Hi Blmoon

  • I have been away for awhile trying to get my life in order. I did check in a couple times and I believe were also taking a break. I just wanted to say hi and thank you for your advice regarding my bipolar husband. I have found it very helpful. He has started medication and slowly there has been improvement.



  • Glad to hear from you. So happy to hear things are getting better!

  • So I ask an opinion from you..I read this article about a woman who visualized that she won the lottery every night before bed including what she would be wearing and guess what? She won and even had on the exact shirt that she visualized. I found the story very interesting. Do you think that kind of visualization and meditation really works? Just a topic for discussion when you have time.


  • I saw that same show! It does kinda rev you up--to think wow I can do that--or is there something really extra you must do? What interests me is -the woman didn't just decide and do the visualization first before already had a knowing--she said she knew she was going to win. So I'm always curious if she was just being intuitive and tshe was going to win either way. Then again I really do believe in visuailization. I think it does bring positive energy and is productive. I believe in free will and as well destiny and yet also I believe there is a plan in our lives that include lessons and karma and if winning the lotto is not part of that--it just is not. But I believe in abundance and it comes in many ways and that healing and being our best selves does invite prosperity. I've used visualization often--it is good practice for looking forward and helps you from regrets and being held back by the past. It's like excercise--everyone hates doing it at first--making room for it yet it does become habit and starts feeling good. Visualization--or keeping your dreams alive is a gift that lifts you from a not so great moment otherwise. Keeps you sane when you have crazy all around you. I've often pulled the visualization card during times of being under pressure--it's like being your own mother or best friend when you see better things ahead.

  • Well, I don't know about winning the lottery but I think visualizing about happiness for my family and myself woud be a good start. I wondered also if she was just intuitive and was seeing something to happen in the future. I think I am going to try to get in the practice at night before bed.

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