the individual faced with a problem? The individual is not in the problem, she herself is the problem Her individualistic consciousness itself is the problem. Her egotistic consciousness itself is the problem. If from "I am" the "I" ceases to exist and the experience "am" alone persists, the problem vanishes; the solution knocks at the door. Really life is a sheer existence. It is a natural flow of the current. The "I" is a superimposition on that flow. The "I" is a unnatural attempt to dam up that natural flow. Seek the "I" in yourself. It is nowhere to be found. There is life, there is being, but there is no "I"? We build up our entire life on this "I". What wonder is there if we are unable to experience peace in this life? Our religion, our civilization, everything stands on this "I". Is it not then natural if worry, tension, madness and bewilderment are generated by them. Whatever is built up on the site of "I" is unsound and unsafe. It is only the life built up round the "I" that undergoes transmigration. It is the "I" that is born and dies. Only dreams are born and disappear. What exists cannot have birth or death. It merely exists -- exists -- exists. Forget the "I". Leave it off. Wake up in the existence. Live in it. The "I" does not let you wake up in the existence. It does not let you live in it. It lingers either in the past or in its echo, the future, whereas life is the eternal present... always here and now. She who wakes up in the present shaking off the "I" realizes that the nectar of life, truth, beauty and music have encompassed her from all sides, from all quarters, from within and without, just as the fish is encompassed by the sea.

    what do you see for me in the future ? Whatever trouble future creates, you will take care of it, but the future has to come.

    Thanks again Hans!

  • Today, I am questioning how one deals with sadness when it pervades one's soul.

    He cam yesterday to pick up some stuff from the shed. I still want to be around him, while knowing that's not possible in any other capacity than friendship at the moment. Some have told me he won't come back; that his mind is made up. I don't know what I feel about this really and also understand that too many readings about the same issue can become skewed.

    I don't want to hold on if there is no hope. Nor do I want to write it off if there is. I am allowing the feelings of sorrow to come and go, but can't understand completely why it is that as much as not having him with me hurts, I feel where we are is where we are meant to be.

    My own life has been a series of people coming and going in and out of my life. I have had to let many go; too many it seems sometimes.

    You did say he'd come back and that it would be the right thing. As definite as you answered those questions, I am questioning those answers today. It's days like this that I question everything, and feel my own faith wavering a bit.

    A part of me wants to stay in his life in any way I can, while the other says I should not contact him and leave him be during his own process.

    He seems happy enough without me in his life. If that is right, I'm happy for him, but the knowledge that he's happy without me hurts.

    I want to find the strength to deal with this the right way, but don't really know what the right way is.

    I call these days "Pity Party" days. I felt we were made for each other, while being aware that pining for him won't help me much.

    I don't know why I posted this up really, but ... there it is.

    Where do I go from here? I dearly want peace in my soul but can't seem to give it to myself. I guess ego is still alive and well ...

    Cheers n tears


  • Moon50,

    how one deals with sadness when it pervades one's soul: becoming aware of your misery is planting the seed of understanding in the soul. Misery contains the essence of awakening within it. One who does not try to escape from herself will awaken into a new consciousness, fresh and unprecedented. She will become the witness to an inner revolution that will transform her entirely. Within herself she will see the darkness dissolving and she will discover that light pervades her entire consciousness. In this light she will come to know herself for the first time. Then she will realize for the first time, who she is.

    Where do I go from here?

    Love is painful -- because love brings growth. Love is painful because love demands. Love is painful because love transforms. Love is painful because love gives you a new birth.

    Certainly love is painful, but that pain is a blessing. Now don't recoil back from it. More and more blessings are waiting for you, but, of course, more and more pain too.

    And if you are in love, then you will see that there is a still deeper pain that is of prayer. It shatters you completely. Love never shatters you completely. It simply shatters you a little, a little bit. It shatters the crust of your ego, but the centre of the ego remains intact. Then there is a deeper pain, deeper than love, and that is of prayer -- it shatters you utterly. It is a death. When you have learnt how to love, and you have learnt that the pain that love brings is a blessing in disguise, it is beautiful, it is tremendously beautiful, then you become able and you take another step -- that step is prayer.

    With a human lover you can exist, but with God as your love you cannot exist. That passion is so great, it simply burns you utterly. No residue is left. In love you are simply burnt, but you are there. Lovers remain, overlapping each other, burning each other a little in their fire, but not burnt completely. That is the beauty of love, and that is its misery too. Unless you are completely shattered, no residue remains, the ego is gone, totally gone, there will remain a little misery.

    All lovers feel a little miserable. They would like to disappear completely, but it is not possible in human relationship. Human relationship is limited. But one learns from it, that there is a possibility: if it can happen so much in a human relationship, how much more can happen in a relationship with the Divine?

    Love makes you ready to take the final jump, the quantum leap. That's what I call prayer, or you can call it meditation. If you use Buddhist terminology, it is meditation; if you use Hindu, Mohammedan, Christian terminology, it is prayer. But the meaning is the same. You have to disappear for God to be. Love is a training ground, a school, to learn first lessons -- of the beauty, of the blessing and benediction of disappearance; to learn that pain is blessed. And then a desire arises to feel the ultimate pain. The Hindu devotees have called it VIRAH -- ultimate pain; the pain that will remain unless one is consumed by God, consumed in God.

    So when you are in love, or when love arises, cooperate with it, don't try resisting.

    Love is painful. Never resist, never create any barrier for pain. Allow it. And by and by you will see that it was a wrong interpretation. It is not really pain. It is just that something is going so deep in you that you interpret it like a pain. You don't know anything else. You are only aware of pain in your past life, in your past experience. Whenever something penetrates deep, you interpret it as pain.

    Don't use the word 'pain'. When love and love's arrow goes deep into your heart, close your eyes and don't use words -- just see what it is, and you will never see it is pain. You will see it is a benediction. You will be tremendously moved by it. You will feel joyous.

    Don't use words. When something new happens to you, always allow a deep look into it without any language.

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