Cancer girl, Aquarius guy

  • I was wondering if anyone had any insight/experience regarding the Cancer/Aquarius combination. I'm a Gemini cusp Cancer and he is a true Aquarius. Everywhere I seem to read that this is a bad combination, but we get along great. My birth date is 6/26/93 and his is 2/10/90; I would love a reading about us, and/or any insights about Cancer/Aquarius relationships (what to expect, general compatibility, etc.) is appreciated! Thank you!

  • Actually this can work very well. Love obviously has much to teach in this relationship. A love affair may begin somewhat conventionally, with you two being attracted to each other and falling in love, but after a time both of you will sense that you are fated to pursue a more spiritual path. This doesn't mean that you will sacrifice physical contact, affection or sex, but that you will reorient your priorities, making self-development along your common and individual paths the highest consideration of all. A marriage that can sustain such lofty goals and feelings may reach high levels of spirituality. In this relationship, admiration and respect can quickly replace any combativeness or envy that may have originally existed between you. The process of falling in love also implies giving up competitive power and adopting more peaceful, open and accepting attitudes.

    The focus of this relationship is power - either to seize it, exercise it or give it up. A spiritual evolution may occur in this process with both of you striving for and grasping power, then learning more about yourselves and your relationship, and finally relinquishing power in favour of higher ideals. You may have to acknowledge your social or personal power, and live with it awhile before you can give it up. But along the way, you may both come to realise that the greatest power of all is love, which should not be given up or away, and must be shared with others freely.

  • Thank you so much!

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