What planets (places) need to be in conjuntion for a great relationship?

  • I only ask because I am curious.

    Would it be venus has to be conjunct with your/their moon? Possibly something else??

    I only ask because I think I have met a soulmate or twin flame or whatever. He is Pisces and I am Aries/Pisces cusp.

    We get along like two old friends who reconnected after a very long time. We have similar experiences and we enjoy each others company immensely. We cannot seem to stop talking to each other and I am very comfortable with him which has been like no other except for my ex husband when we first met.

    I am only curious if anyone knows this information well so maybe I am able to understand it a little more.

    Thanks for reading,


    PS. Yes we are romantically inclined to each other but have not been intimate yet.

  • There is no single aspect that defines a great relationship. Always look at the entire charts as a whole because although a moon/venus conjunction might feel good, there are bound to be other aspects that are stressful.

  • Dear LoveDetox

    One partner's SUN conjunct the other's MARS (whether male, or female) makes for a very hot s. e. x. u. a. l. relationship, but of course, there has to be more to a relationship than passion.....it's not a bad start, though!. Peace and love

  • Thank you both. I have our birth charts but idk how to tell how one would know. Other than feelings between the two.

    I appreciate the knowledge - thank you

  • Hi highpriestess, hope you are keeping well?

    Yes, sun conjunct the other’s mars is hot….I know all about that one 🙂 It all depends on what's important to each person when trying to determine what aspect feels the best because they all offer something different

  • Do you want to put them up LoveDetox? Exact dates, time and place of birth?

  • Sure... Mine is

    March 23, 1978 - POB; Grand Rapids, MI 2:35 PM

    his is February 27, 1979 - POB; Grand Rapids, MI 2:30 AM

    Both USA

    Thanks a bunch;


  • I don’t see a venus/moon conjunction, but your moon does trine his venus. Your Sun conjuncts his IC, so your sun’s self expression would touch on his inner consciousness. Aspects to the angles are significant in relationships but this aspect doesn’t necessarily mean a romantic one. His Pluto opposes your Venus, which is passionate but could also evolve into an obsession. What also brings intensity and a magnetic attraction to the relationship is his Sun and Moon falling in your 8th house. Your Venus falls into his 5th house making it light and playful.

  • Sorry, your Venus falls into his 4th. There is a comfortable feeling between you; you feel at "home" together.

  • Hi Aquabubbles/lovedetox

    I agree wth you about the Venus-Pluto opposition , ... possibly a karmic power struggle could rear its head and be played out ; maybe a dfflicult father-daughter relationship? ....possibly even further back than your own parents, wth ther parents? I am aware I may be out on a limb here, but there is a definite element of fate being played out here, or unfinished business being esolved...happily, I'm sure. ..:He loves your strength. Love to you both.

  • Thank you both very much, this was very kind of you.



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