• hi i would really like a love reading or know whats instore for the future for me.

    my dob 21-5-1984

    his dob 19-9-1981


  • This works best as a casual acquaintanceship. Anything more intimate like a love affair or marriage may seem to be going well for a while, then upset can manifest for no apparent reason. This is a real problem here, since neither of you are particularly good at looking deeper into things. Moreover, you Rebeccat lack self-awareness and your friend wants peace and harmony, a combination which is disturbing to both of you when problems arise - you Rebeccat will become even more nervous than usual here. This relationship experiences wide fluctuations. You can both either douse the passion in each other or inflame it into conflict and dissension. This indicates the underlying instabilty of this relationship and its often sudden and unpredictable mood swings. It is an irony here that you two create the very exact opposite of what you are looking for in a relationship - peace and quiet.

    The obvious need is for a greater consciousness within the relationship, one that attempts to understand and address underlying problems and to avoid glossing over them by giving things a positive but false spin. Friendship here is less subject to outbursts and mood swings, but may not go very deep. An acquaintance or companionship centred around a common activity often establishes a calmer rapport and may have an intellectual, philosophic or artistic orientation.

    Intimate relationships are not at all recommended here.

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