Only Love Allows Things to Change Transforming Resistance

  • a message from God channeled by Yael and Doug Powell

    Beloved ones, only as something is loved is it free to change into something else. I want you to take these words and write them on your wall in big letters because so often this is the way that the mind hooks you into its domain – by continuing to show you all the things you resist, which keeps them alive, of course.

    In a moment’s shift to the heart, none of it matters anyway. In a moment you are this Love and you have no boundaries. In one moment of this sweet communion, this song of life is Heaven within you and it doesn’t matter what the mind sees when it looks at you.

    And yet, the mind is a trap. If you pay attention you will notice again and again that even when your heart affirms what I show you, the next day or the next moment you are back in the same pattern, looking at those things that you resist again and again.

    Sometimes it gets more subtle. Other times it is obvious. It is only when you are feeling this Love that things can transform. Love makes everything good. It lifts you to the vibration of the Real of God. It brings you into your Real energy as the heart of Love. Anything you focus this Love upon is brought to its highest potential, effortlessly.

    When Love touches the world, what it sees is the truth behind the illusion. It sees the precious hearts of God that are whirling like star fields or like petals of the cosmic lotus. All of it is free and moving, open, resplendent and glorious – right here, right where you stand in this Now Moment.

    I cannot encourage you enough to take every step that is necessary to keep yourself shifting to the heart and to learn how to maintain it. The heart will make your world holy. All the things that the mind sees as shadows will disappear in the Light of your consciousness and be transformed in this Love. I Am present here fully in your heart and I Am your limitless consciousness that will bring you your unlimited truth, rather than the dream of duality.

    Beloved ones, the heart sees everything and it will show you just how perfect it is. When you see a life revealed before that single eye, you will see every reason for every connection for the unfoldment of the awakening of the heart in its perfection. It is a different way of seeing the world and it is so much more inclusive.

    It shows you the pattern of the heart awakening, right where it is focused, right here in the timeless space of God, dancing forth right now as the world. But every molecule is still made of Love. In reality there is no shadow. There is only limitless peace and joy and the deep trust of the unfoldment of perfection, regardless of how it looks in the moment. In the heart it is perfect.

    When you make this shift, it can take a little effort but sometimes not much …to begin to feel how things sparkle and dance and how all life is part of this communion…. The moment that you open to this flow, then your resonance, your vibration completely changes and brings you into harmony with the flow of Good, with the perfection that I Am with you. Your world begins to change and to manifest the expression of your perfection more and more effortlessly.

    You can see that it is a continuous escalation. One shift to the heart and Love is available. Love’s availability will melt the illusion of separation, limitation and boundaries. One moment in the heart’s field of grace and the ecstasy is once again present.

    The resonance of that joy within you begins to magnetize your good exponentially, which lets you shift more easily into a greater experience of Love – which magnetizes more Love to you. Ever more grand is the opening of your heart. More filled with ecstasy is your consciousness and your feelings. More and more you are the open heart of God loving the world and thus freeing it.

    And loving your own life, which allows it to change. Wanting it different keeps it in place. To the mind this seems counter-intuitive. But to the heart it makes perfect sense. Love, beloved ones, is alive. Its living presence makes everything molten, makes it filled with the movement of God and open to the glory of the cosmos. The resistance of the ego keeps you bound and locked into the illusion of separation where nothing is truly alive. Not as this is!

    You will experience this more and more as you make the choice for Love, as you say “Yes” to Me and trust your heart for everything, as you allow My voice within you to open you to limitless freedom, to join you with the endless web of life that you might sing the song of the harmony of Creation and move effortlessly beyond thought into the perfection of Love, allowing Love to transform all it touches.

    When you are focused through the little mind on your world, you would say to Me, “Well, God, this is alive. Look at this world. Look at Nature. Look at plants growing… Look at all that I do and feel and accomplish…”

    And yet I tell you that one shift to the heart, one immersion in this magnificence of Love and you will be electric with the dynamic explosion of life that is moving within you and through you to all things within Me…and back again, as you commune with the circle, living in an expanded state beyond boundaries that is indescribable in its exquisite intensity and in the power of the movement of Love to bless and expand all good in everything.

    That which you have lived as life in the world truly is just a shadow of what really is, so if there is a shadow, beloved ones, this is it. It is simply the lack of the atomic and endless energy of the explosion of Real life, Creation fully “en-conscious-ed” in each of you.

    What I am saying to you is the shift to the heart is worth everything and it is certainly worth some effort. It is worth taking a stand, making a choice and finding your own keys to the “kingdom” or “queendom” of God – finding what opens the door for you, dearest one, and for you… What brings you the delicious experience of being lifted into the reality of Love, that instead of taking you upward and outward, makes you fully present in the Heaven that is the world that the heart sees and experiences.

    So much seems to need to be changed when you look at the world through the ego mind. So much strife, so much lack, so much loss, so much anguish, so much longing. And yet when you shift to the heart, Love reaches through and brings remembrance. All those things that seem to be negative, that are shadows in the reflection of your heart, melt like ice before the sun, melt and open to Love’s intensity…melt, and leave you God with God in a world of indescribable beauty.

    As you allow this spiral of awakening, the choice for Love and what it

    brings, then your Love begins to thaw the illusion of separation from All That Is In Me. I Am only Love’s perfection and so are you. As your heart becomes the vehicle through which you live, then they truly do become ever more powerful, more and more magnetic to the truth, until just your presence drops the veil and fires up each heart of Love into its own remembrance of this communion, that you might be in the world just as Jeshua was (still is for that matter though not physical). The physical is part of the illusion because Love is ever moving and fully flexible and continually expanding all that it touches.

    May I ask you, beloved ones, to create for yourselves a way of entering into your days that brings about this shift to the heart, even for a moment? First, before you leave your bed in the morning and second, before you really start your day, feel the dynamic heart generating its field of Love that becomes the entrainment of all it sees. You already are aware, even in the physical, of the powerful field of the heart. How much grander is the heart’s field as energy beyond the confinement of the physical when you give yourself permission to be Love…

    Oh, beloved ones, you become the miracle. You become that which shows forth the truth, heart-to-heart, to all who touch you. Any who are willing may be free, may “pick up their bed and walk,” so to speak. I am not talking about physical healing. The physical is just pictures that you have painted with your consciousness built on duality. Your heart is the reality of God. Therefore, as you are present as this Love, it gives permission to all those who touch you, and since everything is a hologram (is connected), then permission is granted to all who are experiencing the possibility of awakening to Love and letting it lead them.

    Your mind wants you to think it contains things. Yet you already know how unbelievably slowly the ego mind allows you, for example, to transform things that are buried in the subconscious. How much easier, more powerful and freeing to simply shift to the Reality of Love and allow the vibration of God I Am as you to magnetize the illusion of your little self back to the Reality of Love. Then the world you see may be a reflection of this joy.

    Will it be perfect? That depends on the perfection you are looking for, beloved ones. If you judge what is perfect with your mind, then, dearest ones, it is doubtful. Sometimes the heart makes the choice to create a path of deeper connection by presenting that which makes Love accessible in the form of the story of a human life. Where the ego mind might have endless resistance, the heart sees pathways of Love’s extension and knows it as perfect.

    Please be careful of the judgments of the ego, but be aware that Love is only good but what is good? It is that which expands Love’s purpose and multiplies the experience of Heaven on Earth as felt by the heart, beloved ones. Not as judged by the ego but the connection with grace -- that plane of Love that brings you a new reality that instantly moves beyond the mind into the place of the heart’s communion and sets you free.

    Can you feel how life sparkles and dances? how charged it is with the essence of Creation itself? how alive to the presence which allows you to be present anywhere you focus? Any part of the cosmos is available, for your heart is the center of the hologram and I Am the limitless and perfect Love of which you are made, holding you in this communion, endlessly.

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