BLMoon, If you're not busy ..I'm looking for some insight on career goals

  • Hi BLmoon,

    I've been wanting to pursue law and would like to get into a particular school. However, I'm not sure if it's something I'm meant to pursue. I become confused of whether it's something I should pursue or not since somethings around me seems to move me in that direction, but there are other things I feel redirect me from walking down that path. However, I am at a point where it is something I would like to pursue, but the bad decisions I've made in the past which have led me to my current situation/status seems to show otherwise. Could you provide me with some insight on whether a law career is something I'm meant to pursue (getting into the school I want, becoming a lawyer or working in the law field). Any insight, good or bad, is welcome and appreciated. Hope you're well and taking care of yourself. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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  • I sense a disconnect between head and heart. You are a dreamer and emotional--up and down--spirit shows me a picture of ocean waves. Artistic by nature. There is a challange to decide between security and purpose. You believe in following your bliss on a good day yet it is scary to let go of the wheel. Money issues are not your thing--nobody likes them but for you it is doubly so---your nervouse system just does not handle it well. Then your dream chases that reality and you latch on to a security dream--the one that will bring money and respect and feeling usefull---PURPOSE--this is the word Spirit shows me. You need it--crave it--feel your potential but can't see it. You jump your timing a lot--a bit psychic you get ahead of yourself. Your issue right now is patience and timing--you want things faster than they are coming. If you can except that there is progress in a slow journey--mistakes and all you can ease your frustration. The prize you crave is in the future but has many roads to get there--LESSONS. Sometimes we are not sure of what we want until we experience what we don't want! That is where you are at right now. You are finding yourself and I see this journey with the number 6 and seven so feel this is your learning curve--this next 6 years will take you there. Nothing will be a mistake--if you take a class you will learn something about yourself. Spirit says--no map today! Meaning you will get a piece as you go along but don't expect anyone to tell you in detail your journey. If you ask around enough you will get told what you want to hear but will get tired of that . I can say that I do not see you being happy as a lawyer--although you have a heart for justice---the reality of that buisness is less romantic than you dream and you would be unsatisfied by that. On the other hand there are extensions of that field that could call to you in the future.Spirit shows me little girls playing ring around the rosie--you in the center--feels happy--element of play--so fun and playtime are nessesseties. Do you fear being looked down on for not being grownup? Spirit says to not--it is a gift and part of this journey is being ok with who you are--the heart and head disconnect. The over thinking of who you should be and who you are. Knowing yourself is key and this 7 year work in progress is about that--6 years of laying foundation and by year seven I see you being handed a rolled up paper--looks like a graduation--but you are alone so might just mean it is personal--you made it and recieve the final reward. Spirit says your body will be your barometer of direction--when you find yourself in wrong choices or environment it will show up in your body--not the usual sick on occasion but persistent aches and ills---particuliarly back and neck pain---also foot and ankle injuries will often be warnings to go another road. Music is medicine for you---surround yourself with it--water as well. And always a play day OR TWO! Spirit says the best advice to leave you with is to remember--no map--one foot in front of the other---stop to dance--and mostly--IT'S ALL GOOD! BLESSINGS!

  • Hi Blmoon!

    Hope you're well and taking good care of yourself. Thank you for the reading. It has help me understand what I should do with respect to my career goals. Please tell spirit that I'm truly grateful and appreciative of what he/she shows to you to me. Warm hugs!

    Would it be too much to ask for insight on love and relationships? After careful thought of my career goals, I've looked back and realized how I'm completely emotionally driven by my relationships and the choices I make because of them. I've recently been through something that has taught me a lesson. A specific person has changed my outlook on love and relationships. Despite the situation and the other factors that are involved, I keep thinking this person should remain in my life. Or rather, I want this person to stay with me since this person was the reason for my change, at least, I believe this person was the reason. If you have time and energy and if spirit allows, could you give me insights on this person as well as love and relationships in general? Good or bad I'm open to whatever you and spirit has to tell me. Thank you again for the reading blmoon.

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