Pisces woman loves sag man-can this work?

  • I am a pisces, he is a sag, we are not together now,but there is still an invisible bond between us. We are friends, i put an end to regular contact at the end of last year, to enable us to"wash eachother out of our hair!" He contacts me now and again,i'm reluctant to answer as i 'm afraid of being hurt again. I don't know what to do. He knows how i feel about him,but doesn't want to commit.

  • Well...my MIL is a pisces and my FIL is a Sag. They have been married over 40 years. Not been plain sailing...even 6 years ago they went through a patch of arguing but over the last couple of years they've got quite close and almost "lovey dovey" again.

    Their personalities are vastly different but I do know that FIL is very laidback and lets MIL rule the roost and she does a lot of things independently. In fact they both have their own hobbies.

    However I personally think that you need to get on with your life and stop worrying about this Sag. You already know he doesn't want commitment, so don't put yourself through any unnecessary hurt or pain in an effort to change his mind ....it will backfire. By all means stay friends but look for someone who will share your ideals and dreams and when the time is right the right person will commit to you.

  • Thank you rnrchick, your MIL piscean is lucky to have you, stay in love and be happy, piccolina x

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