Could someone please give me a love reading!!

  • I have been seeing a scorpio male, his birthdate is 11-03-65, for a few months now. I am a libra 9-23-67. this is the most confusing relationship i have ever had. could someone please give me a reading as to our possible future together.

  • This relationship works best for friendship. You two would seem to be exact opposites - your parther is more concerned with social matters and externals, and you with personal issues and your complex inner life. Yet your extroverted side is revealed here, DMP, especially in a friendship; being able to indulge in theatrical displays without risk of disapproval can be a liberating experience for you. Furthermore, the deep concentration of which you are capable is an excellent tool for directing your partner's attention to the matters at hand. Together you can enjoy a variety of social activities, often complementing each other and filling in the gaps. Of particular note is your shared sense of humour which is often boisterous. Satire and parody are not only directed at others - you two also have the ability to laugh at yourselves.

    In a love affair, you DMP may be too much for your partner to handle. Your moods can be oppressive, leaving him feeling helpless and overwhelmed. He may admire your energy but feel unable to keep up. He prefers to keep things light and may back away when he gets a glimpse of the subterranean depths to which you can descend. A marriage here will thrive on social interaction which may help to brighten the darker side of the relationship for a while. But unless you two become aware of your influence on each other and bring your energies into balance (laughter is the best medicine but you have to be serious when it really counts), your relationship will fall apart. This relationship does better when it avoids fixed situations. In order to work well, it must be flexible and mutually independent.

  • Sorry I got the signs mixed - when it says 'your partner', I mean 'you' and vice versa.

  • captain thank you so very much for your time and energy!!!

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