Captain-Please help wedding date 2012!

  • Hi there, my fiance and I have booked our wedding venue for 28 Jan 2012 (New Zealand time zone), my birthday (bride) is 23/03/1984 and my fiances birthday is 19/06/1981 (both born in New Zealand).

    I read that the 28 Jan 2012 has the number 7 which some numerology places say is not a good wedding date number, and that 6 is better (the day before on 27 Jan 2012 adds to 6). Should I try and change it to the day before, or do our birthdates make a difference?

    I'd appreciate any help as soon as possible, thanks so much!

  • Well, of course it is the two people involved in a marriage that make it good or bad, not the wedding date. I can advise you what day would be the best to have the wedding on, for it to go smoothly (the wedding, not the marriage). A 7 day would be one that is quieter and more introspective than other days. If you want a calmer, more serious wedding, then the date you have set in fine. If you would prefer a more sociable family-oriented day, then the 6 is for you. It depends what you want.

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