Pisces trouble with love

  • hey there, first time post here. so ill start out with introducing myself, im a male that was born on 3/2/88 which makes me a pisces with the chinese sign dragon. according to my luck and intuition report, i have a moon sign as leo, and i was just wondering if anybody had any advice with what i should look for astrology wise since i cant seen to find anybody that wants to stick around

  • Well its the old saying do the astrology compatability. Well it only tells a procentage of how u would eventually click with someone. However, i do believe its more personality that has to make click through n throiugh. How else can u explain odd signs that r said to b UNcompattable, click very good? So i say dont go by signs alone, go by personality aswell. In end its the personality u need to live with not the starsign.

    I hope this helps.

  • LuckyPisces:

    My advise is just to enjoy the beauty of each day; I mean thoroughly enjoy all the beauty that surrounds all of us. Today is May 1, birds singing outside, flowers, bushes, trees blooming, weather getting warmer, that is beauty in itself. Walk straight and tall with a smile upon your lips, don't worry about someone, they will find you. They will feel all the positive energy coming from you, they will naturally be drawn to you, like a hummingbird to sweetness. Be charming, caring and kind and you'll have no problems. As long as you feel comfortable with someone and they genuinely make you happy, the sign really won't matter. Good Luck and Blessings to you.

  • LuckyPisces,

    I am a sag and my husband is a pisces. we have been married 21 years. We are a good match we compliment each other. I looked at the sites compatability and it said we weren't a good match. There is so much more to it than just astrology signs..We have many things in common that we love to do together. I find our differences [signs] make our life exciting..He's a romantic and sensitive which appeals to my always going somewhere side. I like going to new places for dinner or traveling to a romantic get away. I would say above all else listen to your heart..I think one of the other things about us is I don't bore him, he never knows for sure what to expect next from me.

  • thanks everybody the advice helps a lot ill keep it in mind when i am doubtful or uncertain of what to do

  • I am a Cancer female who is recently divorced. I am currently involved with a Pisces male. We are very compatible in so many ways. Often times we know what each other feels and thinking even when not present. his issues in our relationship is not wanting to commit any further (not that I'm looking for marriage...just truth)This relationship is a year old now. His children see me as one of the staff in his business.He says he was too wounded from lovers past as well.This troubles me deeply. I believe I am paying the debt from those past loves.Is there any reason to continue?

  • I am a Pisces/Pig, supposedly the most laid back mix signs. I was born in '71. However in my teenage years I suffered a lot of angst as no real woman could meet my ideal. There was one girl, a Saggitarian though, that just filled my heart. We dated a couple of times 20 years ago but nothing really came of it and we were just friends. I thought for a long time that women just didn't find me attractive and I had nothing to offer them but the problem was with my view of the world not the people. I fell into a relationship with an older taurean lady, we had a lovely home and she is a lovely person but the downside of our relationship is that I made a lot of sacrifices for her, lost touch with my family and all my friends and ended up in a materialistic and completely closed relationship. My spiritual side did not develop at all.

    September/October last year saw a birth death and marriage all within 6 weeks of each other. I met the Saggitarian Girl, (Now a woman) again and sparks still flew. I reassessed my life and have had a rollercoaster of a ride in the last six months. I have my freedom, my family, and now in a wonderful relationship with a saggitarian. We both need freedom in a relationship and both love new things and love the differences in each other. My best friend at work is a piscean married to a saggitartian for 20 years. I have found that peoples' characteristics are based on the star signs but it is a guide only people are complicated and you need to still see them as individuals and love them for who they are not what star sign. In my experience you are the only person stopping you, but you need to make the journey to discover that for yourself.

    p.s. I have since discovered that a large number of women found me attractive when I was younger, I just did not see it.

  • Hi lucky pisces, this is my first post here. Maybe you can help me, i am a taurus girl with eyes for a pisces male, the same birthdate as yourself actually!! How am i best to approach him, what are the do s and dont s with you pisces men. I find him most enchanting!!!!! Hope you can help!! xxx

  • Hello there I am a Sag and my wife is a fish sign we have just split up. I love her very much and I want to try and win her back. I haven't been the best partner to her and I want to make it up to her. Have you got any advice. I thought that since you are a Sag/Fish couple you could give me a few tips. I thank you in advance.


  • nubian9

    I am a sag and my husband is a pisces..I'm sorry to hear you split up..One thing to remember is your actions speak louder than words..pisces are romantics at heart..so do something romantic..like a fairy tale romantic..be sincere with your feelings and be honest and talk if she wants to..I don't know what your problems are but when you talk about them dont lay blame either way..instead of saying you make me feel..say I feel, or that makes me feel..that way it opens the door to comunicating in a new and positive way. Best of luck

    Love & Light D

  • Hello everyone I'm A 22 year old guy with one kid that I love to death. I'm a Pisces/Rabbit and im not doin so good on the whole meeting that right person for me.....I truley dont know why I constantly ponder on his mom but for some reason I cant seem to love anyone with all my soul... What should I do it's drivin me crazy....I have done the dating thing and i dont like it all that much bc most of the people i meet are not intrested in my love for the arts....Why you might ask? I dont know its not like I surround myself with one kind heck i love every form of art out there....Oh well....If anyone could help the door is wide open for advice.

  • Rdaniel

    sounds to me like your not really over the mom [constantly ponder on his mom] maybe the other women are picking this up from you. I think you should resolve you feelings for the mom within yourself then look for new love..There are alot of women who love the arts, maybe look for them there..

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