Help clarifying love life

  • Hey, have been reading tarot cards for a few years but am having difficulty trying to understand what they are trying to tell me at the minute.....Im seeing a lot of relationship cards and have been for a while eg 2 cups, ace cups, lovers and im asuming it may be with the guy i have been dating, could it be someone else as this current love affair is going slow. Anyone available to do a reading for me, help me clarify?

  • sorry am asking for advice and forgot to put the spread in.....Question was: will X be my next boyfriend, celtic cross, gilded tarot

    pos1 :3 pent

    pos 2:pg pent

    pos 3: 4 cups

    pos4: 7 swords

    crowning thoughts pos 5: 7 pent

    immediate future pos 6: 2 cups

    self pos 7: hierophant

    pos 8: 10 cups

    pos 9 temper

    pos 10:ace cups, knight pent, judgement

    I usually pull three cards for the outcome as it gives me a clearer picture, any advice appreciated

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