Please help with missing jewelry

  • I am having a problem. We think someone is coming onto our home and taking things. I know a friend who watched our house had a key and left other people in. We think they are still coming in and just yesterday had all the locks changed. However, I am missing a purple cuprian Elbaite tourmaline pendant and an Alexandrite and diamond ring. I believe I just wore the pendant around Christmas Eve, but these are things I don't wear very often. Did I misplace them? Did I vacuum them up? Did anyone take them and if so, who? Names would be helpful if they were taken. I am sick over this, of course, but with all of the gifted readers of this forum, I would be extremely grateful if anyone can help me locate these items. I am also missing a dear bracelet my sister-in-law gave me. It was a scarab bracelet. Please help.

  • I feel your high energy need to DO something! You can check the pawn shops near you but if the items are in the back without a police report you will not get cooperation. If the items were sold to the pawn shop outright you may find at least one item in the case--I get a feeling one item that is missing is out in the open--visable.Can be found. If you put a web--cam outside your door--they are not too expensive--- you will see your visitor but only if word has not already gotten out about the lock change as the theif is within your circle. The item I see still visable is a necklace--purple and it is possible you will find that as it is shown to me as visable but I do not see any other items.The only names I get are a mans name that sounds like David--definetly a D but don't get where he is in this event and I get a woman's name starting with a L--sounds like Lisa and heres an odd image--a picture of Elvis keeps popping up! Lisa Marie? I do get a positive end to this mystery--you will solve it. Trust your dreams and gut feelings--not when you are most sick over it or upset as fear muddles the intuition but when you are feeling ok that someone is watching over you and the mystery will be solved then you'll get answers as Spirit says you are usually pretty good with the intuition--a bit too trusting but get smart gut feelings--it's just the freakout factor sometimes gets you paranoid in the wrong direction. Wish I could give you something more concrete but do see you will solve this and feel the necklace is still in the picture. BLESSINGS

  • Thank you Blmoon. We told the police the names of two other people, that the neighbors saw a girl fitting the description of, taking out my dog when the person watching her was not here. Here name is Liz and her boyfriend is David. I do not remember what make or color of car they have ( I think white) to ask the neighbors if they saw it around recently. I appreciate all of your help, as suspicions get the better of me. I knew someone else had to be coming in the house and told police they possibly had a key. They have a detailed description of the items. Do you think they took the ring, too? Thank you for all of your help and any other info you can find. Blessings

  • I woke up from a dream of looking in a jewelry box made from a tree root with hidden compartments, which I have from an art show. I looked in this box before for my bracelet and could not find it. After the dream, I looked again after waking up and found the Scarab bracelet. Of course I cried because this means a lot to me sentimentally and also because I know Spirit has sensed my hurt of loss over this and was showing me where it was. I am very grateful. Now, I need to find the other pieces. Thank you again. Blessings

  • GOOD FOR YOU! I know you understand now your participation in this situation. An upset like this is not just about the physical, sometimes it is a lesson in how we deal with issues of trust and being safe. The Spirit who came forward and spoke to me for you did come through for you and you listened--what a great feeling when that happens. I was told it would all work out and you just needed a sign and names are hard to hear so you got lucky on that validation--still not sure where Elvis came in other than spirit was shouting no not Li as in Lisa but EL like elvis for Elizabeth---then again it may make sense later as the connection could be somewhere else. I can relate to you---I as well get attached to special things---I mostly, let go easily and donate and keep my house light but I also hold onto special things for years and know that sick feeling when it goes missing! 99 percent of the time if I just let it go and trust it will turn up when it's ready--even after I turn the house upside down--it will turn up later. BUT psychic as I am I've lost a few for good and just except it as a lesson in letting go. I still see your necklace out in the open and a beige colored background behind it. Also, this event opens doors to trust issues with friends---what is real and what is fearbased. I think you get that! Finding a middle ground of balance between being too open or too closed. Balance is a tough one sometimes but you will do fine. BLESSINGS

  • Thank you for all of your insight and comfort. At the initial shock of this I had to retrace what transpired and when I saw these items last. Thought it was around the Holidays when we had relatives over, neices, whom I love dearly, however, one of them ended up in my bedroom talking to me privately. When I left, she had shut the door to the bedroom and was useing my husbands bathroom. They asked where Tina was, (Tina Marie) and I looked down the hall and said she's using the bathroom, but why does she have the bedroom door closed, (there is also a door on the bathroom). This came to mind when I was trying to figure out who may have been in there. I do not want to believe she would do anything, as we have helped her out tremendously, but my imagination went wild. When you said Elvis, I panicked because I was talking to my husband one day about her before this happened and asked if he ever noticed this look she gets on her face? She raises her upper lip, like Elvis used to do and we were laughing about it and he called her Elvis as a nickname. I hope that isn't where the clue is going. Do you sense that or is it the name El for Elizabeth? I also had other friends over and one was here when I may have put the ring in a dish in the kitchen (Ed B. not Ed S.) when I take it off with windex and then change my clothes when I come home and take off my jewelry. May have left it in that dish, doubt it, as I see it on this hand made for rings in my Etegere' and then one day it was gone.

    I hate this, lessons, trust issues, people who steal from friends. I don't want it to be my family nor my friends. The other 3 who may have a key are not worth a lot to anyone and have fallen into ill repute, so (my close circle) they are not in, so this really bothers me when I hear that. If you get anything else, please let me know and I will do the same. Blessings.

  • This sounds to me like a lesson in misplaced trust rather than misplaced objects. Should we trust people just because they are our relatives or we thought they were our friends? Of course not. Respect and trust must be earned, not given for free or taken for granted. Whoever let these people into your house was not your friend and I hope you are no longer in contact. This is about following your gut instincts with the people you 'invite in' to your life. Also examine whether you have ever betrayed a trust.

  • A long time ago I betrayed a trust in a silly way, but was reprimanded many times over for that. I have been abused all my life and betrayed by people who I 'expected' to love me, like my parents, siblings, best friends, etc. That was the problem. You are right and I know they have to earn my trust. My gut feeling has never been wrong. I shut it off because what it was telling me I didn't want to hear or see. I found betrayal from one I love because of it and I didn't want to leave and have shut it off for 20 years. Which led to other problems. Still getting over being set up by a supposed 'bff" who used me to get money from a lawsuit then kicked me to the curb, badly. Then the betrayal of another BF who let these others into my home while I was away. People tell me I need to 'lighten up' and " no man is an island", but I am afraid to get close to anyone because of the repeated abuse and problems. I have a problem with not trusting anyone when stuff like this happens, everyone is guilty until proven innocent and my mind goes haywire over it.

    I know this is for my own good, for some future encounter or happening. I am being taught how to recognize 'trouble' before I welcome it into my life,to open up the channel again, as this could possibly save my life one day. I'm just dissapointed in myself for not realizing that I can't shut this off, that I need this. I still need to know who this person is so I can stop them from coming into my home. Thank you for your input and help. I value your 'opinions' and 'readings' on this forum as well as the others who are so gifted and helpful. Blessings.

  • You need to trust yourself and your instincts first and most of all. Your intuition will tell you who you can trust and rely on - it's better to know than not know, isn't it? I wonder if you have totally forgiven yourself for the betrayal you made long ago, even if you feel you have been punished for it. When bad things keep happening to us, it's often because we think we deserve them to pay for the bad things we have done. But you can't keep punishing yourself over and over - just learn the lesson and move on. The greatest protection you can have from others and from bad events is to know yourself.

  • QUEENmarlene

    you are indeed very psychic yourself and I think you made the Elvis connection make sense---as a psychic I try to just spit it out as I think I hear or see and try not to make my own sense of it but of course I'm very curious myself so my Elvis input was my own suggestions the second post as to possibilities but really sometimes it will come later but picking up elvis--his face and the marie name coming up is pretty strong--again I think you made the right connection. You must trust your gut--and so far it's as if I am picking up on your suspicions. Since this is tied to an issue you are working through the challange is to seperate hurt and emotions with the head or the male half of you who protects. We all get betrayed by people WE SHOULD be able to trust so get rid of that as just an "idea". It brings more pain and digs up old wounds when we attach ourselves to that "supposed to be idea". Truth is people are people and sometimes it's the people closest to us that are least cross boundries. Take your gut feelings to your head not heart--and be cautiouse with your suspects--that's all you can do--it is all the controll you have---they can steal once but you can't keep getting surprised after once.Spirit still says--you will solve this.

  • I thank both of you for your input and awakening of where I need to be going with this. Yesterday was the first day I have meditated in a long time. I am going to get back on track with the process of 'self improvement' through Spiritual developement once again. I've decided this is the path I need to be on as I was so grateful for helping others before I had (will call it a breakdown). In the end of the meditation, I saw this guy who was to sit with my dog, trying to get in with a key. Time will tell.

    During the rest of the day, things started to 'shift' and I could feel it was different. At the office, I was looking in my purse for this piece of paper to give to the animal recue girl upstairs and found another piece of paper -picture- out of place, od. When I went to put it where it belonged, I saw this tiny silk bag with a gold link I need to get repaired - looked in the bag and there was the ring I was missing. I felt guided to this 'find' during the day as the chain of events started to unfold. I felt once I started to move on with what lesson this was to be and get back on track with where I need to be 'going' things started to open up again. It was like the preverbial carrot on a stick or prize for reaching the next level kind of feeling. I guess I had to lose my mind before I could find it again. I will keep you posted. Blessings.

  • You made my day! Isn't life divinely magical when you are listening fearlessly?! I love that feeling of being safe--watched over when those same little afirmations silently pop up. BLESSINGS!

    It is safe to feel good--it is good to feel safe!

  • Great stuff! I try to make people realise that missing items are about something that is missing in the owner and they get their items back when they learn the lesson. It's never just a random event. Your lesson was to focus more on the spiritual and let the material things be taken care of by Spirit. You are a shining example to everyone else who has lost treasured possessions.

    I'm very happy for you. 🙂

  • Thank you Captain and Blmoon. I couldn't have done it without you two. AND I think it has to be the same as with stop smoking.....You can't quit unless you make up your mind to do it, nobody else can make you. My friends kept telling me it was about the lessons before and that I needed to do this and do that, but until I had had enough and needed to realize what the actual lesson was, (you hit the nail on the head that gave me the final push), then and only then did I make up my mind to go back into meditation, give into myself and let Spirit guide me again. After all, isn't that what it's all about? I know the Universe, or some other Big Angel or even Bigger Fairy was going to come in next if I didn't get it, as this stuff kept happening until I realized what I had to do. I used to feel wonderful helping others and I was just learning to heal chakras and was very pleased with where it was all going as the results were amazing and wonderful and then I saw too much and shut down. What can I say, my heart was broken. I needed to heal myself but instead kept getting sicker. I can't tell you how much better I feel already, as I know what I have to do. I can't wait until tomorrow..............Blessings to all 😉

  • That's the spirit! 🙂

  • Just to let you know I have not found out where the pendant is. It is oval and lavender, in a gold setting, no chain. I am still 'searching', but I fear if I don't find it soon, it will be gone. I had an opportunity to 'look' where the suspician lies, but to no avail. Any areas of help in searching or where it is, is still so very much appreciated. Clues to in a home or pawn shop or even what demographic location, like near me or near the suspect or again, did I just vaccum it up? After all, I 'misplaced' 'my trust' and the 'other pieces' and when I got it together, the 'other pieces' showed up. Is this just one 'scattered' piece that I need to put together?

  • Will check in again after dark----I believe going back to my first post all I got was it was visable and I saw it against a biege or tan background---if you have carpet that color that could be a connection although it could mean lots of different places--a light tan building--a drawer--even the word beige could connect to a clue like a similiar sounding name. I will try and connect later but still feel that you will solve it as different aspects of your lesson play out. BLESSINGS. PS--this is MY head talking--seems it would of clanging loudly had it gone up the vacuum and a spirit would have yelled in your ear--watch out! Despite these missing things you do have a close connection with the other side. Trust you are safe and you would not have thrown it out.

  • With what memories or events or people do you associate the pendant?

  • Captain, it is a special stone, spiritual to me as it is rare and I get a feeling from deep within the earth with it. The color seems 'Royal' in a sense of a higher vibration and a connection or doorway to that plane. However, when you asked the question, two people came to mind. One being my father-in-law. Before he passed he told my husband he would be able to buy me some nice jewelry and he wanted him to make sure he did, (there was a problem with some relatives taking all of my Mother -in-law's jewelry when she died). The other person is an Earth healer who wrote a book on gem stones and minerals of which I've referenced in the past and we have also traveled with him to Hawaii. And also Hawaii comes to mind for some reason.

    Blmoon, I did hear something go into the vacuum and 'thought' I should look into it then, but didn't, as it goes into water, not a bag and then I dump it outside. I hate looking after the fact. That's why the metal detector, but the snow is too deep. Will keep my eyes open and wait for some thawing action.

  • QueenMarlene, do you realise that you can contact the Earth spirit directly - you don't need any jewellery or 'middle man' to do it?

    Try this exercise - "Begin by simply focusing your energy into the Heart and breathing deeply. Experience a deep sense of Unconditional Love and Connection to All That Is. Feel also the deep Peace that is part of that Consciousness. Then, allow that energy to move downwards through the solar plexus, the sacral and the base chakras and down into the Earth Star Chakra, located within the Earth just beneath your feet. Feel how you are now anchoring your energy into the Earth, into the New Crystalline Grids of the Fifth Dimension as they connect with your Earth Star Chakra. Now, let that energy move further down to connect with the Crystal Heart at the center of the Earth. Here you feel the deep and unconditional Love of the Earth Mother coming up to you, through the Earth Star Chakra and into your Heart. Hold that Love in your Heart, and know that you are deeply Loved and Nurtured by the Earth Mother, and that you are in Alignment with the Divine Will for the Earth. Now, let the energy move up your body, through the Throat, Brow and Crown chakras, and up into the Soul Star Chakra that is located just above the head. Here, you connect with your Soul and your Higher Self, your I AM presence as it anchors into your Physical Form. Here you can also connect with your Purpose for being here now, and with your Divine Essence. Feel the Unconditional Love and Beauty of your Soul as you align with your Higher Purpose for this lifetime. It feels wonderful and filled with brilliant and radiant light. Now, let that energy move upwards through the Dimensions of Light to the Great Cosmic Heart of All That Is. Here you feel the Infinite Love of the Source for All that Is. Draw that pulsating and radiant light back down into your Heart and hold it there. Now - you are aligned with Divine Will, for yourself and for the Earth. When you are in this alignment, you will find it a simple matter to be grounded and to experience the energies of Peace, Calm and Abundance. Life will become Simple and Clear as you follow the Divine Guidance that will come to you on this new Timeline of Grace and Love."

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