Blmoon, Hi it's shatz,aka my journey now

  • First, i want to say hello, and that i have missed reading your posts to people...I was blessed by your spirits guidance in the past when my user name was shatz, but i also understand you needed to have a were going pretty hard there for awhile...So many times i have started a thread for you only to delete it...Maybe just not the right time...i have thought allot about you...i miss your chats with watergirl...another one i have been blessed by :)...i guess the best way to describe me lately is stagnite,confused...lots of chattering going on inside...I won't give you too much hehe...if you pick up on this, thank you...if not i am sure it means that i need to ride out whatever this is...But at least i get to tell you that your a beautiful being and that you are hope is that you are feeling peace once again and that your life is filled with love,light,abundance and lots of laughter..take care my dear friend...

    Namaste Blmoon


  • bump 🙂

  • thanks, bee...but i believe if blmoon spirits want to give me a message they will..

    though i do appreciate you thinking of me...

    namaste bee


    • That's Okay MyJourney, I am always thinking of you Love ya

    Bee Xx

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