Help! Advice for a femme Sag seeking to catch herself a Gemini!

  • I'm a female sagittarius, leo moon, venus in scorpio, capricorn rising.

    I've been adventuring & intimate lately with a gemini (leo moon, venus in taurus). Like most gems, he's hot & cold, interested & disinterested, intimate & detached.

    We have great chemistry, we can talk until early morning, but the next day (like I said, with most gems), his mood is completely different.

    Advice?? This boy is somethin' fiery, and we have so much in common. I don't want to ruin shit by getting sentimental!

  • Your Venus signs are totally opposite, meaning one of you wants lots of sex but not necessarily with the same partner, and the other wants a traditional monogamous relationship. You actually don't have as much in common as you might hope. Just a physical attraction or the attraction of opposites, which doesn't last. Your beliefs and attitudes are very different.

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