Paused and Ready in the Void

  • a message from The Council of Light channeled by Rebecca Couch

    Can you feel the void? It is an interesting time indeed. But consider the stance of the artist who peers upon a blank canvas, and the alchemist who has all of his wisdom in hand with materials in place and is pondering his next creation. A chef. A maestro. An architect. A poet. You are all of these in this moment, having come so far in your training and experience over eons of time. By your presence here and now, you have graduated and this is your first symphony created from the depths of your experience, knowledge and intuitive desire. The full paint box is yours and you know every instrument.

    And just before you raise your conductor’s baton, consider this beautiful moment of pregnant silence before the influx of creativity begins. Consider all that you have accomplished up until now. Consider that you have cleared your slate of all tethers of the past and forgiven yourself and all others for errs. Consider that you are the maestro of your own creation now. Consider that this is a new beginning. Consider that you are creating for the benefit of the whole that contributes brilliant pearlescent light to the world.

    And so, with an erect spine and fulsome breath, you pause at the moment before creation and…and…and…

    This is where we are at the moment. All aligning in the presence of one big pregnant moment of now. Be okay with this amazing place. Be neutral in its magnificence. Allow. Keep your open heart and continue to widen its reach. Magnify your presence beyond your normal experience, for many doorways and windows and dimensions are opening in support of this moment. Await the settling of the musicians, breathe and settle into now, and trust that you will know precisely the moment, in that current now, when to begin.

    Await. Breathe. Be okay in the neutral fullness of the void and allow all to open in preparation to support. We are gathering together for the grand symphony that writes itself in the joined majesty of each creator in every now moment.

    Heart open. Baton, paintbrush, pen in hand. We are one.


    The Council of Light is Us!

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