A Riddle within a poem.

  • Hello my friends. I know it's been some time since I've posted to this forum, almost a year or so now, but college gets in the way of things at times. I was going through some of my favorite poetry when I came upon a piece I'd written a long time ago. When I wrote this piece, I was exploring the use of riddles as a way to get people to really think about the world around them. This particular piece, written back in 2000, has caused more "discussions" than I could count. Heh, some quite heated at times. I wanted to share it with you and see your take on it.

    This is a poem about nothing.

    No flowing words about gardens or trees.

    No tales of the birds and the bees,

    Because, this is a poem of nothing.

    This is a poem about nothing.

    No winking stars in the evening skies.

    No mysteries or lovely eyes,

    No, this is truly about nothing.

    This is a poem about something.

    Of this, I truly now know.

    It's so very odd how things can go.

    Because, this poem is something about nothing.

    Btw, if you see a profile on BEBO where an individual named Larry, (SN Larryman07) who is claiming to be the author of that piece, he's not. I've asked him several times to relabel it to put the correct author, but it's like pulling teeth.

  • I realy like this poem. It is a whole lot of nothing about just a bit of something.

    Do you still write poetry? if not you should defently continue to do so. for such a short poem it shows great talent.

    Have a Blessed Day!


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