Captain, may I please have a reading.

  • Hello Captain,

    May I please have a reading regarding me 6/11/51, Ed 3/26/51. I really appreciate your time and energy.



  • There is a jarring explosive quality in this relationship - a longing to reach for the stars that can translate into a taste for daredevil exploits. This combination can prove unsettling to any partner with conservative or pragmatic attitudes. Any romantic feelings that manifest here will be hard to control, making a love affair extremely exciting and dangerous, particularly if one or both of you is already married or in an established relationship. Despite the upset this relationship can cause, it can also teach its participants something of great value.

    Exacerbating the relationship's radical nature is your friend's particular tendency to transgress in matters of the heart, while you can throw caution to the winds when prompted by your more tumultuous feelings. You two may enter into a torrid, perhaps even destructive love affair, after which it is unlikely you will form a permanent relationship. Unfortunately it may seem with hindsight that one of you served mainly as the necessary vehicle or support to help the other bring a pre-existing established relationship to a close.

    As friends, you two risk the firestorm of emotions, positive or negative, into which your relationship can burst at any time. As a result, you never feel completely comfortable with each other and lack the easy intimacy required for longevity. The relationship then does best in objective pursuits when you are co-workers or colleagues who keep an eye on a common goal.

    In a marriage, the relationship characteristically oscillates in mood from highly constructive to highly destructive. Things may go well for weeks and months, then gradually start a downward slide, punctuated by emotional outbursts. Over the years, the relationship's stormy side will bring you two closer together in a mutual dependency after each healing takes place, but it will also make you increasingly wary of being open and trusting with each other. Emotional honesty and a willingness to work on the relationship from both of you will be crucial to guaranteeing its continuation.

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