2011 Predictions, Ascension Symptoms & Ancient Mother Revelation Codes 13

  • I've been checking in here and there and have finally reach the point of too much anxiety about things right now. Now I know why I have spent more time here today than I have in several months because I needed to find this thread. I was praying last night and meditating and asking for answers as to why things are going the way they are. I am fully aware of the Ascension process and know that I've been experiencing a lot of changes because of it but no different things are happening from what they have been. And...low and behold...I find this thread.

    I have had more heartburn and nausea but I figured it was because I have packed on 40 pounds in the last six monts or so. I had lost the weight but due to medical issues, prescriptions helped me pack it right back on. OK...with the added weight comes the tiredness, the crankiness and increased sleep patterns and opposite sleep patterns. I am up most of the night and sleep till noon every day now. Cannot seem to break the pattern.

    My relationship with my longest term friend has like disinegrated in a matter of months. I know that by being unemployed with no money, I don't have the money to go shopping or out to eat all the time which are two of her favorite activities but I've been like this before and we have always used each other for a support system. She has now started cutting me out and hiding things from me. Being unemployed and going to school, I feel totally alienated from my life I had a year ago. I looked forward to not having to work and being able to go to school. I have finally realized that in the last 3 months, I have gradually been feeling alone too much. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy spending time by myself and completely depend on having that time to regroup but now, it's like I don't have a choice about being alone. It's being forced on me and I don't like it. All the people that were always there for me are no longer there.

    There has been a massive increase in commercials on animal cruelty and I can't stand watching them. No matter how hard I try and shield myself from it to not absorb the pain I cannot seem to do it. I am friends with someone who has great things to post about spirituality and she also posts a bunch of stuff on animal cruelty. I am almost to the point that I will have to unfriend her because I can't stand the posts. They hurt too much. However, I have no gotten to the point where I am not eating meat. I only eat certain kinds of meat and I haven't been able to tolerate eating anything off the bones for years. Fried chicken disgusts me but boneless/skinless breast does not. :0/

    I have had and been having for a year now a definite increase in seeing numbers. To the point, I now have my daughter seeing them too and pointing them out. :0)

    Anyway, I know this is probably the longest post I've done in months here but it just feels better to get it out. To see that others are going thru this with me gives me a measure of comfort. Thank you for listening.

    Love and blessings...


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  • Just a quick check in again....I posted this four hours ago and the lift of a huge...starting to get overwhelming cloud has been lifted and things feel lighter and brighter. Ahhhh....love it. LOL.

  • Nice to see you AB

    your always in my thoughts, i haven't been to F and L for awhile..I have back off a bit on everything to go through yet another change..But you know something in the end i grow so thats whats important...

    Namaste AB


    aka shatz

  • wow I felt like that all day today too... I thought it was just me being tired... but now I read how all of you have felt today... I hope tomorrow is better and I'm glad today is over... 😞

    I'll enjoy my sleep 🙂 night all!

  • It's been a ghost town over there. Em was gone for months and Captain and I were basically the only ones posting except every once in a while someone would hop on and do a bunch of posts and then disappear again. I know a lot have been like you...and me...going thru the next shift in energies. It sure has been a roller coaster in some aspects. Computers are dropping like flies too. LOL. Anyway, thank you for thinking of me. I still have you in my healing box and send healing every once in a while. You too Happy Doc. I had kind of backed off on the self-healing and I think that took a toll on me too. Back to doing those things that work. :0) Love and blessings to all... AB

  • Good Morning/Afternoon All,

    Aunt Buck you are not alone, sometimes we are alone because we are on an inward journey, I isolated myself from almost everyone the last year or so, my best friend of almost 31 years and almost fell out permanently. I don't have all the symptoms but some of them. About Fair weather friend, sometimes you find out who you real friends are when you are going thru difficult times, maybe she did you a favor, we are your friends and will always be here for you!

  • To Admin,

    Good Morning, all of the info I share Is used with permission freely by all the channelers and I always give them credit, the info is free for all to access info on our spiritual journey, we so appreciate having a place to grow and learn together and appreciate this forum, I wouldn't abuse anything, I've been a member since 2003 and didn't even realize there was a community forum. 🙂

  • I know that being unemployed...I have found out who my friends are and who my acquaintances are. It's a very tough lesson huh? I can't imagine after 31 years. She and I have been friends for 14 years so 31 would be awful. My healing energies go to you for this split. I did mention yesterday that maybe she was a season friend and not a lifetime friend. I would like to think not but I guess that isn't always up to me to determine now is it?

    And as I found out a year ago when I found this place...yes, you are my friends and you listen to me and help me through things and I will always do the same for you. Thank you so much for being here.

    Love and blessings....AB

  • We help each other, I still love her and she loves me but something has changed a little, it's all good. Yeah sometimes are with us for seasons, she may come back around, don't worry about it, give it to the Lord. 🙂

  • angel hugs


  • I have been feeling so ill and tired recently, I did think I might be expecting! Which is not so. I also have been seeing 22 and 11's and noticing numbers mostly on the clock all the time. Many of my dreams have been about water, and lots of it. Like the ocean in size, but a lake in color. I was lying in bed the other night and did feel like I was spinning. Such a strange thing. I so appreciate this forum now more than ever in these times of change. Love and Light to you all.

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