Could someone give me a reading? I would greatly appreciate it.

  • 09/30/1958??? Thank confused! time of birth 9:00 p.m.

  • What are you confused about?

  • Sorry my response was delayed, away from technology for the weekend. Well, I'm confused about what kind of vibe I put out to people around me. I view myself as a open and loving individual but I wondering if I'm really giving that vibe out or is it my "idealized self"? Any thoughts on this Captain.

  • Your vibes give off conflicitng messages - one is a rather desperate need for others and the other is saying 'don't come near if you don't measure up'. Social contact can be difficult for you because of your exacting and perfectionistic standards. You must move in a variety of circles before you can truly feel comfortable with everyone. When you widen your pool of choices for companionship and make your 'wish list' more flexible and realistic, you will find it much easier to have all the friends you want. You do have an ability to adapt to new circumstances, you know. Practice more calm and less rigidity and you will find life all the more pleasurable and simple.

  • Wow!..That is right on the money. I will try to loosen up, so to speak. It's funny because I always viewed myself as a flexible, open-minded person. I have been meditating lately and find that it's helping me to calm down.

    I have had some life changing events happen in the last year, lost my Father and my Mother is in Hospice care. My Sister and myself have cared for them for the past 3 years almost everyday. So what I am saying is that I need to find some balance again in life to move forward.

  • Well, Libra is the sign of the balanced if anyone can achieve it, it's you.

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