• ok here it goes. i am a 26 yr old taurus female who met a 29 yr old virgo man in my local club 4 months ago. he was in a relationship for 5 yrs and it all ended a year and a half ago. but he has told me he is over it now and it back to himself again. he is the nicest guy i have ever met. for the first couple a months we were texting quiet a bit and would meet each other alot in the club at weeknds as he would be out with his friends and i with mine. we seemed to be getting on really well and he treated me like royalty. i never had to put a hand in my wallet when i was out with him. i went back to his house twice and we would sit and talk for ages we seemed to really connect. but we have never gone on a date where its just the two of us. i have noticed in the last month he has gone quiet and is not going out as much. i also forgot to mention he is a work aholic and with the job he is doing it will be effecting his social life for a couple of months as he has made aware to me. i had a discussion with his friend obout it and he told me that he does not know whats going on in his head right now and thinks he is in a weird place at the moment. im confused and dont know what to think. we dont text as often anymore but he will still drop in text an odd time to see how i am. my friends tell me im wasting my time on him but i really like him and would like to give him a chance. i have been reading articles on virgos and have found some interesting stuff but i could still do with some more help.

  • Yikes! Well put him in your to be continued file. There's so much he probably wants to tell you but Virgos have a hard time expressing themselves or asking for help as they are independant creatures. He feels what he has told you about his situation is enough and you should understand. For the fact he's still texting you is a good sign. Don't stress it , quit trying to figure him out and go on with your daily life. When he does text, just be a supportive friend. Virgos are steadfast in their friendships, can be secretive and moody. I'll bet he likes you too! I come from a family filled with Virgos male and female (myself included) We are hard to get to but if you hang in there for a stich it might be worth it. Perfection is Virgos worst enemy in our relationships(work,love) especially. Your Taurus tendancy to go headlong into what you want can be a little overwhelming to a Virgo, they like to sit back and analyze the crap out of situation before they They want to be sure.

    What else can I say? If you feel in your gut that he's worth the wait, give him time. Even if all that comes of it is friendship it could turn out to be a good one!

    Good Luck!!

  • thanks so much you really helped alot 🙂 he seems to be a true virgo. he is shy and doesnt open up much. he also worrys about everything and hates if he has offended anyone or made anyone upset. it took about 2 months for him to actually open up to me and tell me alot of stuff about himself. actually just as i was writing this he text me. as u say im just going to be a supportive friend and let things happen slowly. im am a very patient person infact too patient at times thats why my friends think im wasting my time but i think differently and would like to give him a chance.

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