Please help with missing jewelry

  • If it's your special stone--it will come back. I have a few special stones--mine aren't jewels but stones--I would often keep them in a pocket and freak out every couple weeks when they disapeard--this was years and years ago. My heart would actually race and I'd feel sick. They always showed up.To tell you the truth at this moment I'm not sure were a few of them are! But there here. Your special stone will come home--if you heard a vacuum clang maybe it is outside and that out in the open message means outside but I still get the tan or beige colored background so can't figure that--unless it's on rock--but it felt softer in my mind. Special stones are never lost--unless they are meant to be found by someone who needs them more than you!

  • Wanted you both to know, I kept seeing my Father-in-law yesterday showing me a box, like the one the gemstone came in with a clear top to see through. I looked and it was a brilliant large diamond, much like the one my Mother-in-law had set into a ring that one of the neices took, (said she wanted them to have it, but no one heard but them prior to her passing). My Father-in-law wanted me to have it but they threw a fit, as they wanted everything. This diamond kept getting brighter and bigger and then it turned into my gemstone, but more vibrant, larger and beautiful. It was as though he took it to the higher planes for me, charged it with this amazing energy and was giving it to me more powerful than ever. He followed me around all day yesterday showing me this box. I think he is telling me I can figure this out, but I need to get back to what I was doing before he passed and before I got hurt. That the diamond was always mine and they were both there showing me and she put out her hand to me and in it was this red heart paperweight, which I have now. She was giving me her heart. They were both telling me they loved me and I will find it when I am ready. Maybe I can use it to heal, but I feel or see the light (brilliant lavender, purpley, golden light), from it coming out of my third eye and connecting with my heart and going up through the top of my head into the Universe and then back again.

  • Captain, when I meditate, I go through part of your exersize to cleanse my aura and purify my body with light, exhaling out through my feet into Mother Earth. I have roots that come out of my feet into her to ground me as I bring in the light from Spirit, filling my body with golden light and exhaling out the negative through my feet into the earth, but I never took it farther as you have said. Can't wait do that next time and make that my daily practice. I am seeing more each day and starting to hear again. I also need to practice being more loving and raising my vibration. So your exersize is so wonderfully exciting to me to start doing. Thank you both.

  • Loved your Father-in-law story! You are so connected and he echoes my feelings exactly. It's never the "thing" but the energy--if it is yours it is yours and you can't lose what is a part of you. The same for psychic tools--people get hung up on objects at times as if they held the power and if a rule is broken spirit can't come through. There is a fine line between sacred items and false gods---believing in the energy of our favourite links to the divine means we must trust in the source and that source does not disapear with the item! You are being led back to your source and the fact you have been cheated in the past--have had others take from you is an issue--wound--that is now ready for healing. That wound will always be a part of you but the difference will be awareness--you will recognoze the feelings and fears as they pop up and know--oh yes that's my wound coming out and once you give it a name you heal because free will over rides--and the truth sets you free. You have the gift of a medium! It can be overwhelming and yet a special gift----there is a fear factor with it in the younger stages--I sense you manifest your fears of being psychic into other distractions. It is scary--all that knowing but ultimately trust and faith in being safe will grow. It can feel lonely and isolating as well being "different" in a way not easily shared with others but that too mellows out and you will attract others like yourself who validate your gift. You know Amethist is very healing--the colour is very spiritual in meaning--of the highest vibration--also as a stone it helps break addictions--not just substances but also addictions to behaviours that hold us back. BLESSINGS!

  • It's not worshiping the stone or "if I have it I can do this" type of thing. It's the fact that it is missing. I am a Taurus, after all and I don't like anyone messing with my stuff or my 'things'. I always had a problem with it growing up with a total of nine of us in the family including my Mother and Dad. day I came home from work, only to find an ex boyfriend and his new girlfriend pulling out of the driveway. My dear Mother let them in my room to take whatever they wanted without her supervision because they said I told them they could pick up an item. That was the days before cell phones. She did that all the time. You had to 'hide' everything in our house if you didn't want it taken, even cookies or treats. You are right about those 'wounds'. So, to this day, I still have a problem with people taking my stuff. Now, I will say, I have let a lot of that go just recently, through you and Captain's help, have been able to 'release' some adverse stuff over that and the other material aspect of it. I also asked Spirit to help guard what is supposed to be quarded, so if the other stuff dissapears, it is for a reason. (There is always a resaon). So that's why some of my possessions are coming back. I know I don't need that stone to heal. I just never really had anything of any material value before in my life until this. I also thought that it is my house now and I can leave my stuff about and it will be safe, not like when I was growing up. Well, that part still bothers me. I know I am learning and adjusting and getting back to Spirit. I have a long way to go, but at least I am heading in the right direction, this time.

  • I think he was showing it to me because of the color. We were working with healing with light before I gave up. I am looking that up now....".Violet, highly Spiritual, Violet comes from the Pituitary Gland and always has a very high vibration. Covers all healing and highly Spiritual progress." I think this may be a darker colour, not the light purple I was seeing, but maybe that's what it meant. The color was very soothing and the funny thing was that for the longest time, the very top of my head hurt really bad and I couldn't meditate. I actually had to rub that area when I started back on meditating and could feel my third eye finally opening up and the pain went away after the third day. Talk about a block??!! So I have had some issues, which I am working on. Will let you know if my gemstone turns up, but any more info is greatly appreciated.

  • If material possessions mean nothing to you, then no one can steal anything from you, least of all your sense of self.

  • I feell it was good for you to share that story--the anger is still there--I'm a Taurus--I get it! So I suddenly see clearly the healing meaning behind the purple stone--letting go of that anger. How dare they! Now your necklace will return OR be replaced! BLESSINGS! Not all anger is bad--it's how it's spent--some of my best poems were forged by anger---it's the gift of free will to take an energy like anger and transform it into something good--it's the holding in that repeats itself in hidden ways--fears. Fear stand in the way of your gifts. This is a healing time for you. Take a ride in the car and scream like crazy--or break some ugly plates. Get angry--feel the hurt and let it go! BLESSIN


  • Some one stole my G! HaHa!

  • I love all three of those last comments!!! You're too funny Blmoon. LOL But, Captain, you also made an excellent point. I am on my way and am starting to feel so different, more energy now and sadness is starting to go away. Geezowhiz I'm actually starting to feel better. Like I'm unpossessed of my things or just unpossessed, acting on my own instead of having something control me. That was what it felt like before. Thank you......;-)

  • Just wanted you to know, the gemstone hasn't turned up, yet. I do have beige carpet and the etegere' that I keep my jewelry in is beige, but I've taken everything apart and moved all the furniture, the snow has melted and I'm still not happy with this. I didn't hide it. The last time I saw it was in the box I had in my hands when my niece hugged me and stuff fell out. I remember putting it back in the etegere', stone intact and left while she went to the bathroom (door shut to my bedroom). So, I am bothered by this. But there were also peculiar things that happened after that. That's why I moved all the bedroom furniture around and cleaned really well, to no avail. I hope it turns up soon.

  • So even if your niece is a thief, is your jewellery more important to you than she is? Maybe it would be better to reach out and try to help her with her issues instead of wasting your energy hunting for a thing...? We all often make the mistake of prizing objects associated with people we have loved or good times rather than loving our memories of that person or time, which is our real keepsake and not a lump of cold metal.

  • My niece IS more important than a 'thing' and she said yesterday her head is really messed up as she is going through a very hard time in her life and I am trying to help her in the right direction. She just went through an awful divorce. We bought her everything for her apartment even though we couldn't afford it, but it worked out. She was lost, her only daughter won't speak to her and her ex keeps harrassing her. She got nothing out of the divorce and is with a situation where two twin 7 yr old gils are mean to her. So she is having a hard time. It's just I don't have any children and do not have anyone to handle our estate if anything were to happen to my husband and we were hoping we could trust her. Besides, it's hard to think she would take anything from me with all I have done for her and that was a lot. (But I get that now.)

    Maybe it was just a slip as we all go through that. Her father and I were very close when I was so young. I loved him and my sister. He was killed in an auto accident when she was almost a year old and I was almost 10. This was devastating. Something happened to my sister and she became someone else. You couldn't trust her and she tried to kill me with her bare hands. I lost two very special people and it has caused a lot of pain in my family. My husband gave my niece's hand in marriage. I have always loved her. Neither my niece nor I speak to her mother and her daughter won't speak to her. We talked about that the other day, about the lesson. But her mother tried to shave my eyebrows off one day and when I was little she wanted me to plug in the Christmas tree and showed me how to hold the plug, (with my fingers touching the prongs)so when I plugged it in I shot across the room. So it's understandable why we have no contact with her. She has some forging to do before her daughter will speak to her. We will see. Thanks Captain. I know. Will let you know.

  • Have you actually asked your niece if she knows about the missing jewellery?

  • Yes. I asked her if she would look really good through her purse that she had in my bedroom for it, just in case it fell in there by mistake when the box spilled when she hugged me as that was the last time I saw it. I told her it meant a lot to me because that was the last thing my father-in-law gave me before he passed. I think I will find it in the house when it is time or if she has it, it will turn up oneday when we are both ready. I misplace things all the time. I am also a secret hider of stuff, from my childhood days. I also think someone Blmoon mentioned had a key and that is changed now. These lessons are tough some times.

    I really love my niece. She was taken from our entire family from her ex and for years no one was allowed to have contact with her, as she was being manipulated, controlled and abused. She came down here one day with her teenage daughter when we had our friends over who do spiritual healing and they helped her with issues from her childhood and also with the 'no self esteem' thing by using Kinesiology. Thank God for that day. She became stronger and realized what was happening and wanted a better life. Of course I was blamed for her leaving, not her being smothered with his sweatpants from the gym while she was still sleeping. That was the last straw and she left. She needs more healing and we talked about the lessons we need to learn yesterday and I helped her with the little girls. They were picking up what she was putting down, so to speak, so she is working on creating her new world. She got it!! Today she seemed happier and we will visit her next week. And on the previous comment, I meant 'forgiving'. That is also an issue for her. Thank you for all your help. I mean it. Your insight is wonderful.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I just want to add, I am very dissapointed in my entire family. I don't know any of them anymore or who they have turned in to. I haven't spoken to my niece in over two weeks. She watched my 17 year old 23 lb. dog while we went away. I told her to be careful, as she is old and in a lot of pain and you have to be careful how you pick her up, not on the sides. She said I know, I watched her before. They locked her in the laundry room with gates, on a floor she could not walk on without falling down, to pee and poop on the floor without letting her outside to go, with no one to sleep, play or be with because she snarled at them when they went to pick her up. They were afraid of her. She is blind, can only see shadows and can't hear very well. Every time I would call, she would blow me off. I cried because I knew something was wrong, but she wouldn't tell me. There was a simple solution that I could have explained how to handle her as I thought they knew. She told me she didn't need notes like I gave her before because she knew how to handle the dog. I thought these people would take care of my baby, since we have done so much for them. Well, that's another lesson learned the very hard way. My dog's back tooth is broken off. I don't know if they put something in her mouth and hurt her. I just brushed her teeth before I dropped her off. When we got her home, I couldn't get near her mouth. I had to retrain her not only to stop going in the house, but to walk again on the kitchen floor without falling down.

    I've had it with these people. I can't help them and I don't want to be around any of them. I am sick of picking up the pieces for them, but when I need something there is nobody there. The one big problem she has that lost her only daughter, just lost me. Lack of communication! Her way of dealing with something is to ignor it. Can't happen. That doesn't fix anything. The poor dog threw up because I washed her dog blankets and used the same fabric softener my niece uses, she then peed right in the middle of her bed. That's how terrified she is of my niece. Of course my niece mistreated my dog because she's afraid to call me just like she didn't call for two weeks after she stole my pendant. I'm more mad than I have ever been. Our dog is really a sweet dog. She didn't deserve this. We were really excited about her being around the little girls to play with because she loves kids. I told them she is very vocal, especially if you scare her out of a sound sleep or you hurt her. That's all she has, so just say ok. If you touch her belly and say let me pick you up, she'll let you, as sometimes you have to help her to get up because she can't do it on her own after sitting a long time. I asked them to take special care of her and she need to be treated like a geriatric. My husband said there was extra money in it for more love and kisses given to the dog. Well. the poor dog got nothing and wasn't allowed around anyone.

  • You must learn to follow your intuition, and not expect other people to treat you and your dog and possessions well just because you do so for them. Deep down you knew your niece could not be trusted with your dog but you still wanted to get away so you went against your best instincts. You are also at fault here so take the responsiblity and learn the lesson.

  • I was really hoping she cared for me the way I did for her. You are right. When we took my dog to her, I 'felt funny' about it and thought I was over reacting. I called twice on the way home to see if they needed to know anything and if she was ok. So that's the feeling? Just knowing and it's not my imagination.

    My nephew visited from Singapore with his little girls one time. We were away for the Holidays and his mom watched Daisy while they were in to visit with her. When we came home they visited us. He picked up Daisy and put her on his lap with his baby on the other knee and both were asleep in less than 2 minutes. I asked how did you do that so fast? He said when they watched her, every night that's how he put both 'babies' to sleep. He said he did it because he loved me so much and knew she was my baby so he treated her with love. I thought my niece would do the same, but I guess she's a 'different' kind of person. Good thing I am finding out now. I will follow my intuition more as this has been a blow to me on such a deep emotional level. Your insight and help is very much appreciated and for just having someone to talk to about this is helping me to move on from another aweful lesson.

  • That is the feeling. You can't expect everyone to treat you the same as you treat them. The world doesn't work that way. But it also shouldn't stop you being fair and honest to everyone, either. Just be a little less naive.

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