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  • Hi Captain,

    Sorry it has taken me so long to do this for you. You are in a very good mindframe where there is a balance of body and spirit. In your past, there was a stagnant period in your growth as something was missing or not understood. Not sure if you might have needed time to yourself to reflect upon what you might have learned. Now you are ready to continue on your journey refreshed and ready to learn more wisdom. At one point on your journey, you went through some difficult times before coming out reborn kind of like that of a butterfly coming out of its cocoon. Ready to be enlightened by the divine wisdom around you. Open yourself to the divine wisdom around you and let you intuition freely flow. Do not forget to take times to yourself to pull back to purify your spirit from other's energies and let your own natural energy flow. Time to yourself or in nature will help you to do this.

    You are a very giving person, but do not give so much of yourself that you yourself become drained. Illumination to something you have sought is soon to come in the near future.

    I tried to do a combined Tarot/Intuitive reading for you.. I hope this is of some help. I would definitely be interested in hearing about some of you earlier empath experiences as mine along with the sense of "knowing" come at very odd times for me and sometimes like pieces of a puzzle. It's like certain folks the intuition comes in stronger than others and varies from day to day on the depth of the insight I see if that makes sense...


  • Wow, that was a great, hopeful reading. Thank you very much!

    As an empath, I have always been able to sense the felelings of those around me and it made my early life very difficult as my parents had a very conflicted marriage. I was always more tuned into other worlds and dimensions which made dealing with life on earth and communication with humans very hard. The strongest memory I have is of not fitting in with my peers and having to learn how to get on with other children, because they were like aliens to me. But things got a lot easier when I learned to use what I picked up about people to help me understand their often odd behaviour. I was also around a lot of violent people at home and school so in a way it grounded me and stopped me escaping so much into my other worlds. I always had many 'imaginary' friends that I used to talk to which was good because there were no other children around for me to play with until i went to school.

  • That is good to hear that the reading seemed helpful. It was also nice to hear about your early years as an empath. My parents tend to argue a bit..sometimes I think they argue for the sake of arguing...That is why I tend to not like to argue and peace and quiet sometimes. I wish that had grounded me more, but I tended to pick up on their mood shifts more. The quiet helps me to regain my own emotions better. I've started to try to let others emotions flow through me but them release them as not my own to help keep them from affecting me so much. I tend to get really tied for a few days after I try to read.. Is that just part of it or is there a way to guard against it better?


  • Unfortunately that's part of being an empath, but the more you recognise what emotions are not yours, the quicker you can release them from your energy field. It's an ironic fact of life that empaths yearn for peace and quiet, yet are often called to be the instigators of upsetting others by communicating the truth of what they perceive empathically and intuitively. I am called "The Terminator" by my family because I speak the truth even if it hurts - and it really hurts me the most. But that is what makes empaths the perfect choices for light-bearers - they despise conflict and hurting others because they feel what others feel, yet they tell the truth to help others find the light. They are not doing it just to upset people.

  • Good Point. I tend to speak the truth even if it hurts but like you tends to hurt us the most. Thank you for the tip about clearing others energy sooner. Does this tend to help with the sense of tiredness that comes after reading for others? Thank you for your insight also and for helping me understand more about the practicalities of this gift.

  • Yes it should help. Also taking a shower, smudging, walking in nature, or meditating cleans your aura of any negative energies.

  • Thank you so much for all of your insight on empath and how to ground any negative energies. I appreciate all of your insight and guidance Captain.

  • 🙂

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