TheCaptain, help?

  • Hi Captain, am new to the forum and you seems really good at this, can you give me a reading.

    Mine, Aug 02, 1976

    The girl that I like June 22, 1976

    Also we this say about me, noticed I have alot of Leo on my chart.

    Thanks 😃

  • Dear LostLeo, I bet all your beliefs, principles, ideals and authority go right out the window the minute you look into the magical face or eyes of your friend.

    This relationship gives a new twist to an old theme by stressing passive rather than active dominance. You are used to playing the dominant role in your relationships, but your seductive friend is quite capable of soothing this savage lion. She can exert a strong sensuous hold over you and this is how, despite her being the softer one, she can handle your fiery onslaughts. According to the philospher Lao-tzu, it is in yielding that one demonstrates the greatest strength at times. Particularly in the area of touch, you (the tough guy who in other situations finds it hard to let other people near him) may melt with purrs under this girl's caress. You may be surprised and pleased by your own vulnerability, but problems can arise if you are forced to acknowledge your friend's superiority. And a rejection by this girl could prove devastating to your ego. Pleasure isn't always the most important thing so don't sell out your ideals. The strengths of a relationship here are its pacifying, sensuous, and physically gratifying aspects. But its weaknesses of indecisiveness, overly doting attitudes, or rejection can more than overcome any advantages if you both are not careful.

    Choosing a life partner is not something that you LostLeo jump into quickly - you don't trust others easily and must know yourself well before choosing someone who suits you. You will gain strength from greater self-knowledge. Work will allow you to make productive use of your often solitary and lonely life path and you may even emerge as something of an expert in your field. This relationship might be good to help you relax your need for control, for you certainly will fall under the spell of your friend here. I would only recommend entering this relationship if you have already done a lot of self-discovery and can be sure that this relationship is everything you really want.

    Your love interest is a naturally caring, practical and protective person. She has a mellow laid-back exterior which howver can disguise a very private nature and she might be hesitant to allow you into her inner world. She has past issues of co-dependency and possessiveness and sometimes she can be quite demanding and unforgiving. She can also hold onto old resentments and blame for years after. Her possessiveness can be gratiifying at first, making you feel needed and appreciated but if it goes too far, you will end up feeling trapped or at the very least hemmed in. If you know that you can be strong and dedicated enough to withstand this girl's intensity without giving up your individuality, then it's quite safe to let yourself fall under her spell.

    But if not, then run for the hills! Because once you are under her spell, it will be most difficult for you to get out even if you want to.

  • Thanks Captain, you are really good.

    It is so true that all my beliefs, principles, ideals and authority go right out the window the minute you look into the magical face or eyes of your friend.

    I'm usually overly confidence in everything, but just like I told her, there's something in her that makes me lost all sense of confidence.

    I'm so in love with her, all I wanted was to make/see her happy.

    Too late, I'm already under her spell, we dated for a while in Dec, but last week she told me she that we can't see each other she doesn't want to see me and ask me not to contact her again. Before that she told me that my affection is smothering her and she's busy at work and doesn't feel comfortable / fair to see someone seriously.

    Anyway, I really hope that this is her being the moody cancer.

    I don't think I can find anyone else as perfect for me as her ever.

    Thanks again.

    BTW are all cancer really that complicated? I see tons of post in here regarding cancer.

  • One more thing The Captain, do you see me and her together in the future as lover, or at the very least, friends? Any connection in the future at all?

  • That is entirely up to you and her.

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