Hanswolfgang I would love a reading on this guy I'm seeing!!

  • Hi Hanswolfgang, I have been seeing this recently divorced guy for three months. He recently has decided to just be friends, because he says he feels to much for me too soon and is not ready for anything serious. However, we still act as if we are a couple. I would love some insight his DOB is July 9 1980. Thanks!

  • nightcherry,


    I would love some insight: I see struggle.

    Nourish yourself and remain of good cheer to condition yourself for the moment of truth.

    Great success if you sincerely keep to your course.

    You must now endure this dangling -- either a carrot before your nose, or a sword above your head.

    This strange mix of apprehension and anticipation is a purgatory.

    There is nothing more you can do to affect the outcome.

    You must now submit to the fates.

    his DOB is July 9 1980: he rules through love, compassion and wisdom. He has all the power and knowledge of love and knows how to use it, thus it gives him the opportunity to have more control over his feelings and romantic impulses. This will bring more success in all his personal relationships. This means also the loving father and sexual enjoyment. Thus, it can indicate the conception or birth of a child.

    But it brings success in dealing with his own emotions, success with the public and in any of the artistic fields and romantic success in one form or another.

    If you watch him you can find where his weak point is. It is not that something special has to be found.

  • Thanks Hanswolfgang! I have been really hurt in my past relationships. I have a hard time trusting people. I don't want to get too involved with him if there is no hope for us. I feel a strong connection to him. However, he has been hurt by his ex, I don't know if he is ready to open his heart again. I think he is really scared of being open to me. My DOB is March 12 1985, 6:55 pm Boston MA. Do you feel this is a good combination?

  • nightcherry,

    there is hope for you both, although I do not feel, that this is a good combination.

    My DOB is March 12 1985, 6:55 pm Boston MA: Due to a Jupiter-conjunction with your Descendant starting 19 February 2011 until 28 February 2011 you will seek during this period to grow in various ways through your closest contacts with other people. You try to create relationships that will further your life, not in a spirit of selfishness, but in a desire for mutual growth. Often at this time a person will come into your life who offers to help you out in some way, usually through a partnership.

    In business, for example, this is an extremely good time to enter into a partnership or a contract with someone. In your personal life, you will work more closely than usual with someone, which will work out very well for you both. If other indications are compatible, you may meet someone who will be important to you romantically, but that is not the usual result of this influence.

    This is also an excellent time to seek out someone for counseling, especially a lawyer, but also any other kind of counselor. Related to this, incidentally, is that if you have a case in court at this time, it will work out as you want it to.

    A marriage or intimate relationship should work better than usual now. You and your partner will be anxious to help each other grow and to further each other's interests in all possible ways. You do not want to restrict your partner or be restricted by him in any possible way. Because you understand the need for freedom of individual self-expression within your relationship, you will try to find ways to bring that about. If your relationship is not working out very well in general, this influence can have either of two effects. It can either bring a time of healing in the relationship so that it ceases to be such a problem, or it can make your desire for freedom so strong that you break off the relationship altogether. At any rate, the problems themselves will cease. And a relationship that does break up under this influence (this only applies to one that is on the rocks) will do so relatively amicably.

  • Thanks again hanswolfgang! Why don't you feel like this is not a good combination? Do we not match up well?

  • nightcherry,

    Why don't you feel like this is not a good combination? Because you really do love.

    Do we not match up well? No.

    Great success in whatever you do.

  • I just dont understand people. They meet a divorced person and soon they expect something right away. Just have fun people and dont have pre-conceived ideas right away. It destroys the friendly, fun relationship.

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