The New Body Electrics: The Physical Electrical Evolution

  • a message from The Group channeled by Steve Rother

    From Steve: I went into this channel with very little direction as to what this was to be. I knew we would most likely talk about the physical body changes and much of that has been up for me lately. I have been having strange problems like killing batteries in remote controls; many human interfaces do not seem to work for me, especially electrical ones. For a person in the Audio Video world this is very challenging. Sometimes the computer works and sometimes it does not, and forget about touchpads!

    When the group started this channel I had no idea that it would mean so much to me personally. They led you through several days of my life that were very confusing. This channel explained and tied together several of the group’s more important messages for all of us, and for me personally they explained what I have been experiencing in my own world. There were two different points during the channel that they had to calm me down as I was getting so excited at the revelations I was seeing. I will explain it more in detail at the next VirtualLight Broadcast, but these odd electrical events in my life seem to have rhyme and reason after all.

    I believe that the details contained in this single message will be cornerstone information that will become important to all of us in the near future.

    We hope you all have a wonderful holiday season! We consider you family and appreciate the opportunity to greet you in this way.

    Very Big Hugs,

    Steve Rother

    Note: The following message has been rechanneled and edited with the groups guidance for clarity in this format. You can also watch the video version here.

    Greetings from Home

    This day ranks among the top, for many of you have changed your energy entirely. You have stopped the busy hustle of your own lives for just a moment to revel in the past and to re-member all the beauty you have experienced, then to turn around and raise your expectations for the future. These are the expectations that are creating your future right now. They are determining your path everywhere you go; they are setting aside opportunities for you to experience everything you wanted to in this physical bubble of biology.

    Grounding Light

    To just allow yourself to be we would like you to take a deep breath, an Earth breath into a physical body, for just a moment and simply allow yourself to be here in this moment right now. With all of the anticipation of what will be, it is very easy for humans to drop into their past or to project themselves into the future. Only one of those three—past, present and future¾is real. That is right now. Your memories of the past are very real, but you cannot live in them. Your expectations of the future are very real and important, but you cannot live in them either. You can live here, right now, and blend the three. We ask you to try not to live only in the present time, for that will become very challenging. Most of you actually create the path in front of you when you plan, expect, or create something. If you are busy enjoying this moment that does not happen as well, so we ask you to understand that it is a blend of these: past, present and future. It is not black and white, so you cannot choose only one; it is a union of the three. We will speak more of this as we go forward. First let us back up and tell you why it is changing, and why your perception of time as humans will be shifting very soon.

    We wish to bring together several different pieces that we have spoken of before. Now it will be easier to understand, for much of it you are already familiar with. Even though you may not know exactly how this fits into your daily life, you have accepted much of what we have spoken as truth in your own lives which has created a foundation for a new human to evolve. It is happening all over the planet, because now is the time when humans can carry more of their own spirit in their physical body than they ever have before.

    Physical Evolution

    There are also several physical changes that are taking place to better accommodate this energy shift, and it is happening every to human being on the planet. Your physical body is beginning to change now, yet it will probably be several years before your medical community can quantify these changes; medical communities typically move very slowly on purpose. Much of what you have been expecting¾what you call ascension¾is possible so that you can bring this light into a physical body walking around on Earth.

    Redistribution of Water

    Yes, you will always have limitations. You are on this side of the veil, so you must be in the timeline. Although that timeline can be changed as you well know, for you have just changed the timeline of Earth which was to end around the year 2012. You have already shifted that, but yes you are still experiencing many of the things that were going to bring about the end. So many of the shifts and changes you are seeing on your planet, particularly having to do with the re-distribution of water and the re-balancing of the planet, are taking place on a daily basis right now. You are also establishing so many connections with the energy that we call water; yet you do not classify it as energy even though it fits all the classifications to what you know to be energy. Water exists on both sides of the veil as does all energy. You have been able to carry the spirit of your higher self in your physical body, largely due to the amount of water energy that you carry in your bodies. That is beginning to change, for this is one of the physical attributes that will be very easily quantified and measured as time goes forward for humans. You have been comfortable with a certain amount of water in your body, but this water also brings you the grounding of physical Earth. Your emotional levels are actually attached to the physical water. It is how you have been processing emotions through your body, and how you receive emotions from other people through your body.

    Have you ever been in a theatre where you know perfectly well there are people sitting behind you but you pay no attention to them? Then all of a sudden you feel somebody turn around and look right in the eyes of someone who is staring at the back of your head, almost as if you saw them? That happens through the water. Now what is taking place is the physical body will begin to work with smaller percentages of water. You can literally change the amount of water by as much as 20% over the next 50 years. That is a huge change in humanity and will lead to a lot of different attributes, some of which we wish to talk about today.

    The amount of water in your physical body will be reducing and, therefore, your overexposure to emotion will also be reducing. In the beginning, whenever humans change on any energy level there is a resistance to change; typically you grab hold and try to hang onto every part of you. Many of you now feel that your emotions are out of control. A lot of this has to do with these changes that are setting up throughout humanity. Many of you may feel that you are doing everything right: your life is right and your spirit is comfortable, yet you are angry, anxious or hurt all the time. Perhaps you are feeling things that you have never felt before. This is true, for it is part of the shifts that are happening. Let us explain something else, too. We have said for a very long time that humans on this planet are becoming crystalline in nature. We have also said recently that the actual atomic structure of the element that you call carbon is about to change. This is all part of the same change that you will see in your physical bodies, for you are carbon-based creatures. Carbon and water changing at the same time will allow you to evolve to the new levels very, very quickly. It also causes challenges, obviously. It also feels that when you have found your stability, all of a sudden the rug moves. Alas, once you learn the rules of the game, the rules are changed. This is typical of how you grow. You wait, wait, wait…hold onto everything then suddenly jump forward. That jump forward has already begun for many of you. Let us speak first of what life will be like when you have less water in the physical body.

    Crystallization of the Body

    You are becoming crystalline in nature. At some point this will actually be discovered on a scientific level within the cell wall structures of your physical being. It has already shown up in Botany and in the insect world; it will be known in the animal world and the human world very soon. It will be verified, but what about crystals? What are some of the properties that crystals have that you have not had up until this point? Crystal has the highest vibration of the mineral kingdom, and it is a part of you in the same way that the Earth is part of you. Since human beings are the highest vibration of the animal kingdom, you resonate quite often with crystalline structure¾crystals you consider to be minerals because they are also the highest vibration of what you call the mineral or Earth substance. This has created a connection and has extended your lives much further than you know. When you walk into a room there may be all kinds of trinkets, favorites trophies on the shelf for pictures on the wall for you to look at. Which ones are you drawn to? Generally you will be drawn to the ones with crystals first. If there is a crystal sitting there, you are most likely to walk over, pick it up and just hold it or stare at it for a second to see the shards of light as they bounce around. At that moment it means something to you and it is changing your structure; it is helping you alter yourself.

    On this planet, women typically live longer than men. You can see it very clearly in your actuarial tables. We told you before, many of you have believed this is because of war on your planet; war took out many of the men so men wouldn’t live as long, but that is not true. What has led to women’s longevity is that they feel more comfortable with crystals close to their bodies than men do. Typically, a man will not wear a big diamond ring whereas a woman would love to wear one. Because of some of these cultural and societal differences, typically women will live longer than men; they will deal with stress longer than men.

    What is happening now is that everyone is starting to become crystalline within their own physical bodies, so this creates a lot of changes. Number one, this is the return of the life expectancies that you have been watching. Many of you know that the human body is well designed to live past the 80, 90 or 100 years that have been typical for humans at this point. Nobody can quite figure out why some people living in a certain part of the world seem to live to age 130. We tell you that even in your lifetime in the physical body you have, it is going to be very possible for you to live 120 or 130 years. As this change starts to happen, it will bring about a natural longevity that will increase life expectancy of a physical body. This is one of the points you are looking for that will be triggered by your change in the actual amount of water or percentage of water that you will be holding in the body. Also, there is another energy which has been harnessed and tamed and used regularly on your planet: electricity. You use it every time you pick up a phone, every time you walk through your daily life, over and over and over. Humans have become comfortable with electricity; they know where the boundaries are. They know they cannot stick their finger in a wall socket because it will bite back, and they learn to live in harmony with this. What is taking place now is that as you hold less percentages of water, as that process starts to happen to your physical body, you will have a different reaction to electricity and to electric instruments all around you.

    Many have already started to discover this. Especially those of you who work with instruments or electronics on a regular basis will start to have these wonderful phantom problems as the Keeper calls it. He says, “There is nothing wrong with that machine. It is haunted.” In reality, the machine is reacting differently to his energy because he is the one who has changed. Let us explain a couple of things. The Keeper is going wild right now because we have just made sense of several things that have been happening to him. He will have to share it another time because we are talking now. We will tell you one of them since it is a very common one. The Keeper just returned from a two-week trip and his house was completely closed up for two weeks. No one came in and no one went out, except for the guard cat. What took place is that when he returned and picked up the remote control to the TV set and turned it on¾nothing. He yells at his wife for putting it in the wrong place or perhaps she did something wrong; that is typical. He pushes the power button again and nothing. He changes the batteries and it sort of works. This time, one piece of equipment comes on but the other pieces do not work. He works with it a while longer and after messing with it for about a half hour, it is suddenly working fine. He goes into his office, reaches down, picks up the control and has exactly the same thing happen. He has changed so much in just the two weeks he was gone, that the relationship he already created with many of the electrical devices no longer worked. This is very common with what many will experience. It is much more than this; we are only giving you little pieces to look for to verify it in your own life.

    Reduction of Water within the Body

    One of the pieces you will all come to question and want to know more about is reducing the amount of water in your physical body. We caution you here because it sounds like we are telling you to drink less , but we tell you that the moment you try to control the amount of water in your body, it will take over and control you. It will even over flood you to make sure that you will not dry out; it has to do it on its own, and it will. This is not something we suggest you try to make happen, for it will occur on its own. What we will tell you is that right now all of you have ambient energy that is traveling through your body. It is microwaves, radio waves, and it is much of the invisible light spectrum that is traveling through your body with no problem whatsoever.

    There is even a radio transmitter on the Keeper’s belt which is transmitting his voice to the back of the room so that you can hear it. You have not felt these energies up to this point. However, as you reduce the amount of water in your body you will start noticing that there is an accumulation of energy in your body occasionally that you do not know how it gets there. As you start to become crystalline, you will begin to send and receive radio frequencies. You actually have that capability right now, because many of you have already crystallized the pineal gland and it can be trained to send and receive. This is part of what we are calling deep contact. Often the deep contact that is made is done through the pineal gland of many humans right now. It is starting to take place in other forms, and when this happens humans will develop a new area to compensate for all this ambient energy that you will become aware of. It is still flowing through your bodies right now, but you are not aware of it. As this happens, you can easily start to become aware of it and f be overwhelmed by it. What can happen will feel very much like a flu, but without all of the flu symptoms.

    The Keeper is jumping up and down again because he had this happen to him last night. He is starting to understand what is going on here and he has much to say but again, we will quiet him down for it is important for us to finish. What we tell you is that you will feel things differently. Your electrical charge—the energy from Home you have been carrying that up to this point that holds most of your spirit¾is water and it is changing. It will be electrical in nature as you go forward because the energy of Home, no matter what you call it, can come to you in many different ways.

    New Body Electrics

    The challenge comes because humans know how to ground themselves when dealing with the water; they know how to ground their energy. They know when they have too much or when they are getting too much emotional energy. But we tell you this will happen especially for those of you who stand in front of audiences, giving speeches, performing or working with people. Let us say that you work with people every week speaking publically with no problem. You learned to put this little boundary up and hold it at bay, talking to the wall if you need to in order to avoid all this incredible energy coming at you on stage. You will feel the energy now because those boundaries you have worked with before are no longer in place. Many of you will start to feel things you have never felt before; they are triggers to start working with this energy. As you become more and more crystalline, the light will enter your bodies in different ways besides the vibrations that water can carry.

    Light Grounding

    Now, you will be overwhelmed with light. We have mentioned this before only as a teaser, but now it is time to bring it in. Light grounding will be one of the keys that you will learn. Not only will you learn how to do it with your physical being, but you will learn how to do it with electrical equipment. You will learn how to do it with everything you use in order to harmonize your electronics and your physical being with the electronics. The Keeper had to replace four sets of batteries before he was finished that day. He thought someone went through his house and drained all the batteries, but it was actually him. Then he went into his room and started up his favorite computer, the one he uses all the time, and it would not boot. It simply would not work. He tried it three or four more times and finally it sort of came up, then finally the fifth or sixth time it came back completely unharmed. It is because it had to adjust to his new vibration. You are working with harmonics already and the sacred harmony is a very beautiful thing to learn. It is your place in the world, where you fit in, but you must also understand that where you are fitting in no longer holds your energy. You are evolving at an incredible rate and from that overview of humanity this is happening in the blink of an eye. You are the ones leading the way, and you are the ones daring to take it to the next energy level.

    We have one final piece to share as well. Because this is also triggering a re-anchoring of the physical body, the body must always anchor itself or what you call grounding to the Earth. The electrical connection itself in your own physical body has to have a place to go in order for it to run through the body. You call this grounding. It is also called grounding in electrical circuits, because it is a return of the current to the ground or to the final resting place. Literally, what is taking place is that your connection is changing; human vibrational patterns are changing daily. Your aura photos are going to change drastically and much of your connection to all of these things that have measured part of your energy field are going to shift drastically. As such, many of you will experience times when you are feeling emotions, or not feeling emotions where you thought you should.

    Sexual Energy Wave

    The final anchoring of the spirit in the physical body is what we have called sexual energy. We told you several years ago that there would be a new wave of sexual energy on this planet, one that would make your 1960s seem tame in comparison. At the time there was a huge wave that went through very quickly and activated everything; this activation is a revival of that. Now, as you move to this new level you will release your own energy templates. You will start letting your energy return to its normal state instead of trying to hold it within a physical being. As you learn to do all these things you will find a new joy in being alive, and that is the sexual energy. You will find a new light in your smile and we ask you to please not be afraid of it. Embrace it. It is a part of humanity that is evolving on this planet at an incredible rate. We tell you that it is not just sex that we are talking about and certainly not just the act of sex, for that is only one small use of this energy. You have sexual energy every time someone sees your spirit in your physical body. Every time you smile, every time you can carry that light from Home. You are being re-wired, each and every one of you so that your physical body can hold more light while you walk around on this planet. It is your invention; this is not predestined. The destination of planet Earth is about to come up and you are all walking past it, celebrating, enjoying your lives.

    You are becoming new humans very rapidly. We are so honored just to be here to watch, for this is what you have worked for your entire life. Many of you have to actually push your way into this particular lifetime, even having a set of parents that didn’t understand you or going through all kinds of difficulties growing up just so you could be here right now. We made it! Espavo. You made it! Enjoy these next steps. If you get scared, reach out and hold each other’s hands and help each other to the next step one heart at a time. This planet is turning into heaven on Earth.

    We leave you with three simple, familiar reminders. Treat each other with the greatest respect for there are many gods on this planet. Nurture one another and clear the path for each other every chance you get. Know that it is a beautiful game and play well together.


    The group


  • angel hugs


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