Why do I get such creepy feelings about my ex's new wife?

  • Hi! I saw a pix of this woman on facebook and literally my skin crawled; I was with the man for almost 10 years....he was married and left his wife and asked for a divorce for me - she got ill and he never divorced her, she lived six more years although he moved out to "keep" me. So - my friend says the dead wife is/has possessed the new wife - she's got immune disorder and stuff -

    his daughters managed to break us up - even telling him that they'd rather he be dead than be with me....it got really bad at the end, and there is some very uneven overlap between his being with me and his meeting her that also feels "ick"....

    so is that even feasible? Because her picture just makes me so creeped out - and it's the same way I felt about some stuff he brought to his house that had belonged to his wife.

    Now my best guy friend tells me it's not the new wife - it's the guy. That he's creepy and has always been so -

    So, anyone with any insights - I'd love to hear 'em....

    Blessings be,


  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

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