Energies of 2011

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    Has the New Year Started Yet?

    The beginning of 2011 has been about releasing old stuff (yes, still!). A lot of us have been saying “goodbye” to people, places, things that were ready to go (whether we felt that way or not) and parts of our selves that no longer serve us. The planet received some cosmic energy transmissions and dealing with this and the “goodbyes” can have been exhausting. The first few weeks of 2011 were not “perky”.

    But things are starting to move forward again. I think the Chinese have the timing for the New Year right; it doesn’t really start in January. You should feel like things are starting to move forward again, like the flow is back on and your body feeling more energetic (or at least ready to deal with the shifts – more on this later.)

    As we let go of things, especially those things that we have defined ourselves by, the question is, “Who am I without that?” We started this life, as all others, with a life plan. This plan lead us up to the point of making the choice about going forward with The Transformation. Now that we’ve made that choice (I know the transition is still bumpy, but we are definitely on the right track) there is no more plan. So now we have to choose who we are going to be and what we are going to do to participate in the Earth Game from this point forward.

    You are the Chooser

    Since you no longer have to follow the plan you created before you were born, you get to create something new. The original plan was a joint effort of your Oversoul or Greater Self, your soul and the souls of all the important players in your life. Once you get into a human body, those plans don’t always seem like such a good idea! Now, your human self gets to participate in the plan. Because of all the work you have done, especially on yourself; because you have cleared so much limiting belief systems and the emotional load that comes with all that; because you are so connected now with your Greater Self; you, the human, gets a say in what you create. Finally!

    Now is the time, as this New Year gets moving again to do some choosing. (See the Connecting with your Future Self Process below.)

    2011 is a Universal “4 Year”. This means it’s a good year to set up your foundation, to create a stable base or platform from which to create your new reality. And isn’t it perfect that 2011 is the year before 2012 – the year we’ve all been waiting for! After all this time, it’s almost here!

    It’s time to take some action. The 4 energy is not mental, it’s physical. Do something, don’t just think about it or make notes. It doesn’t have to be right or perfect. Think of the foundation of a house. It isn’t pretty or showy and it doesn’t look like the end product, but it needs to be in mostly the right place, knowing that there is lots of room for adjustments as you continue to build.

    Connecting with Your Future Self

    The best way to start is by going “into the Wave” and clearing out any energy that is not yours using the Golden Mesh. My Meditation Using the Golden Mesh is available on my website.

    Then imagine you have already succeeded in manifesting whatever it is you desire to create. This could be creating a relationship, New Energy work, a healthy, happy body or whatever you desire. Do not focus on the details; you don’t need to know where, when or how. Instead, focus on how it feels. You’ve done it! Enjoy it. Wallow in it! You have created this. It is out there on the timeline. Now you just need to travel along in time until you get there (then).

    Take this feeling/energy and expand it out with each breath. Imagine that wave of satisfaction and joy growing bigger and bigger. This is your message to the Universe. “This is what I have chosen to create!” This wave of feeling/energy will attract the people and things that match its frequency. This is how you create the “coincidences” in your life. Watch for signs and opportunities to come your way – and act on them.

    Feel who you are in that future time. I bet you feel more confident, less doubtful. Doubt is the opposite of confidence. Confidence is a manifestation of self-love. The transformation process we are experiencing is all about remembering our inherent lovability and worth. I guarantee you will be feeling more of this as we continue on this path, maybe not in every moment, but overall.

    As this person who you are in this future moment, what kinds of things do you do? When you wake up in the morning, how do you feel about your day ahead? What kinds of actions or activities fill your day? How are you different from now? Start doing those things now. Intentionally create the feelings that you have in this future time and act on those feelings. It doesn’t have to be big things, and probably won’t be big things at first. Remember you are building a foundation, so don’t fuss over the details.

    This process might bring up some old stuff, usually with some “negative” emotions like fear, anger, doubt, hopelessness and shame. Don’t suppress these feelings. Instead, talk to that part of yourself who is feeling that way. Let him/her express the emotions and talk about the thoughts and beliefs that go with it. These things are just parts of the old reality and the Earth Game rules and they are on the way out. Yea!

    Sarah Biermann - Teacher, Intuitive Counselor, Energy Healer, Writer and Artist

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  • Breath out what you want.... Easy! Believe and expect, it's coming!

  • angel hugs with flower petals

    now is the time

  • poetic555,

    I have to say that you are truly AMAZING!!! I follow your words on threads and they have inspired me so much and I feel like I am a different person now. Thank you and may God continue to bless you.

    Sending good energy your way!


  • I don't know about anyone else but my energy has felt like it has left cause i sure don't have much i almost feel like a plumb drying up turning into a prune and based on what the doctors said at that hospital every thing was fine but i am not feeling that way i keep loosing weight i am down to around 153 now from 183 that i stayed at for over 20 years and its like i have to force my self to eat i eat maybe once a day i was praying this morning about my stomach i can not afford to but the meds i take for my stomach to stop acid build up so i am having to do with out .

    I had been taking about 5 regular meds and i have had to ween off all now but my imitrex for my migraines .Poettic i sure hope she is right i cant keep my britches up use to my 33 i couldn't hardly button now even with a belt having a hard time keeping them up LOL

    Poittic i have had 2 experiences so far this morning when i looking at a persons picture after i click from it i am seeing a image after like a ex ray image or a silhouette no color i have never seen that you know sometimes i just want to trow the towel in say i am done and this is one of them days i am sure not feeling good but i guess it will pass. Tooter

  • Oh, May God Bless all of us, we sure need it! Peace, Love and Light! I think of myself as sort of the town crier, not many are listening though!


    Just before I read this I was attacked verbally, the devil is busy, this makes up for that, the crazies are coming out. lol!

  • Oh Tooter I will pray for you and send some Purple light your way, you have to eat to keep your strength, you got a break thru coming, thats is huge Weight loss how tall are you?

  • Thanks Aries 22! That note was for you.

  • angel hugs


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