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  • It's about this guy, that i try not to have feelings for but i still do. Because of my work i see him all the time, we don't talk at all, things are so cold between us which i thought was fine cause it would make it easier for me to forget him. I catch him staring at me when he thinks am not looking. I just want to know what goes through his mind, so any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • You build walls--he builds bigger walls. Spirit says HONESTY--that's your challange. If you have good feelings for this man then be honest and wear it--no you don't have to chase him--even talk to him but you do yoursef harm when you are not true to your self--when you pass in the workplace and you do love the sight of him SMILE and enjoy it and keep on walking--you are stuck in all or nothing and both of you are too afraid of surrender--you mirror in each other your shadow side that needs healing. You both want to be safe--have a garantee--to mind read and know each other's thoughts. Just be honest about your own feelings--you don't have to call him--send him notes--or act like anything but how you feel--you enjoy his presence--feel it and smile at him. And go about your day. He has a choice---but your truth should not be contingient on how he feels. That is conditional. All people love an honest smile from others. No we don't always want more but it sure makes it easy for others who are more attracted to be honest with their interest. It's a win win situation. The ego sometimes doesn't want to feel rejected but it is about you because when you are ok with your truth and being honest that means you are getting something in return. If he never smiles back well that's his reality and he's not letting his wall down and the wound is still open. You feel differently and the cold between you cannot be shared without your participation. Feel what you feel--smile and feel good around him--then let the rest go and no more obssessing about what's going on behind the wall. BLESSINGS! PS--I also see a third party in the mix.

  • Thank u. You are right, it's like we mirror each others fears. I'll try to follow your advice. Now about this third party, is it a positive or negative influence? can you see anything else, cause i have some ideas...There's always people meddling. Thanks again!

  • Third party--don't pick up bad or good just that there is an attraction involved either on your end or his--one of you has another love interest. It's either exhisting or coming soon--I'm getting more a female energy so could be on his end---wait--Spirit says nothing new this has been long standing so the relationship has been a long standing one--off and on off and on and from what I see about this man it makes sense as he is not open for love really in a committed sense so who ever gets close it will be on and off and always kinda hanging. The female confusion could be that she is friends with both of you but her feelings go deeper because I was shown the other person as in a circle with you and him. I don't pick up a negative energy--just someone in love. Marriage like love.

  • hi balmoon could you help me please too? to have some insight?

    I met someone over a period of three months and suddenly just as things have gotten very close he has vanished and it feels like he is shutting me out. I am very hurt by this because I can't understand what he is feeling. I am trying to see things from his point of view and not try to upset him because he is a friend. I am not sure how to treat this?

    I am very confused and hurt.

  • I think i understand who ur talking about. There is someone who is close to him, she's my friend also, a nice girl, they've known each other since kindergarten and i know she cares and loves him like family. She is protective of him and "motherly" like, "here's your coffee" and "I made you a sandwich" kinda way, but there's nothing else going on. Could she help in any way? Many thanks!

  • L8t

    I feel you are right--you describe the feelings I was getting----her intentions are good yet she feeds a certain dependancy in him and enables him to be passive--I get that she mostly encourages him and doesn't confront him so not sure if she helps your cause. BUT if she wasn't somehow important Spirit would not have mentioned her! She could be more loyal to him than you so there is always the two face facter. Have you two ever discussed him in an honest way--has she ever offered advice to you? I do pick up a possesiveness energy. The more I try to tune in to her the more I get that no--as it stands she is not a help to you. Did something happen you regret? Was there an event--a hurt between you and him that never got mended? I keep picking up something hidden--like the air needs to be cleared. Did you do something regretful but don't know why you do those things---things that build walls---put distance? If this is true then she may not think you two are good for each other even though she likes you both as if she is that loving towards him she would be trying to help you--then again I pick up that possessive energy again and not sure were it figures in--spirit shows me a circle--three people a tugging possessive energy going around so either being possessive is part of all three of your natures and it is what puts you together or it is one of you doing all the pulling. I believe to solve the main issue is to deal with the honesty thing first and your fear of being hurt as it is really what keeps you from having a committed relationship. You can't force his feelings only be true to your own and be honest with your own side of the cold thing you said is between you two. He must have a reason on his end you are aware of. Is your question more about fixing a misunderstanding? Spirit keeps saying there is something hidden that needs being brought into the light. Whatever it was I think it is that part of both of you that sabotages vulnerability and allows you to run back behind your wall.

  • Yes, there's a big misunderstanding about our feelings for each other. I tried to talk to him, to clear the air, but he didn't want to. So i got mad and put up my walls. I don't know why he didn't want to talk, maybe he felt hurt, or afraid or did not care for me as much as i thought. I don't know, maybe i should just let it go. I think he has a lot of issues he has to resolve. Thank u Blmoon.

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