Some Good News

  • To all my new and wonderful friends I would like to share this good news which was received today...........All of the prayers and good wishes made by your good selves on behalf of my dad have been successful.

    THE TUMOUR IS GONE, no signs of cancer in his throat.

    Bless you all for your thoughts and wishes.

    Love to each and everyone of you.



  • Bump, because this news is too good not to share with you guys 🙂

  • Thank You Spirit!!!! AGAIN! That is great news!!! Thank you so much. Hey love please post this on the prayer link I have felt so many answers coming and the Baby Brooklynn is doing better and this is tooo cool.

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    Dear Groovyger

    Geraldine i hope you dont mind me calling youby your first name ,i read your great news on the healing and prosperity thread I am so happy for you and your family my Dad beat throat cancer as well so i know exactly how you feel .its wonderful news .

    Thankyou Father and spirit for blessing Geraldines Dad with a clean bill of health amen !!!!!!!

  • No of course not Livingonaprayer, I don't mind you calling me by my first name. I feel we are all friends here now.

    Thanks for the kind wishes and I am glad your dad beat throat cancer too, it is a huge relief when you hear that news.....As the doctor said the other day, it is not very often he gets to deliver such good news.


  • That is wonderful!

  • Dear Geraldine,

    Please feel free to call me Mags, yes i know what you mean about what the doctors said how its not often they get to deliver such good news they told us exactly the same. After months of my dad was having his radotherapy , they told us that basically the end was near as it was taking its toll on him so we were prepared for the worst then all of a sudden about two weeks later after they stopped the radiation my Dad started coming back to us like his old happy self the hospital did a scan and told us that the tumour had shrunk immensly and it would take one more dose of radiotheraphy and it would be gone for good ,so we allowed them to do it as after seeing how sick that the radiotherapy made him we were very reluctant but the doctors assured us that it would be a mild dose and would do him no further harm, we couldnt believe it, he got the all clear it was a miracle i thankgod everyday he lived a few years after that but sadly he passed away from a heart condition that had nothing to do with the cancer or treatment but i will never forget that miracle that was bestowed upon us .

    My heart is with you and your family you are truly blessed

    Take care lots of love Mags

  • Dear Mags,

    So sorry to hear that you lost your dad, but as you say at least you had some good years with him. That is the most important thing. Yes the hospital told us the exact same thing about the radiotherapy....Due to the position of the tumour it is necessary to give patients a very strong dose of radium. Like your dad, mine was very sick and towards the end of the treatment had to be admitted to hospital because he was losing so much weight. The treatment unfortunately damaged the saliva glands and he will always have that dry sensation in his mouth but hey that is a small price to pay for the rest of your life cancer free.........

    Take care


  • Wow, God is good. I'm glad he is healing what a blessing. 🙂

  • Hi Geraldine,

    You are so right is a small price to pay i cant remember if my Dad had the dryness i will have find out from my mum but my dad still smoked after he got the all clear he said after what ive been through no one is going to deny be a ciggarette as much as we tried to tell him not to, he went every 6 months for a check up and always got the all clear but the doctors did say that they couldnt prove that he got it through smoking some people who never smoke their whole life get it and i do know of an old lady that got it and never once had a ciggarette so i guess its the luck of the draw.

    Take care lots of love Mags

  • That is so true Mags because my dad never smoked so they could not blame it on the cigarettes with him...........


  • Thats great that he doesnt smoke Geraldine as i still feel that even though it might not have caused my dads cancer it still didnt help him, i was a smoker myself and i do believe at the end of the day it must do something all those toxins getting trapped inside the body like that .

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