Need a reading about me and boyfriend

  • I would like a reading as to where our relationship is going. Chris (aug 1, 1969) and mine is (june 27, 1966). We have been together for almost a year, it started out great but im not so sure now. I just would like some insights so i wont get hurt so bad if we do break up. Thank you, i appreciated it.

  • This works best for friendship and worst for a love affair. You two are very different from each other, yet your relationship may show some impressive synergistic strengths, particularly the ability to convince others and persuade them to your cause, be it commercial, social or spiritual. However your persuasive powers don't usually work on each other, for both of you are convinced of your respective points of view and are highly resistant to manipulation. Your emotional perception and sensitivity LS can coalesce with your partner's willpower and outgoing nature to produce a whole that is highly effective in personal and professional spheres.

    However, love is not favoured here. Your inner life and moods may be too complex for your partner to deal with or understand, assuming he is even interested. You for your part may be too tied up with your own emotional life to want to give your partner the devotion and even worship that he requires.

    Friendship, a working relationship or marriage can be good for putting you two at the centre of your social circle or work group, but internal conflicts will flare from time to time. You two may try to convince yourself that your relationship has special powers and endurance, a feeling that can deprive you of the confidence to go it alone or to move onto another partner or team. Any act of disloyalty or betrayal should not be undertaken lightly however, since it could break the spell which brings you two luck and success. Although Cancer is generally seen as a passive sign, you can match your partner in aggression, and will not by any means be relegated to the kitchen in this relationship.

  • captain, thats alot of info for cancer and leo. I know early part of last yr he wanted to get married this year and i told him i wasnt ready. Do you see any guy with their horoscope sign coming my way? Thanks for your input, it really puts my mind at ease. I like knowing just a bit before something actually happens. thanks again

  • If you like knowing the future before it happens, it means you don't trust your own coping abilities and strength to survive whatever other people and life throws at you. And if you lack faith in yourself, you will only attract either people with a similar lack or those who would take advantage of the fact that you feel you are weak.

    Of course you will attract people this year but you will only attract the RIGHT person when you deal with any love issues you have. Your profile says that you may have an obsession with being sexy or lovable because you felt unloved or unwanted as a child, to the point where you forget that you need to have relationships based on loyalty as well as passion. Your needs can be so complex, so intense, so rife with melodramatic fantasy that you never love lightly. Perhaps the only way to overcome this sort of emotional and sexual lust that can never be satisfied is to walk away from it completely. As you get older, it gets easier because you calm down and realise the value of a loyal friendship over a taboo love affair. What you give up in intensity, you gain in support and longevity. Your salvation lies in finding a group of people who can ground you, bring you back to reality, help you pass through your fear of disapproval, and remind you of the business of living. Such earthy, practical, prosperous individuals (sounds like earth signs - Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, eh?) can lift you out of the emotional swamps you often end up splashing around in. You must find your lost innocence, overcome feelings of unworthiness, and regain your trust in abundance. You must learn to love and not fear life, expressing yourself as naturally, directly and honestly as possible and dropping any false self-protective facade. Then you will begin to have more fun, and you will find yourself much more popular and attractive when people can see the real you and not some 'camouflage' that they sense is fake.

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