A reading i did

  • this is a reading i did for myself i just randomly picked out cards i felt where right and layed em down from left to right in 2 rows

    the first row is as follows and i am thinking have to do with my marriage

    4 swords

    3 swords

    2 cups

    5 wands reversed

    4 wands rev.

    hermit rev.

    9 pentacles reversed

    the second row is as follows and i think have to do about me or maybe a continuation of the first row i took it as more about me but can tie into the first set sort of a double reading

    5 cups

    page of pentacles rev.

    4 cups

    7 cups rev.

    5 swords rev.

    1 wands

    star reversed

    now most of my readings i have done if not all come out right (granted i have only done 20 or so) and this one hit close to home with me as i think the cards are going in sets of twos ie. 4 of swords and 3 of swords and so on but still followed a direct path now it would seem that my marriage is over and to let go and to move on is the big jist of it i am also a musician so i think the second set played on that aspect more so i dunno yall tell me

  • Hi Southern; I can't comment on all of your cards, but there are some messages in them. Here goes. : )

    Rest a saddened heart. New beginning ends struggle. Unhappiness (restriction) requires solitude and self discipline.

    I don't know your specific question, of course, but when you read try to ask questions that are 'higher' or more universal. How can I create more intimacy in my relationship? What would bring me more abundance? You can start with a simple situation reading; Give me insight into my marriage. There you will find clues that will help you determine what is really going on. From there, ask questions that are 'high' questions for greater clarity. You will see obvious answers. If a relationship simply cannot be worked out, you will likely see the cards that indicate turmoil, and dissolution.

    Blessings to you on your journey,


  • Some suggestions: First, stop working with reversals until you get a better feel for the cards. I don't do reversals because I feel the cards will reveal whichever aspect is needed in any reading. Learn to crawl before trying to run a marathon. I've been doing this for most of my life and still need to work slowly to get the right "feel". Second, learn how to do a simple layout like Celtic Cross or even a 3 card spread where the position of each card deals with some aspect of your question. Third, you are off to a good start by relying on your intuition concerning a general reading like this one but need to hone that skill a little more like Ahliyah says and ask a universal question. I see a lot of conflicting cards here (4 & 5 of wands, 3 & 4 of swords, 4 & 5 of cups) which could mean a lot of transition is needed. For example, the 3 & 4 of swords...it tells me you need to get something off your chest in order to rest easy. You are really struggling with something that can cause a spilt or argument but if you don't voice your worries, you will never settle the problem and put that issue to a final rest and work on that new understanding in emotions (2 of cups). Now that followed by the 4 & 5 of wands (both reversed) tells me to not celebrate too soon or you are going to end up in a conflict you won't know how it got started or how to end it. Follow this with the hermit & 9 of disks (both reversed)...that tells me if you aren't careful about isolating yourself too much, you could lose a lot of what you have worked for. Soooo....try to be more forthcoming and open about your insecurities and things will work out eventually. That's just the first set of cards. So you see, it could be a little more than what you initially see and some meditating on the cards is a good idea when they first confuse you.

    May all your readings have happy conclusions!

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